Thank You, Tim Gordon

We join with the Winthrop community in thanking Chief Financial Officer Tim Gordon for his outstanding work in the town and wish him the best of luck as he takes on his new position as the town administrator for the Town of Holbrook. After being appointed by Winthrop Town Manager James McKenna, Tim Gordon became part of a concerted effort to bring greater clarity and transparency to Winthrop’s financial picture and that endeavor was a tremendous success. Both Gordon and McKenna have worked together to shape and develop a plan and an intra-town process that has resulted in the excellent financial condition that the town now enjoys.

Tim Gordon was always professional and accessible in his work here. A lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Air Force National Guard, Tim used that experience and his knowledge of town government (having served on the Holbrook Board of Selectmen) to become a valuable and trustworthy department head in our town offices. His reports before the Winthrop Town Council were thorough and the councillors appreciated his hard work and ability to answer questions directly and courteously.

James McKenna now faces the tough task of finding a successor to Tim Gordon, who made such a positive impact here.

Winthrop is losing an excellent employee to the Town of Holbrook. Today is Tim’s last day on the job in Winthrop and we know we joIn with all of our fellow residents in thanking Tim for all he has meant to the betterment and advancement of our town and wishing him the best in his new position.

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