Police Blotter 10-09-2014

Winthrop Police Blotter

 Monday, September 29

Caller on Circuit Road states that he stepped out of bed onto a staple, but is okay. Will call back if he needs medical attention.

Party on Bellevue Avenue states that her husband needs medical assistance.

Report of vandalism to vehicle on Loring Road.

Officer will try to serve subject on Lowell Road a notice from the MassDot that her right to operate a motor vehicle has been revoked. Officer reports he spoke to neighbors who stated that she is in a nursing home. MassDot was notified of this information.

Party came into the station to report identity fraud.

Detectives are on an investigation at Mobil Mart on Main Street.

Caller reports she has information that her runaway son is currently in Winthrop. She is requesting to speak with an officer. W92 and Det. Perrin report no concrete information on son’s whereabouts, but based on previous texts, he has been hanging out in the skate park area. Detective will bring a photo of the missing youth to the station and requests that all mobile units BOLO for the individual.

Party on Overlook Drive reports that he is a victim of a phone scam. He states he has already wired $900 in cash yesterday, and the caller is now demanding he send additional funds.

Boston transfer. Female is experiencing a difficult pregnancy. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Party called to report losing a set of keys with a car key Hyundai and a house key on it while visiting on Crest Avenue.

Female on Washington Avenue called to report that a missing juvenile was just knocking on her door. She then went off on a tangent of other issues and did not want the police coming to her home as she has fear of eviction as a result. W92 checked the surrounding area and located two juveniles, both of whom are reported missing. One missing from Brockton and entered by Brockton PD. They recommended that the juvenile be transported to a hospital. So done to MGH. The parent was notified and missing person cancelled by Brockton PD. Revere PD was contacted regarding the second juvenile and they report that he was reported missing yesterday by his father. Revere PD will cancel missing person and message was left for father. The juvenile was brought to the station by W91 and W92. EMS called for second juvenile and parents of second juvenile came to the station. He was transported and parents will meet juvenile there. Second juvenile will also be taken to MGH for an evaluation.

Tuesday, September 30

Sgt. Hickey called to request listing on a vehicle going down Shirley Street the wrong way. The operator said he had no choice but to go the wrong way. He is being spoken to by both Sgt. Hickey and Lt. Scarpa. He won’t go the wrong way again.

Female on Shirley Street came in to report fraud. Someone opened up a Verizon account in her name.

Female caller on Winthrop Street reports a big tractor running, making noise and its exhaust is going into the houses. Officer reports the backhoe is not running, no noise and no exhaust. The operator is just waiting for the Safety Officer.

Party on Sunnyside Avenue reports a male parked in a motor vehicle for hours. Officer reports it is a licensed private detective on the scene. Subject will check in if he heads to this area again.

Caller on Walden Street reports that his wife is having breathing issues. Transferred to medical.

Party on Golden Drive reports a breaking and entering, and possible assault and battery. Officer reports there are no breaking and entering and no assault and battery.

Caller reports a tall white male came to her mother’s door on Cottage Park Road stating that he worked for National Grid. She was concerned that his credentials may not be valid. Off. Dutra was able to locate the male in question. All information was confirmed. The individual works for subcontractor for National Grid. They are in the area checking services.

Call from Senior Center that someone is sleeping on a couch. Officer reports he is waiting for a bus and then left.

Detectives are on an investigation on River Road.

Daughter called that her mother on Loring Road needs an ambulance. EMS notified.

Caller reports subject upstairs is bothering her. Units responded and request medical for an evaluation. Subject will be transported to the Whidden for an evaluation. Complaint will be sought for harassment violation order.

Unit reports individual on Payson Street was found soaking wet and incoherent. Fire and ambulance notified. Unit reports one to hospital.

Caller reports male gave him the finger in Everett. He claims he does not have a license number and thinks he’ll be heading into Winthrop in about 10-15 minutes. He wants us to get him as he claims to be working with another officer on this matter. Units on call. Unable to contact officer to verify. No crime committed in Winthrop.

Party on Harbor View Avenue reports that he is bleeding from recent surgery and needs to be taken to the hospital. Units report one party heading to hospital.

Caller on Waldemar Avenue reports a female fell on her stairs and may have a broken leg. Fire and ambulance notified.

Party reports four young kids making some type of banging noise between the gazebo and skate park. Unit reports the area is clear.

Woman reports very loud music coming from an open window on the second floor facing Winthrop Street.

Male came to the station with a dog on a rope that he reports followed him home. Message left for ACO. The party took the dog home.

Wednesday, October 1

Woman at the Alcohol and Drug Free Lodging Home reports having no feeling in her feet or legs. She also has a pain in her neck and back.

A male came to the station bleeding stating a woman hit him in the face with a bottle. This was while visiting his friend. Fire notified.

Caller on Pearl Avenue reports an elderly female has fallen and needs assistance getting up.

Female called to ask if we could check on her brother and sister-in-law at the Executive Apartments. Sergeant and lieutenant report they received information that the couple was taken out by Action Ambulance. Action has no record of this. Fire will assist. Entry was gained and the couple was not there. When the sister called back, she was given this information.

Party at Fort Heath Apartments reports that a male has fallen in the parking lot. The fall was on private property, but subject was transported to MGH.

Report of a tree branch down on Circuit Road. DPW notified.

Female on Shore Drive is in need of an ambulance. Fire notified.

Female on Main Street called to report that she stepped on a piece of glass while taking out the trash. Call transferred to WFD.

