Flamingos Mean Fundraiser Supporters

This summer Winthrop will be seeing a migration of pink flamingo lawn ornaments in front yards, like tropical, Floridian bungalows. Winthrop High School students will be initiating a flocking fundraiser from July 6- Aug. 6 to benefit their Class of 2016.

“If somebody signs up, we will immediately do the flocking, and move it in that evening,” said Karen Perrin, Class Advisor. “It’s only a 24-hour period that they’re on the lawns.”

It cost $20 to flock, and if a flamingo lands on your lawn, you can nominate a neighbor to be flocked. Students will leave an envelope in your front yard and a note from the Class of 2016 thanking the person who flocked you. If you would like to flock a friend, leave a $20 donation in the envelope accompanied by a request form.

The last flocking fundraiser was held three years ago by the Class of 2013 and proved to be very successful.

“It’s a fun thing. The kids are very involved,” said Perrin. “An adult goes with the young adults during the evening, so there is never anybody by themselves.”

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