Police Blotter 10-13-2016

Monday, October 3

Officer reports a party informed her that a motor vehicle tapped her vehicle while she was driving her child to school. No damage to report.

Caller on Shirley Street reports a large truck parked on the sidewalk blocking her driveway. Officer reports vehicle legally parked.

Party at Governors Park reports that her neighbor passed out or is sleeping in his vehicle. Fire has been notified. Unit reports an elderly man is fine, and was taking a nap.

Party on Putnam Street came to the station to report that a male party is taking pictures of a group of young kids from her daycare center while they were out for a walk.

Caller reports that she was just informed that someone fell into the bushes in the rear of Seal Harbor. WFD had been notified. Fire requesting an officer to assist in removing a vehicle. The vehicle was involved in a single car accident.

944 reports kids chasing another at the ditch on Cross Street. Units and principal stopped kids. It was just a misunderstanding.

Caller on Circuit Road states that she needs a medical response for an ongoing medical issue.

Party came into the station and stated that while he was driving along Veterans Road, a dog ran out in front of him from between two parked cars, causing him to strike the dog. A woman and two children grabbed the dog and left the area. He wanted to make himself known and report the event to us.

Report of a fight at Winthrop Market Place. Units request EMS to assess injuries. One subject in custody for aggravated assault and battery. One party transported to the hospital via Action Ambulance.

Caller from Millie’s Kitchen complaining about her boyfriend who appears intoxicated and is causing a disturbance. Units report one male to the MGH via Action.

Caller from Golden Drive states that she needs medical. Referred to WFD.


Tuesday, October 4

Off-duty officer called to repot a car accident with no injuries on Tewksbury Street. G&J Towing notified to tow the vehicle.

Caller on Revere Street states that a woman fell on the sidewalk. 92 responding. Stated WFD had cleared before getting there.

Officer reports a DPW truck backing up took down some wires on Faun Bar Avenue. Fire notified and will respond.

Caller on Sunnyside Avenue reports that her Yorkshire dog escaped from her back yard. ACO notified and will respond to the area.

Party on Shirley Street states that she needs an ambulance for someone with a broken rib.

Male on Grovers Avenue reports damage, possibly by a former tenant. 93 reports he will file a report.

Caller on Revere Street stated she heard four distinct bangs outside her house. She stated they did not sound like fireworks. Three more calls about the same disturbance while putting in the all. 92 and 93 responded to the area. An area search of the Highlands and Revere Street proved negative.

92 conducted a motor vehicle stop on Washington aVenue. A verbal warning issued to operator for speeding.

92 conducted a motor vehicle stop at the corner of Main and Pleasant Street. Different operator. The operator was issued a citation for speeding.

Wednesday, October 5

Calling party from Walden Street stated that her 27-year-old daughter who lives with her, left to go out for the night and has not returned. The mother stated this is completely out of context for her and is very worried. The daughter has the mother’s car and is not answering her cell phone. The mother and father came to the station in the a.m. They were unable to reach her boyfriend. The father filled out information needed for a missing person report. They will call her work at 8 a.m. in case she shows up there. The father called the station that his daughter contacted them at 6 a.m. She is fine and is on her way home.

Party on Washington Avenue said a construction company is beginning work again before 7 a.m. 92 responded to the Elks parking lot to speak with the crew. They are working on the tidal locks at Lewis Lake. They will wait until 7 a.m. to start. They did say their engineer has a permit to begin early. They will make sure they have it for tomorrow.

Caller on Golden Drive states that fumes are coming into his apartment. Transferred to WFD.

Party at Crystal Cove Marina stated she just saw a dog running back and forth across the street. She stopped and a man in a white pickup truck was was in the parking lot watching. He then pulled out dog treats as he asked her to reach in his truck across the seat to get his phone for him. She got very nervous and called the station. Area was clear of any white pickup truck.

Arbors called for a diabetic seizure. EMS notified.

Officer responded to Shore Drive to serve a juvenile summons issued by Chelsea Juvenile Court. He reports no one is home.

