Police Blotter 07-02-2015

Monday, June 22

Caller states that there is a group playing basketball at Pond Street Playground. Units report the area is clear prior to their arrival.

Party on Hermon Street called to report that a strange man went to her door and now he is looking into cars. He then went into a yard on Lincoln Street where the officers met up with him. They request an FIO; subject not wanted.

Caller on Sunset Road reports finding a large Akita-type dog in her backyard.

Several calls for a dog struck by a motor vehicle at the intersection of Pauline and Pleasant Street. Units report the dog is dead. ACO on the scene and has the dog. Female owner is very upset, medical called to assist. Medical was refused. Owner’s sister picked her up and brought her to the hospital to be checked out.

Caller at Cumberland Farms reports a male came into the store with a complaint of an injury.

Property manager at Governors Park reports receiving calls from tenants complaining of an erratic operator on the property. W91 reports speaking with the operator who was not in the vehicle. Off. Sorrentino counseled the operator who told him that he did get into an argument with a resident who stated that she was calling police.

Caller at Governors Park reports that the party returned from an incident yesterday and assaulted her. Subsequent call from security reporting the fight is back on in front of the building. Units report the same two individuals from yesterday’s incident. Off. Sorrentino applied for a hearing for mutual assault and batteries. He will add this report to the complaint.

911 all from Boston stating 28 year ld female upset about the death of her dog. Fire and ambulance notified. Unit reports the female unresponsive. She is heading to MGH via Action Ambulance.

Caller on Summit Avenue reports that her daughter fell down and is unresponsive and has labored breathing. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Party on Sea View Avenue reports a brown sedan parked between the garages that he has never seen. Unit reports male and female party sent out of the area.

Broward County Sheriff’s Department called and stated that they received a call from a resident in Florida who reported talking with her cousin in Winthrop and he stated to her that he was consuming pills and alcohol. W91 reports speaking with the subject who appears to be fine and has no intention of hurting himself.

Caller on Golden Drive reports a male with a cut on his forehead. Fire and ambulance notified.

Party called from New Orleans stating he was threatene3d by a person from Winthrop via a public forum on the Internet. He stated he was told to meet the subject or he will track down his family. His family resides in Medford and he is concerned. He does not want us to speak to the subject until he speaks to a detective. He does have some electronic evidence from his computer with some hate speech. He will call back in the morning to speak to a detective. He also contacted the police in New Orleans and will be expecting a call back.

Party on Golden Drive called to report that upon arriving home he observed blood on the walkway along with a pair of glasses. Fire was contacted to see if there was any blood there when they went to a medical call earlier. Fire did not repot seeing any blood earlier. W91 responded to the area and located the blood and glasses but it did not lead anywhere.

Reports of a man beaten with a baseball bat at Otis and Tafts Avenue. He needs help. EMS notified and W91 and W92 responded. The party was injured with a baseball bat and was transported to the hospital. Officers responded to an address and placed one in custody for domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.


Tuesday, June 23

Malden Police called to request we check on a NH vehicle on Shirley Street, as they believe it is stolen from a rental company. Officer reports checking the area to no avail. Malden notified.

Party came to the station to report a potential identity theft. Party provided a birth certificate for her daughter (minor child) and stated that the child had never received her Social Security card in the mail; despite being advised by the Office of Vital Statistics that she should have received said card sometime between Feb. 2 and Fe. 10. She requests that this fact be documented with our department so that she can follow up with the Social Security Administration.

Detail Off. Oyola reports a citizen told him of a large oil spill no the sidewalk on Shore Drive. DPW notified to make the area safe.

Report of a shoplifter at CVS, then a fight. Off. Perrin, Off. Carter and Off. Feeley all responded and have subject in custody for shoplifting over $100 and an outstanding warrant.

ACO reports removing two parties for having their dogs on Donovans Beach in violation of posted signage.

Report of a fifth between landlord and tenant on Hermon Street. 94 Perrin and 91 Feeley report the man left, but landlord there. Many code violations. The tenant returned and officers are trying to settle the dispute. The building department notified and they will respond. All rights advised. The basement cannot be lived in.

Report of man down in front of CVS. WFD and 92 Carter and 91 Feeley report that another man came in to the station and reported a road rage incident that ended p at CVS. The downed man might claim he hit him. Officers are investigating. The downed man is supposedly faking his injury. Video will be necessary to review the incident. Off. Feeley will follow up. One vehicle’s plates will be removed because plates are expired. Citation issued.

Caller on Kennedy Road reports an elderly Alzheimer patient appears to have left her home sometime around noon today and cannot be located. Daughter on the scene and reports the door to the apartment left open. W92 reports the party was located having coffee in a neighbor’s apartment and is fine.

Party on Bates Avenue came to the station to report that after filing his taxes he received a letter from the IRS stating there was an issue with his return. His accountant called the IRS and was told someone had filed a return under his Social Security number. No other activity has been discovered and all agencies have put a 90-day flag on all his accounts. He will follow up with his accountant and the IRS.

