Police Blotter 07-23-2015

Monday, July 13

Summons service on Moore Street. Officer spoke to witness’s daughter and she will let him know to pick up the summons at the police station.

Party from Governors Park came into the station to report that his car was struck in the parking lot. Officer reports a minor scratch and the owner of the vehicle will check with the Manager’s Office for any footage with their cameras.

Caller on Pleasant Street called to report that cars are going around the bus stop signs on Pleasant Street.

Two female parties came into the station to report that a bunch of kids are making an autistic juvenile to say racial comments and swears to other people. Officer spoke to the autistic juvenile who informed the officer that the other youths left the area already.

Report that approximately 6 hypodermic needles on the sidewalk up against the wall of the building of Doctor Shah. Officer reports picking up one used syringe and 5 unused syringes. They will be properly disposed of.

W92 request medical for an intoxicated male who dies not feel well at French Square.

Caller on Revere Street reports that her front screen windows were pushed in and ripped. It appeared to her that someone had tried to break in as her window was slightly open, but has locks that prevent it from being opened further. She wanted this logged in case anyone else has suffered the same thing.

Tuesday, July 14

Party on Shirley Street reports that his vehicle was truck in the parking lot of his condo complex sometime yesterday evening.

Report of a burglary alarm activation on Cottage Park Road.

Caller from the Private Way section of Hale Avenue reports there is National Grid equipment positioned on the newly paved Hale Avenue and the pavement is getting marks and indentations from the weight of this equipment. Detail Officer notified and they will see if the equipment can be moved so “Gas” job can be done.

Party reports a blue convertible with male sitting in it for the past few hours without moving at Main and Fairview. Units report the party just resting after work.

Officer will try to serve subject on Moore Street a summons from the Waltham District Court. He reports the subject is working and will come to the station for his copy after work.

Caller on River Road reports that his grandmother may be suffering from a stroke. EMS will handle.

Call from Temple Avenue reporting a door open. Officers and Detectives report walking through the building. All looks in place and the door was secured.

A man came into the station and stated that he needs medical help. EMS notified and he was transported to the Whidden.

Caller from Shirley Street reports a large truck idling and causing exhaust fumes to enter her home.

Party on Shirley Street states that a sailboat tipped over behind his house. He says everyone looks ok, but is still concerned. W91 report that no boat involved, only people swimming off of a float. No service necessary.

Caller reports a red pickup truck driving erratically on Tafts and Maryland Avenue.

Detectives report dong a stop for suspicious activity at Hadassah Way and Shirley Street.

Several calls of a motor vehicle accident at Crest and Revere Street. One vehicle fled the scene. Units report one male under arrest for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and leaving the scene of personal injury.

Party on Shirley Street called about a scam regarding the IRS calling and demanding money. He hung up on them and would like it noted. So done.

Caller on Grovers Avenue reports that yesterday when she went out for a swim, she noticed a dark skinned male in her driveway. When she went into her pocketbook today, she was missing all the cash in her wallet. Her back door was unlocked. It contained about $160. She would like this noted. So done.

Party on Thornton Park is concerned about not hearing from her friend. Unit reports the friend is fine. Female thanks us for the checkup.

Caller on Shirley Street reports intoxicated females at the corner of Shirley and Washington. Units request an ambulance. Unit reports 15-year-old female. Parents notified and responding. Units report female transported to the hospital.

Party at Viking Gardens reports “lots of noise out front” disturbing the neighborhood.

Wednesday, July 15

Caller on Walden Street states disconnection on lifeline service with a 61-year-old person and no response on callback. 91 made contact with the subject in question. It was accidental. All clear.

Party on Cutler Street reports a group drinking in the back of the houses. Units report a group on the porch moved inside.

Female came in to report a male party slumping on Jefferson Street. Units report male party gong home. Keys to parked car brought to the station.

Caller on Pleasant Park Road states he saws two white males acting suspiciously in what appeared to be a light colored car, but it has left the scene. 91 checked the area to no avail and will keep checking the area throughout the shift.

Party on George Street came to the station to report vandalism to his house and threats. Officer and detective will respond as they report arresting the subject for witness intimidation.

