Police Blotter 02-05-2015

Winthrop Police Blotter

Unknown Snow Baby gets escort

Dispatcher Mary Crisafi received a call  at 4:22 am from in front of First Church United Methodist. The couple reported that their baby was ready to come into the world and they were requesting a plow escort out of town. Police report that the streets are currently passable. Crisafi gave “best wishes to the expanding family.”


(According to the law, people arrested are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.)

On Jan. 31 at 10:35 pm Trevor James Fannin, 25, 213 Shirley Ave., charged with OUI liquor, second offense, license not in possession. Vehicle was seen operating erratically and caller noted license plate number.

Monday, January 26

At 10:37 am a medical aid call went to the Town Hall. Fire Department notified.

Police assisted motorists on Revere Street at 10:42 am after a motor vehicle accident.

Suspicious activity was reported at 1:49 pm at the public landing on Shirley Street. A family was moving items from one large moving van to a smaller one.

Report of a truck running on Main Street and exhaust coming into building at 1:52 pm.

School crossing detail at 1:57 pm on Revere Street.

Report of a taxi driver obstructing traffic on Revere Street at 1:59 pm.

Medical aid call to Grandview Avenue for a 4-month-old baby who had fallen. Baby was cleared by medical team at 2:24 pm

Report of car alarm going off at 2:32 pm on Governors Drive.

Party on Hermon Street notified of license suspension at 3:08 pm.

Vehicles towed on Wilshire Street at 3:24 pm due to emergency parking ban.

Medical aid call on Harbor View Avenue 6 pm.

Car towed from Governors Drive at 8:46 pm due to emergency parking ban.

Caller reported car was struck on Pauline Street at 8:56 pm.

Report of wire down on Prospect Avenue at 11:59 pm.

Tuesday, January 27

Request for a tow at CVS on Woodside Avenue at 12:09 am.

Owner of taxi company reports they have shut down for the night at 12:11 am.

Open door at the senior center caused an alarm at 1:37 am.

Police assigned to tide watch at 2:56 am at Point Shirley.

Ambulance requested for a man on Main Street at 2:58 am.

Monitoring Tewksbury Street area for flooding at 3:29 am.

Report of tidal surge backing up into catch basin at Triton Avenue and Billows Street at 4:05 am.

Medical aid call to Waldemar Avenue at 4:29 am.

Report of flooding on Grandview Avenue at 4:57 am.

Report of flooding on Pico Park area at 5:29 am.

Sewer cover reported missing at 5:46 am on Tafts Avenue. Located and replaced. Fire department will monitor area.

Accidental alarm on Washington Avenue at 6:16 am.

Pico Avenue resident called to report flooded property on Pico Avenue at 6:16 am.

Car stuck in the snow at Pleasant and Main streets at 8:31 am.

Call for smoke in the basement on Pleasant Street at 8:52 pm.

Vehicle needed assistance at Johnson and Bellevue avenues at 9:03 pm.

Alarm at Fort Banks School at 9:52 am.

Ambulance called at 10:25 am for child who fell and cut herself on Cottage Avenue.

Sick child from Pauline Street transported to hospital at 10:34 am.

Ambulance called at 10:43 am for a person who fell at a Golden Drive address.

DPW called to report man blowing snow into Beal Street at 10:46 am.

DPW notified on a water main break at 10:47 am on Woodside Avenue.

Disabled motor vehicle at Bowdoin Street and Madison Avenue at 10:57 am.

Medical aid call to River Road address at 10:58 am for woman who needed to go to MGH.

Vehicle stuck in snowbank at Larsen Rink at 11:33 am.

Man blowing snow into street on Atlantic Avenue at 12:05 pm.

Carbon monoxide detector activation on Beach Road at 12:51 pm.

Chester Avenue resident reports at 12:57 pm that a plow hit her vehicle.

Report of person blowing snow onto Main Street at 12:59 pm.

Complaint of snow removal on Shirley Street blocking ambulance entrance at 2:01 pm.

Nurse living at Executive Apartments on Veterans Road reported at 2:27 pm. Reports that she is stuck and has to go to work. Officer helped her get out and she is angry with management.

Officer stayed in the area of Highland Avenue at 2:36 pm to assist plows.

Report at 4:01 pm of neighbor throwing snow in street on Cottage Park Road.

Caller stated at 4:09 pm that side roads need to be plowed so water can run off.