E911 caller on Plummer Avenue reports being attacked by a dog. Fire and ambulance notified. Units report two dogs attacked each other and the party was injured trying to separate the canines. Subject refused medical. Incident to be followed up by ACO. Then a male party was at her door demanding she accompany him to Angel Memorial Hospital to pay for treatment to his dog. Units report explaining and advising parties of their rights. Peace restored.

Party on Dolphin Avenue reports speaking with his friend who made some remarks about harming himself. Unit reports the subject refused medical and stated he does not want to harm himself.

Cal at East Boston Savings Bank reports a suspicious motor vehicle parked with the windows up. Units report a young couple in the car. Mother notified and will pick them up. Unit is clear.


Wednesday, June 24

Party on Johnson Avenue requesting medical attention for her husband with heart issues.

Caller at Viking Gardens hears a neighbor calling for help. W92 reports the woman is okay. She was yelling for help but no longer required it.

Caller on Cottage Avenue needs ambulance for a friend.

Investigation follow-up on Buchanan Street with no one answering in response to the officer. Officer responded back to this address after receiving further instructions.

A motor vehicle car stop on Shirley Street with the operator’s license coming back as expired/nonrenewable. Citation issued. Another operator who has an active driver’s license drove the vehicle away from the scene.

Request for an ambulance at William Gorman School for a woman with chest pains. Transferred to EMS.

Caller on Court Road reports two hot water heaters were stolen from her yard.

Medical aid needed on Pleasant Park Road. Transferred to EMS.

Employee at Shirley Hardware called to inform us that a patron needs an ambulance. EMS notified.

Person flagged down officer on Shirley Street to report a large pothole near Bayview Avenue. DPW notified.

Caller at Blackstrap BBQ reports one of his customers was just threatened.

Party on Kennedy road complains of a NH motor vehicle parked there for over a year. 92 DeCarlo and Lt. Scarpa responded and spoke with mother of driver (her daughter). She was advised of the complaint and agreed to register the vehicle in Mass. The mother (car owner) no longer lives in NH. The daughter also works in Boston. This will be followed up for compliance. Male also complained of son illegally living in housing there. Housing will be contacted in regards to this complaint.

Report of a sinkhole in the middle of Otis and Shirley Street. Officer confirmed the hole. DPW notified.

Caller on Shore Drive reports past assault. Officer reports no assault, a verbal argument only. All parties advised of their rights.

Party on Beach Road reports a man packing back and forth in front of the apartment building.

Alarm Company reports a video alarm at the construction site of the high school. Male in white T-shirt running through the area. They can only see his back. He was arrested for trespassing.


Thursday, June 25

Report that a firebox struck at the East Boston Neighborhood Health was the result of burnt toast.

Detail Officer requests a cruiser for an unlicensed operator on Revere and Crest Avenue. Cruiser and G&J notified for tow. Officer issued traffic citation and will summons operator to EBDC.

Caller on Quincy Avenue stated that her husband needs a transport to MGH.

Child exchange in lobby. Male party reports the female party did not show up to give him his child. He wanted this logged for possible future probate matter.

Report of a dog in a van with no windows open on Bartlett Parkway. ACO notified. ACO found van in the driveway but no dog inside the van.

Medical aid needed to Viking Gardens. Transferred to EMS.

Report of a large sinkhole opening in the street near Tony’s Cleaners. DPW notified.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports loud screaming. Officer reports speaking with one person in the apartment. He was playing a very loud video game.

Request for an ambulance on Bowdoin Street.

Man fell in his garden on Brewster Avenue and needs help getting up.

Caller requests we check on a female with two children in the Winthrop Market Place. She may be under the weather. Officers located the subject in front of Main Street and requested EMS for an evaluation. Officers report one female going to Whidden. The children went home with their dad.

Party near Lewis Lake called stating that his wife reported to him that a dark male jumped out of the weeds and chased after her. No description other than he had a bottle of alcohol in his hand. She was walking on the Veterans roadside of Lewis Lake near Cutler Street.

While responding to previous call, officers were flagged down at Dawes Playground by a woman who requested medical aid for her autistic son.

Report of fireworks being set off at Dawes Playground. Officer remained in the area and did not observe any fireworks.

Party on Ocean View Way reports her son will not leave the home. He did leave after a moment but she would like to speak with an officer.

Report of a group of kids on the seawall on Grandview Avenue.


Friday, June 26

Caller on Revere Street reports that her mother is 91 years of age and she believes that her mother has had a stroke. Transferred to fire and EMS. 91 dispatched to the location.

Party on Pearl Avenue states that loud barking dog for last hour at his neighbor’s home. 92 responded and reports no answer at the residence and no sound of a dog barking.

92 is off with a group of five on the beach at Shore and Mermaid Avenue. All parties advised and cleared from the area.

911 lifeline call of a 87 year old male on Billows Street that is stating he is cold and needs his heat turned on. 92 responds with fire. Action transport to MGH.

Medical aid on Beal Street. Transferred to EMS.