SRO is off on a follow-up investigation on Shirley Street. She reports making contact and speaking with the subject.

Male at Metcalfe Square called to report a black Corvette just drove off after drinking a bottle of vodka. All units notified.

Caller reports there looks like a fight is about to begin near the basketball courts. Officer reports two combatants who were being taken to the station.

Party on Johnson Avenue reports boyfriend is having a heart attack. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Caller at Atlantis Marina Condos reports his friend had some recent surgery and is now bleeding. His friend is on a boat behind the marina. Fire and ambulance notified and they will respond.

State Police on the line with a female who has her vehicle stuck on the beach somewhere down the Point. Units report female was able to escape the sand to solid ground. G&J cancelled.

Thursday, October 6

Lock down drill conducted at the Middle/High School. 97 and 93 on the scene assisting.

Party on Grandview Avenue reports a man taking pictures of planes.

Officer reports a motor vehicle is still parked with a flat and has been there for over a week. G&J will tow the vehicle from municipal lot on Winthrop Street.

Party on Cora Street reports that her 14-year-old daughter received a photo of a scary clown.

W94 reports a small “sink hole” starting at the intersection of Pauline and Pleasant Street which could be a hazard to motorcycles. The DPW was notified.

W97 would like an officer stand by at the Building Inspector’s office as there may be a problem with a resident. Officer reports she has driven off.

Resident on Grandview Avenue is concerned over a male photographing the airport.

Party on Ocean Avenue came in to report that her vehicle was vandalized sometime last night.

Party on Pleasant Park Road reports he just saw a male with facial hair in a Hyundai “shooting up.” All units BOLO.

Caller on Wave Way Avenue report that his roommate is having a seizure. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Party on Irwin Street reports that her neighbor fell and is having difficulty getting back up. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

93 is off with a parked motor vehicle in Hanford Park. Two parties cleared from the area.

Unit reports a motor vehicle stop in lot at Delby’s Corner. Units report citation issued for stop sign  violation.

Friday, October 7

Units report a motor vehicle stop on Veterans Road. Status is expired. G&J notified. Vehicle will be towed back to rental agency.

Caller reports noise from Blackstrap. Unit reports BBQ place is closed up and no one in the area.

Party on Lincoln Street stated she had fallen off her bed and needs help getting up. Transferred to WFD.

Caller on Coral Avenue stated he saw a person using a flashlight turning it on and off as they walked. He did not see a dog with the person and wanted to make sure they were not breaking into cars. 92 and K9 responded to the area. Area search  negative although they did talk to a man walking his dog.

Party on Read Street came in to report a theft from his property.

Caller on Elmwood Avenue reports a truck is blocking most of the street. Officer reports vehicles can pass by. The street is open.

Officer spoke with party on Overlook Drive regarding someone hitting her car while she was in it and then took off. EMS checked her out. All is okay. Vehicle that fled was black or dark blue SUV.

Report of a motor vehicle crash on Pauline Street. Officer report one vehicle towed by G&J.

Female on Harvard Street reports water is pouring into her apartment from the light socket in the ceiling. Fire will respond.

E911 call from Life Line to report that the in-house alarm was going off and the tenant on Overlook Drive is in the hospital. Officer will check the apartment with the help of Housing opening the door. He reports no one inside the apartment. Life Line was called back and informed.

Caller from Governors Park to report a female fell and needs medical outside the building. Transferred to EMS.

Party reports finding a Husky puppy outside the Winthrop Arms. ACO notified and will respond.

Report of a male and female having an argument on Winthrop Street.

Caller stated that her mother just called her and the people from today’s accident are at her housing on Overlook Drive yelling at her. Officer reports speaking with the caller. Two people left prior to his arrival. She was advised to call back if they return.

Party on Grovers Avenue reports that his friend just e-mailed him saying she “does not want to live”. Fire notified. Officer reports one to the Whidden.

East Boston Probation called and then came to the station. Would like is to pick up and hold a subject on Otis Street, with a warrant out of Malden Court. Explained we could not try to serve as units were tied up. We would try once they were clear. Subject was picked up.