Caller on Pleasant Street called to report that his cell phone and wallet were stolen in Chelsea last night. He just wants us to know that his Winthrop issued license to carry was in his wallet.

Party at the Alcohol & Drug Free Lodging Home sates he is in the hospital and he needs to arrange for somebody to collect his personal belongings but has been unable to get in touch with management. W92 reports contacting management who will be making arrangements to contact the former resident.

Call for an unresponsive male in a motor vehicle on Golden Drive. WFD notified. W91 reports the party is alert and conscious upon arrival. Party evaluated and refused further medical.

Caller on Golden Drive reports that he is experiencing congestive heart failure.

Party came in to the station and looked like he had seconds to live. Fire and Action called. They will transport him to the Whidden.

Report of a possibly dark male walking along the beach and stumbling into traffic at
Shore Drive and Wave Way. Units report no party matching description seen in the area.

Report of an individual that has fallen off of a bicycle at the Public Landing. Officers report treating at the scene, refused transport. Off. Carter will take the biker and bike to his house.

Party came to the station to report harassment. He filed a victim/witness statement.

Several juveniles (male/females) came to the station to report that two male juveniles at Ingleside Park assaulted them.

Caller reports a black motor vehicle is broken down on the road at Crest Avenue and causing a scene with passing motorists. Units report the vehicle left area prior to their arrival.

Party reports finding a brown and white dog with tags at French Square. Winthrop CO Off. VanBuskirk notified and will respond.

ACO reports dog owner and canine have been reunited.

Caller from Morton Street reports two parked motor vehicles with several subjects parked in front of bench acting suspicious. Units report two motor vehicles and all parties sent out of the area.

W91 reports having a group pick up their mess at the basketball courts on Walden Street.

Unit reports having a motor vehicle pulled over for p seeding on Veterans Road. Units report a citation was issued.

Unit reports having a motor vehicle pulled over on Veterans Road. Unit reports operator unlicensed. G&J notified and will respond. Vehicle towed and citation and report filed.

Thursday, July 16

Female called to report that she found a blanket on the shoreline near the area that the little girl was found last month. Officer will place blanket in a plastic bag. Press Secretary in the DA’s office was notified and he will call the State Police Investigators that are assigned to this case. Chief Delehanty notified as well as Det. Callinan and Carter. They will speak to state Investigators. The blanket appears to be a packing cloth. It was checked out and does not appear to be anything.

Detail Off. Vitale reports National Grid worker struck in the leg by a motor vehicle on Bartlett Road. WFD and EMS notified.

Ambulance needed for female at Alcohol & Drug Free Lodging Home. EMS notified.

Caller at Ft. Heath Apartments reports falling and needing assistance.

Party on Shirley Street reports being the victim of a scam involving the sale of two cell phones. Officer reports, upon speaking with the alleged victim, the matter was determined to be a civil issue. (Caller actually received the two Galaxy S6 cell phones in question, but was not satisfied with the quality.) The party was advised of his rights.

Report of a female who was bitten by a pit bull on Deer Island. Male and female walking two pit bulls and one jumped on her and hit her elbow. The male and female continued to walk. It was referred to ACO.

Det. Carter and Callinan doing a follow up on Plummer Avenue.

Caller on Main Street reports a black male going around with a clipboard asking about energy options. Caller does not believe it to be legitimate. Unit spoke to the subject and supervisor from NRG. They have a permit from East Boston but not Winthrop. The party was sent back to East Boston.

Report of a fallen male on River Road. Call transferred to fire and medical.

Call of noise coming from Hannaford Park. W91 reports a town sponsored movie night for the children.

Call on 911 from Viking Gardens to report female was taking out her trash and a raccoon jumped on the back of her leg and scratched her. The call was transferred to fire and EMT.

Caller from Chester Avenue reports her children came in scared and stated that an older male in a van slowed down and looked at them. They state it was a silver/grey van with a black stripe around the car. Unit reports locating an Arizona handicap plate with an older married couple lost in Winthrop. Parties were brought to the ID van but not the same. While returning they spotted another van matching description at the Elks parking lot. Party was questioned and the male was no the party.