Officer was flagged down on Shirley Street and observed a male party down. WFD and EMS notified. Officer reports party struck h is head and wax examined by EMS. He is refusing any further medical treatment. Officer will stand by while and await his son’s arrival. Subject changed his mind after speaking with his son and will be transported to MGH via EMS.

Party on Woodside Avenue reports that his driveway is obstructed by a neighbor’s motor vehicle. Officer reports the contractor was working next door and moved the vehicle.

Det. Armistead off doing a follow-up investigation on Wilshire Street.

Party reports observing a male and female walking in the area of the Elks with a Golden Retriever type dog. She observed the male party kicking the dog. ACO was notified and officer repots checking the area for the subjects to no avail.

Caller on Douglas Street is requesting a well-being check on her granddaughter. She stated she has not seen her in a week and the father will not let her talk or see her. Officer checked on granddaughter and she is well. Calling party was advised of her rights.

Party on Main Street reports the teens next door damaged her basement window. Officer reports speaking with all parties involved. The feather will repair the window tomorrow morning.

Caller on Buchanan Street reports she can see an older lady feed some raccoons on Putnam Street (Viking Gardens). She states that there are 6 raccoons trying to break into the apartment and she is afraid for the person. ACO notified and will respond.

ACO delivered an order to the animal owner on Plummer Avenue to keep a muzzle on her dog. ACO VanBuskirk served her in hand.

W911 off with four occupants at Hannaford Park. Transported one female juvenile to the station. Parents called to pick up daughters.


Saturday, June 27

Caller on Girdlestone Road reports cars with kids on the street. W91 reports house party in progress.

Part on Temple Avenue requesting an ambulance for a friend having chest pain. Fire has been notified.

Calling party stated they found a contractor’s sign thrown on Donovan’s Beach and stated it should be on her front lawn on Pleasant Street. The sign was returned to the lawn.

Reports of a female party falling and hitting her head on the ground at Ingleside Park. EMS notified.

Walk-in to report that someone is making a scene in front of the police station. Station Off. DeFreitas responded and requests a second officer. The subject went home and peace was restored.

Caller on Shirley Street reports that someone shot what he thinks is a BB through his window over night.

Party reports a Sharp in the area of Lewis Lake on River Road. Officer secured Sharp.

Medical aid requested at Viking Gardens. Transferred to EMS.

Caller on Ocean View Avenue requests a person check on neighbor whose phone is off the hook and he is worried. Party is fine and will contact her son.

Walk in to report person walking around outside on Pauline Street with a knife. Officers report no knife. He spoke with both residents.

Officer repots 12 youths on porch on Johnson Avenue. All parties going home.

Sunday, June 28

W91 reports tree branch down on the sidewalk opposite the station by the Methodist Church.

While in the area of Johnson Avenue keeping watch, W93 noticed a motor vehicle in the area. Officer spoke to owner operator who is an airplane enthusiast, and was in the area for the landing.

Report of a tree branch down on Locust Street and some wires also. Fire notified and reports it was only the cable wire. They removed it.

Report of a dead skunk on Revere Street.

Party on Edward Street called asking that we document that she is having a problem with her neighbor and if any damage is done to her vehicle, neighbor should be suspected.

Caller on Elmwood Avenue reports a tree down with a live wire. Fire notified. They report that minor damage done to motor vehicle due to the falling tree. Fire also requesting police to block the street and have notified DPW. Street blocked as DPW works in the area.

Party on Pleasant Street reports that she believes money is missing from her vehicle. Caller does not know how much but she usually keeps change in her vehicle and it is now missing.

Caller on Golden Drive reports that the alarm was sounding in her building and she observed smoke coming from the fuse panel.

Party walked into the station to inquire if a red billfold containing credit cards was turned in today. Item was not here. She was instructed to cancel her credit cards and request a duplicate license. She will be called if found.

Caller believes that she may have observed a suspicious party on Deer Island last week. She was referred to MSP Tips line.

Report of an erratic operator on Main Street. The area search was negative.

Caller on Terrace Avenue states that there is a suspicious fleshy substance in his yard. W92 reports speaking with the caller and observing a wet insulation in the yard.

Party reports a motor vehicle has been parked in the lot at Delby’s Corner for several months. He would like to speak with an officer. W91 reports a vehicle registered out of Shirley Street with two flat tires and a deplorable interior. No sign of a crime. Placed on the 72-hour list.

Caller on Harbor View Avenue reports her young child is not acting right. Call transferred to EMD, WFD and EMS.

Report received regarding a male slumped down in a green motor vehicle on Shirley Street. WFD and EMS dispatched to the area. Officer reports the party was sitting n his vehicle programming his new cell phone. The party is fine.

Caller states that he sees a suspicious vehicle with multiple occupants on his property at Cals Auto Body. He sees this through his surveillance cameras. Units respond and report that they are the owner’s tenants.

Party reports hearing what she thinks are gunshots coming from the cemetery area at Belle Isle. W94 and 960 responded and report checking the area and it is all clear.

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