Thursday, October 2

Female on Summit Avenue called to report the fire alarms are going off. WFD notified.

Party on Floyd Street came in to report that her vehicle was broken into.

Det. Callinan and State Police are attempting to serve a warrant to subject on Pauline Street. They report the subject is not there.

Female at Governor’s Park reports that she has fallen and needs assistance in getting up.

E911 hang-up from Sagamore Avenue. Units report speaking with visiting nurse, who had accidently dialed 911, but chose to contact Action Ambulance directly.

Male caller reports there is an injured seal at the water line on Bayview Avenue. ACO notified.

Male came in to report that someone keyed his limo at Wadsworth Parking Lot. There was a note left saying that next time “don’t take up two spots”.

Caller on Nahant Avenue reports an assault. Units report speaking to several parties and will be issuing a complaint application for assault and battery.

Several 911 calls about a motor vehicle accident with injuries at Main and Read Street. Fire and ambulance notified. Units report one party being transported to MGH and the vehicle being towed by G&J.

Friday, October 3

Party on Triton Avenue requesting an ambulance for his wife. Transferred to Action EMD.

Detectives are off on an investigation in the area of Pauline Street.

Report of a male who may have written in the wet cement that as poured at Grovers and Crest Avenue. The reporter just wanted this logged if there appears to be severe damage.

Caller reports a man lying in the ditch at Cross Street. He seems to be in distress. Units, fire, Action report male subject to MGH. All clear.

W92 off on Main Street with a disturbance. One in custody for disorderly conduct.

Saturday, October 4

Caller woke up to the sound of a crash at Locust and Veterans Road. He went outside and saw a Jeep leaving toward Shirley Street after hitting a parked vehicle. Units BOLO’d. W91 located the motor vehicle parked on Veterans Road.

Wife on Winthrop Street requesting a lift assist for her husband who fell.

Party reports that someone has a sign, which is obstructing the sidewalk near Dunkin Donuts on Revere Street. Officer reports two men with a table and signs attached that are obstructing the sidewalk. The officer reports speaking to a male and female who questioned the law. They were educated on the local ordinance and have taken down the table and the sidewalk sign they had set up.

Officer came upon a tractor-trailer with a blown out tire on Shirley Street. The trailer was moved down to Main Street, near Ace Hardware, where his road service will respond and assist him.

Alarm activation at Expert Auto. Officer reports the audible alarm had stopped and there are no signs of an attempted breaking and entering.

Homeowner on Veterans Road called to report sewerage backing up from the street into his home. DPW was contacted and will have a crew respond.

Party reports that his aunt at Belle Isle Seafood had a seizure of sorts and needs medical assistance. Call transferred to EMD for service.

Caller reports that she just observed someone backing into a mail receptacle at Pleasant and Bartlett Road. This smashed out the vehicle’s rear window and then subject left. There is glass all over the street. Officer reports the party could not furnish a plate or whether it was a male or female operator, but she did inform officer that the make of the car was a white Mercedes SUV. DPW was called to clean up the glass.

Party at Governor’s Park reports that someone entered her apartment and they have changed the locks on the apartment door.

Caller reports that his motor vehicle was damaged while parked near the Center Café.

Female came in to report unauthorized use of her credit card.

Party on Golden Drive believes that she may be experiencing a medical issue. WFD notified.

Male on Highland Avenue came in and wanted a journal entry stating that he was supposed to pick up his son at the football field for his visitation, but the child’s mother had picked him up instead and will not return his calls.

Party on Court Road came to the station to report a problem with a past resident of the home she had recently bought. She wanted this on record in case of future problems.

Party came into the lobby requesting medical assistance. Transported to Whidden.

Sunday, October 5

Caller on Irwin Street reports an individual passed out. Fire notified. Individual transported to the Whidden by EMS.

Resumption of loud music/noise complaints on Washington Avenue. Caller states first floor tenant in violation of court order to keep quiet. W91 and W92 report speaking with both parties. First floor has agreed to turn down the surround sound.

Caller on Locust Street reports carbon monoxide alarms sounding in residence. Advised to exit the building and wait for WFD.

Party on Shirley Street reports a dog barking for several hours. W94 and W100 report no answer at the door, but could hear a dog walking around inside, but no barking.

Caller left stranded at Banks and Main Street after argument with a friend. He was requesting assistance. W91 and W100 report the subject was seeking a ride to Stoneham or a taxi voucher. He left town on foot to wait for MBTA.

Report of an injured young skunk in the yard on Winthrop Street. Message left for ACO.

Caller on Sewall Avenue states that she could use some help in gaining access to a locked room.

Female on Hermon Street reports that she might be dying.

Party on Pauline Street requests medical. Medical notified.

W91 reports the stop sign usually on the telephone pole at Shore and Cutler Street, is now missing. Message left for DPW.

Report that trees at Banks and Morton Street are blocking the stop sign. Message left for DPW.

Report of a stray cat in the area of Somerset Avenue. Caller reports that it is near the CVS and she is feeding it. She left her number if someone should call missing a cat.

Report of a man down and passed out at Fort Heath Apartments.

Caller on Shirley Street reports that there is debris from someone throwing cinder blocks into the street. W93 reports that Shirley Street is clear of any debris but he did locate and remove several pieces of cinder block from the Veterans Road side.

Caller on Shirley Street reports a vicious dog on a long leash that reaches out over the sidewalk. The caller is afraid that the dog will hurt someone. ACO notified and they will handle.

Party on Washington Avenue reports that her friend is in need of medical assistance.

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