Male walked into the lobby stating that he needed medical attention. He states he was at a function and traveling home when he had an allergic reaction. Fire notified and male was transported to the hospital.

Reports of a smell of smoke in an apartment on Shirley Street. Fire notified and will respond. Unit reports a cigarette disposal ashtray caught fire. Fire Department extinguished the smoke.

Friday, July 17

Caller at Governors Park states that when he returned home, his balcony door and curtains were open, which are normally left closed. The apartment was empty and nothing appeared to be missing or disturbed. He will contact the police again if anything is missing after he does a further investigation of the apartment.

Party on Bellevue Avenue called to state that there is a truck, boat and trailer parked at the end of the street since yesterday morning. We cannot find any town by-law or ordinance that states that a boat on a trailer, attached to a truck is prohibited. Boat is less than 26 feet and truck and trailer are legally parked. Checking with Code Enforcement and he states nothing illegal as long as truck and trailer are registered and legally parked.

Reports of a loose terrier at the intersection of Main and Hermon. ACO notified and enroute.

Caller from Viking Taxi reports a former employee continues to pickup fares in his personal vehicle. Det. Jaworski will follow up.

Officer is off on a follow-up on Sagamore Avenue.

Party on Bartlett Road called to report that there has been a disabled Postal Truck in front of her house and blocking a hydrant since yesterday. She stated that the letter carrier told her it would be towed shortly. Officer reports it is still there and he will check with the Michael’s Mall post officer. They state it will be towed very shortly. Officer told them if it is still there in a few hours, we would tow it for public safety. W92 reports it has been towed.

Party on Revere Street came to the station to report that someone had entered her house. Officer reports all the doors were locked, no sign of a person going through the house, nothing missing. They were told to contact us if they notice anything wrong.

Detail Of. Ramadani radioed Control top report he has a motor vehicle stopped for several violations at Magee’s Corner.

Officer repots stopping a scooter for a one-way violation on Shirley Street. Citation was issued for one way and permit not in possession.

Caller reports a feral cat with a large gash on his head wandering between Dolphin and Forrest Street. ACO reports he is already receiving numerous calls and unable to catch the animal. Masspaws contacted and will attempt to trap the animal.

Party called to report that they were having a birthday p arty on the second floor of the EB Newton School and when they took the elevator down, they got off on the wrong floor. This set the alarm off. Officer will stand by for someone to reset the alarm.

Female called to report that a 75-year-old male might be having a heart attack at the pool area of Walden Street. EMS notified.

Visiting Nurse called to report that her patient on Linden Street is having chest pains. Call transferred to fire.

Party reports that a woman is parked inside the gate of the Coughlin Playground.

Landlord reports that his tenant on Shore Drive was evicted today with a constable. He was served but insists on taking some of his property with him that was left behind. Officers report speaking with the party who already retrieved his items. Both parties were advised of their rights.

Report of two little dogs and a big dog running in and out of traffic in the area of Pleasant Street. ACO contacted.

Party reports that the nearby neighbors on Shirley and Moore Street have a somewhat loud party going on. Officers spoke to the host of the party who is having his friends move inside the home.

Officer is off with a motor vehicle parked and unattended at Hannaford Park. The vehicle was towed to private property by a private tow.

Motor vehicle was stopped for violations at Revere and Kennedy Road. While interviewing the driver, his father arrived and began interfering with the officer. The father was placed in custody and brought to the station for booking for resisting arrest. The vehicle was not towed and was returned to the home by a licensed operator.

Officers spoke with people across from the Rustic Table who were drinking alcoholic beverages on the public way.

Caller on Shirley Street called to report that another female outside the building was threatening to kill a dog. W91 reports nothing showing outside. He spoke to the caller who did not have any more information.

Saturday, July 18

Caller on Grovers Avenue reports a loud group/music in the area. Units report a small group on the beach. The group has been advised to keep it down.

Party on Somerset Avenue reports that a male is in the area who does not belong there. Unit reports unable to locate the subject.

Alarm Company reports a female party on Shirley Street believes that someone is inside her house. Officers report they found nobody inside the house, but the female party said a white male with grey hair was in her backyard, then her kitchen and left. Resident called back and stated that it was her insurance agent. Officers notified.

