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Solar panels should   be considered

To the editor:

It’s great to see that Winthrop officials are considering installing solar panels on the roof of the high school (“Solar possibilities discussed for new school,” October 7). By installing solar on the high school, Winthrop can join a growing movement for clean energy across the state.

Solar energy has grown more than 200-fold in Massachusetts since 2006. Families, businesses, schools, and local governments are switching to solar because it helps to fight global warming, reduce harmful air pollution, and save money on electric bills.

Unfortunately, the rapid growth of solar is at risk. Earlier this year, state leaders cut the value of a key solar program by 40 percent for many types of projects. As a result, many solar installations — especially those serving renters, low-income communities, and homeowners who can’t install solar on their roofs — might not move forward.

Solar energy is bringing major benefits to our environment and our economy. When legislators return to Beacon Hill in January, they should restore the full value of solar credits and ensure that everyone who wants to switch to solar has the opportunity to do so.

Ben Hellerstein

State Director,



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