Gorman School Earns Top Rankings for Performance

The Massachusetts state system is ranking The William P. Gorman Fort Banks Elementary School as a Level 1 school, based on its high ranking performance, for the first time.

 Principal Ilene Pearson broke down MCAS scores into three categories: all students, low income students, and special education/disability students. Under all students, ELA (English Language Arts) and math scores improved but was below target. The ELA and math scores of low income students have slightly decreased in CPI (composite performance indicator). The CPI of special education students decreased slightly, with improvements in math.

“Ms. Pearson is thrilled to have this opportunity to showcase what the students have done throughout the building,” said Superintendent John Macero. “She feels that the transition will be less harrowing on the students from 2nd to 3rd grade.”

Teachers are creating their own assessment charts in     areas that need to be focused on, such as vocabulary comprehension and fractional mathematics.

Superintendent Macero wants to ensure that the William P. Gorman and Cummings Elementary Schools are not excluded from the technological advances in classrooms like the high school has been provided with.

“We need to get the technology flowing all the way K-12,” Macero said.

Computers from the high school will be relocated to the Cummings and William P. Gorman schools. Chromebooks have been purchased for the Cummings School, as well as smart technology machine projectors, which will be installed in classrooms Oct. 14-15. Winthrop Public Schools also purchased document cameras for visual presentations at the William P. Gorman School.

During the Oct. 20 School Committee Meeting, at 6:30pm at Winthrop High School, Principal Ryan Heraty will be presenting the Arthur T. Cummings Elementary School MCAS scores; and at the Nov. 3 meeting, Ms. Pearson will be presenting the 3rd grade MCAS test scores.

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