The Senate Race Heats Up

The race for the State Senate seat is heating up with developments and endorsements forthcoming on virtually a daily basis. In this week’s Sun-Transcript, Winthrop attorney Joseph Boncore announced that he will be a candidate for the seat previously held by Anthony Petrucelli. Joe highlights his outstanding record as the chairman of the Winthrop Housing Authority and we believe all would agree that the WHA has been an agency that the town can be proud of in all aspects of its work. Boncore has been working hard in his campaign, meeting voters throughout the district that includes East Boston, Revere, Beacon Hill, Chinatown, and parts of Cambridge.

Boncore is competing with five other candidates for the Democratic nomination for the seat. One of those candidates, State Rep. Jay Livingstone, is hosting a campaign event in the town Thursday night and the Sun-Transcript will be there to cover the event and report on it with photos. There are two candidates from Revere, former Mayor Dan Rizzo and Councillor-at-Large Steven Morabito, and two candidates from East Boston, Lydia Edwards and Diana Hwang.

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