Caller on Lincoln Street states that the neighbor’s dogs have been in the yard barking all day and the rear door is open with no one home. Officer checked the residence and found no one home. Dogs were put inside the home and the home was then secured.

Caller reports vehicles parked after the no parking sign on Nevada Street. Vehicle towed to owner’s residence.

Officers observed motor vehicle at Hanford Park. The two occupants were sent on their way.

Saturday, October 8

Motor vehicle stopped on Buchanan Street. Subject given a verbal warning.

Caller on Temple Avenue reports that her son is out of control. Officers assisted EMS in transporting the combative subject to the hospital.

Party reports seeing three males in the business area of Bolster’s.

Several calls from Alliance Alarm Co. reporting verified burglary on Crest Avenue. Officers report the building is all secure.

Manager of 7-11 called to report a larceny. Patron put his wallet on the counter and a female stole the wallet. Wallet found outside the store with some cash in it. Officers searching for a newer model sedan with four females in it.

Officer observed two people sleeping a car at Shore Drive and Charles Street. They reported they are looking for a place to stay. He advised him of the location of the closest shelter.

Party reports a woman shouting and screaming in the area of Lincoln and Brookfield Road. Officer repots locating two parties at the park. He spoke with a female there he could hear talking in a loud manner. The pair were sent home from the area. She admitted to being very loud.

Report of a dead skunk on Irwin Street. ACO responded and reports recovering the animal.

Caller states a motor vehicle accident on Main Street. All its respond and report car crash between a motorcycle and car. G&J has towed the car.

Party on Franklin Street reports a credit card was opened in his name. sometime last year. He is making a fraud claim report with the credit card company, but was advised to report this to local police department as well.

Winthrop Housing maintenance supervisor called to report subject keeps flooding out the apartment onto the floor and the apartment below. He has received another call there regarding her damaging the apartment.

Report of a fight taking place at the Elks. Officers report large fight taking place. Someone sprayed something in the hall and the fire alarms were set off. Fire is on the scene requesting EMS. Call was made to State Revere. Revere PD notified and they will send two units ASAP to assist. Male party at the Winthrop Yacht Club stating there are people leaving the club who appear very inebriated.

Officer is requesting assistance for a motor vehicle in the water on Shirley Street. One person outside and the driver was till inside the vehicle. WFD and Harbormaster notified. Officer repots the driver and passenger are both on top of the vehicle. They were able to make it back to the boat ramp. G&J Towing notified and will respond.

Sunday, October 9

Party on Mermaid Avenue states that she was threatened while someone was visiting her. She will come in tomorrow to speak with an officer and fill out a victim/witness form.

Male party called to say he was woken up by kids playing basketball at the courts. Officer spoke to parties and they agreed to move on.

Party on Underhill Street reports she is being harassed by the tenant of another house. She is really upset about it. Officers responded and report with both parties and advising the caller of her rights to obtain an HPO. Peace has been restored.

Caller on Main Street states that he needs an ambulance for a woman who has fallen.

Party on Golden Drive reports the apartment below him has some obnoxious fumes coming from a heater being used inside. WFD contacted. Officer reports WFD checked out the situation and it is all safe.

Officer reports a crash near the Woodside Hardware. He is requesting WFD and EMS for an occupant of the vehicle.

Reports of a motor vehicle crash at Veterans and Shirley Street. Units request queries on the two vehicles and operators. All active. G&J summoned to tow both vehicles. One operator transported to the hospital.

Caller on Golden Drive requesting an ambulance as he is having difficulty breathing.

Party on Fairview Street requests we check on her friend  who she believes is suicidal. Officer spoke to the subject who appeared to be fine and stated she was okay and was just not answering her phone. Units clear.

Party on Sturgis Street requesting officers and ambulance for her son who she states needs to go to the hospital. Officers report male going to Whidden.

Officer reports two men, not arguing, talking loudly at Douglas Street. They will quiet it down and move indoors.

Female thinks possible 94C violations at the bench on Morton and Pleasant Park Road. Officer sent parties out of the area.


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