Caller from Hermon Street at 4:34 pm reported the emergency exit and hydrant to shoveled had been plowed in.

Obstruction on Shirley Street reported at 4:42 pm.

A black 2005 BMW was stopped at 5:33 pm for violating the governor’s executive ordered driving ban.

Elderly resident reportedly stuck in a snowbank on Kennedy Road at 5:44pm.

A blue Subaru Impreza was stopped at 5:52 pm for violating the governor’s executive ordered driving ban.

Another vehicle was stopped on Harvard Street at 5:52 pm and said they would go home immediately.

Warning given to snowblower at 5:59 pm on Main Street.

Warning given to snowblower on Sturgis Street at 6:24 pm.

A black Ford Escape and a grey Honda Pilot were stopped at 6:37 pm. On Shirley Street at Yirrell Beach.

A motor vehicle was towed on Shirley Street at 8:08 pm.

A snow removal complaint on Hermon Street was called in at 8:14 pm.

A Shore Drive father called at 8:27 pm because his 13-year-old son had a paper clip lodged in his throat. Fire and EMS responded.

Motor vehicle reported stuck on Shirley Street at 8:52 pm.

Medical aid call for a bloody nose was logged at 10:20 pm.

Report of a missing person from Pleasant Street at 10:27 pm. Subject came home.

Wednesday, January 28

Traffic citation given at 12:38 am for failure to remove snow from car roof and license plate.

Medical aid call at 4:05 am on Summit Avenue for baby vomiting.

Complaint that James Avenue has not been plowed as of 5 am.

Report that women needs to leave early to take someone to treatment and Petrel Street has not been plowed as of 5:29 am.

Traffic enforcement and major snow removal begins at 7 am.

Caller reports that Coral Avenue is impassable at 7:38 am.

Accidental alarm at 8:14 am at Fort Banks School.

Paul Revere bus disabled at 8:18 am. Bus was freed.

Snow throwing complaint on Nahant Avenue at 8:58 am.

Officer reports resident of Pleasant Street arguing with DPW snow removers at 9:22 am.

Report at 9:32 am of cars sliding down Upland Road due to icy conditions.

Motor vehicle accident on Main Street at 9:54 am.

Snow removal complaints on Golden Drive and Buckthorn Terrace.

At 10:45 am a man called to report his 84-year-old mother needs to be plowed out. DPW notified.

Snow removal complaints on Franklin Street, Sunnyside Avenue, Bowdoin Street, Walden Street, and the public landing on Shirley Street.

Medical aid call at 2:15 pm on Revere Street. Man passed out in bathroom.

Medical aid call at 2:19 pm on Circuit Road for a man who fell. Transported to MGH.

Large truck stuck at Pleasant and Vine at 2:30 pm.

Medical aid call on Lincoln Street at 2:33 pm. Person dizzy and short of breath.

Woman at Douglas and Edward streets called at 2:43 pm to report a private plow had just pushed snow onto a pile children playing.

Reports of motor vehicles obstructing streets on Winthrop Street and Edgar Terrace, Almont Street, Overlook Drive.

Major snow removal with the DPW, MWRA and private contractors begins at 4 pm.

Man reports he fell through manhole at Andrew Street and Tafts Avenue at 4:42 pm. Two neighbors pulled him out.

Motor vehicle complaints and violations on Crest Avenue, Pleasant Street, Washington Avenue.

Ongoing harassament of neighbor reported at 7:12 pm on Tileston Street.

Report of a woman who fell at a bus stop on Shirley Avenue and broke her elbow. Son wants complaint registered for non-removal of snow.

Thursday, January 29

Vehicle towed from Jefferson Street at 8:51 am

Snow removal complaints from Delby’s Corner Lot, Pleasant Street, Crescent Street, Seaview Avenue.

Odor of gas in Hillside Avenue home at 12:13 pm.

Fire Department reports it cannot get through Shirley Avenue and Washington Street intersection due to poorly parked car at 12:16 pm.

Woman on Pleasant Court reported at 12:42 pm that a non-handicapped car was in the handicapped space in front of her house.

Truck stuck on Woodside Avenue at 1:52 pm.

Threats made by man in car on Highland Avennue at 2:06 pm.

Report of runaway 14-year-old boy from Revere at 3:11 pm.

Minor motor vehicle accident on Ocean View Street at 3:26 pm.

Report of three to four people involved  in a fight over a parking space at 3:58 pm.

