Former Revere Mayor is New City Manager

We attended the oath of office ceremony Monday for new Chelsea City Manager Tom Ambrosino, who was previously the mayor of Revere for a decade before Dan Rizzo was elected four years ago. Tom had been working in an administrative position in the court system and decided to pursue the position of city manager following Jay Ash’s decision to take a post as the state Secretary of Housing and Economic Development.

We wish Tom well in his new position and we understand he is happy to be back running the day-to-day operations of a city.

In Winthrop, we’re fortunate to have Jim McKenna as our town manager, overseeing the many positive developments that have happened in Winthrop and the improved financial situation in our town. The job of managing a city or town — being the one person who is in charge — holds great prestige and these jobs are much sought after. We know that Jim McKenna was mentioned as someone that the City of Chelsea wanted to apply for the position.  In fact, whenever there is an opening, Jim’s name emerges at the top of the list of potential managers, which a tribute to his accomplishments in Winthrop.

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