Report of a fire inside a house on Coral Avenue. Transferred to WFD.

Officer off with a motor vehicle parked on the sidewalk and nobody is around on Pleasant Street. Officer requested G&J. Owner came out while G&J was hooking up the vehicle. The owner worked out a fee with towing and moved the vehicle. Parking ticket was issued.

Caller from Massport stated they saw a boat tied up to a private dock on Court Road that is sinking. Winthrop Fire notified and they will notify the harbormaster.

Report of a dog barking on the back porch of a white house on the corner of Pleasant and Palmyra Streets. ACO notified.

Caller on Overlook Drive called to report she heard a medical alarm going off in an apartment. She went to check on the individual in the apartment and there was no answer at the door. WFD notified.

Chelsea PD requests that we attempt to contact the owner of a motor vehicle that was involved in a hit and run with property damage. W92 reports that the vehicle is not in the area and there was no answer at the apartment door on Fremont Street. Chelsea PD was advised. Note: there should be some damage to the left front fender or door.

W98 reports clearing two individual from Coughlin Park after performing a prote4ctive sweep of the area.

Caller on Trident Avenue states that her neighbors are disturbing the entire neighborhood and many neighbors have asked them to keep it down. Units report speaking with residents who were having a family party and will shut it down and take it inside.

Report of another loud party going on Cliff Avenue. Units report sending the party into the home.

911 call to report earlier in the day an elderly man fell outside his home on Cottage Avenue. He is now experiencing problem with his hip. Referred to fire.

Reports of kids playing basketball on Walden Street. W98 moved the group out of the area.

Sunday, July 19

Caller on Moore Street repots loud music coming from across the street. Units report sending the party inside.

Party on Johnson Avenue reports loud party going on in the area. Units report clearing the party out.

Female called to report that a male and female walking on Pleasant Street near Sunnyside Avenue. The female appears to be distraught. Units report that all is okay.

W94 spoke with group of eight orderly youths who did not realize their voices carried through the night air at the tennis courts at Governors Park.

Caller on Marshall Street reports a party is disturbing the neighborhood. W91 Freeman reports checking the entire length of Marshall Street and no signs of a party.

Party on Hale Avenue called to report that she has been hearing her neighbor’s fire alarm going off for over an hour. WFD notified.

Chelsea PD asking assistance to reach a male party on Fremont Street to pass a message along for them. Officer reports nobody home at this time.

Party on Paine Street stated there has been trash building up in front of his neighbor’s house for close to a week now. Officer spoke to the resident of the home and stated that he will get stickers at the town hall to pick up the large items. Officer also informed the resident to clean up the area and no more items on the street until trash day. A message was also left for the Department of Inspectional Services to conduct a follow up with the resident.

A needle was found on the ground on Brewster Avenue. Officer recovered Sharp.

Calling party states there is amotor4 vehicle parked illegally at Pleasant and Cottage Park Road. Officer issued a parking ticket for no parking here to curb. Emergency vehicles can still pass.

Calling party stated there are motor vehicles parking in the area of Bayview and Shirley Streets. Officer issued parking ticket for 20 feet within insecting way violation.

A call from Boston PD to BOLO for white male wearing a red ball cap. He just assaulted a worker at Domino’s with a pizza. He left on foot headed toward Winthrop. All units notified.

Caller reports motor helices parked too close to the corner of Bayview and Shirley Street making it difficult for vehicles to turn. Officer report the vehicle was obstructing and tow company responding. Owner arrived while the vehicle was hooked to the tow truck. Drop fee paid and vehicle released to the owner. Parking ticket issued and the vehicle moved.

A young man walked in to the station with a house key on a key ring with a “Miller Lite” bottle opener on it. He stated he found it on the street near Villa Avenue. It was placed on the counter at the lobby window.

Caller reports a motor vehicle with a female in a car possibly sleeping at Michael’s Mall. He knocked on the window but got no response. Officer requests EMS. Female party medically cleared. She went home in a taxi.

Calls for two-car accident at Shore and Cutler Street. Units report State Police jurisdiction. W92 and W94 stood by to assist.

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