Hit and run accident at 4:01 pm on Hagman Road.

Officers assisted DPW with snow removal from the middle and high school at 5:06 pm.

Shirley Street woman came to the station at 5:29 pm after receiving a warning from Inspectional Services about her front walkway. She said she shoveled and the town covered it again with the plow.

Report of highway barrier in the street at 5:35 pm and people have hit it.

Officer ticketed six cars at 7:31 pm on Terrace Avenue after complaint.

Report of screaming woman or girl on Sagamore Avenue at 8:36 pm. Officer reports girl was trying to use car and her father denied her.

Friday, January 30

Outside disturbance on Governor’s Drive at 12:59 am.

Fire alarm at 3:12 am on Pearl Avenue. No smoke showing.

Officer directed traffic for students at Kennedy Road, Walden Street and Hermon at Pauline streets.

A red Kia and a blue Chevy Tahoe were towed from the Larsen Rink lot at 9:36 am.

Caller at 10:43 am reported an injured raccoon on the beach at Tafts Avenue and Pratt Street.

A grey Jeep Wrangler and a white Toyota Corolla towed from Walden Street at 10:44 am for violating parking ban.

Plowing complaint at 11:18 am at Otis Street and Strand Way.

Caller from the “Ride” called at 11:21 am to say passenger fell out of wheelchair and he needs assistance.

A grade one gas leak was reported by National Grid on Governors Drive at 11:34 am.

Nahant Avenue reports electric wires from the pole to his house are arking at 11:50 am.

Motor vehicles obstructing the way on Winthrop Street, Overlook Drive.

Officer crosses students on Walden Street  at 2:48 pm.

Car tagged for parking on crosswalk at 3:15 pm on Bartlett Road.

Person came to the station at 4:26 pm to report a recorded phone call from the IRS. Phone number went to nothing. Person wanted it on record as a possible scam.

Missing person report taken from man at 5:04 pm. He has not seen his mother since Jan. 28.

A person from Shore Drive was checked on at 5:55 PM. His manager asked him to leave work because he was acting up. Man is now across the street at the beach. State Police were notified.

Minor motor vehicle accident at 6:05 pm at Lincoln and Hermon streets.

Report at 6:51 pm of plow striking vehicle at Larsen Rink.

Medical aid call at 8:28 pm on Veterans Road.

Report of a large dog running down the middle of Pleasant Street at 11:41 pm. The dog was wearing a fleece jacket. No dog found.

Noise complaint on Summit Avenue at 11:52 pm.

Saturday, January 31

Report at 7:38 am of an altercation between a man and a woman on Shore Drive. No one found.

Medical aid call at 7:42 am at Viking Gardens.

Vehicles were moved from Dolphin Avenue, Palyra St., Sturgis Street, Washington Avenue.

Traffic in Winthrop center backed up at 10:40 am.

Stray dog followed woman home at 3 pm on Locust Street.

Complaint at 3:09 pm about snow being dumped in the ocean. Officer reports he is with DPW and no snow is being dumped.

Motor vehicle accident at 3:31 pm at Cross and Ocean View streets. Both vehicles towed.

Woman on Hermon Street believes her son is hallucinating at 5:34 pm. Subject cleared medically by EMTs.

A medical aid call involving alcohol went out at 7:32 pm to a Revere Street address. Man was taken to Whidden.

Sunday, February 1

Medical aid call at 3:32 am for person having a seizue.

Medical aid call at 9:15 am on Wilshire Street.

Noise complaint at 9:49 am on Governors Drive.

Caller reported slashed tires at 12:40 pm on Amelia Avenue.

Governors Drive resident reports that she cannot shut off her stove at 1:06 pm. Fire Department notified.

Report of flooding from upstairs neighbor on Crest Avenue at 3:04 pm.

Party walked into station at 3:46 pm and asked for an ambulance.

Medical aid call at 9:22 pm on Sargent Street.

Report of three male youths at 10:51 pm on Francis Street. Caller reports they broke motor vehicle mirror.

Monday, February 2

Report at 2:14 am of two individuals playing football in the street on Sagamore Avenue.

Report from the MWRA of an unauthorized motor vehicle at 5:19 am which entered grounds behind a plow when the gate was up. Situation handed over to State Police.

Viking Taxi called at 6:02 am stating it has suspended service due to snow.

A wire was reported down on Main Street at 7:10 am.

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