Crystal Beds Heal from Within: Michelle Cataldo-favaloro, Local Resident, Espouses Benefits of Use

Michelle Cataldo-Favaloro, Owner of Epidermis, and her assistant, Donna Alioto.

Michelle Cataldo-Favaloro, Owner of Epidermis, and her assistant, Donna Alioto.

Our bodies are made of energy; and when that energy is disrupted because of stress, our physical bodies slip out of tune.

Michelle Cataldo-Favaloro, Winthrop resident, has learned how to cleanse, balance, and align energies with the Crystal Bed. This relaxing technique provides mental, emotional, and physical healing.

“This bed is beautiful,” says Michelle. “It’s a gift from the universe and earth.”

The Crystal Bed is said to have originated in Brazil with John of God. He began receiving spiritual visions when he was 6-years-old, and has become one of the most famous healing mediums in the world. Tens of thousands of people visit him each day for his therapeutic sessions.

John of God, who only has a primary education, was told where to build a healing center and how to procure quartz crystals out of the ground, which he would then use to create his Crystal Bed.

Each bed is made from seven crystals that are aligned above your chakras, or energy centers: 1. crown (wisdom/understanding), 2. brow (intuition), 3. throat (creativity/communications), 4. heart (love/compassion), 5. solar plexus (power/will), 6. sacral (desire/sexuality), and 7. root (survival/individuality).

“When you have damage in one of your energy bodies, your physical body gets sick,” says Michelle, who has been chosen by John of God as a facilitator and owner of one of the 48 beds in the US. “Quartz crystals can communicate energy with the DNA in your body. It re-aligns everything and heels that damaged area.”

As you lie on a massage bed, colored lights — chosen to match the hue of the chakras — radiate through the carved crystals and onto your chakras. The lights illuminate in certain rhythms to cleanse, balance, and align your energies.

Michelle, Facilitator of the Healing Sessions, is in nursing school and feels that patients should also focus on the mental aspect of healing. You must keep an open mind, stay positive, and believe that you can heal yourself.

During her hour long sessions, Michelle treats many people with cancer and other ailments. One woman with lung and breast cancer was advised to stop her chemotherapy and radiation because her tumors were growing quickly. After three treatments on the Crystal Bed her doctors informed her that her tumors had shrunk in half.

Another woman with severe acid reflex lied on the Crystal Bed, and after one session, she never needed to take medication again, and was able to eat whatever she wanted.

“You lay down and you have visions,” says Michelle. “It’s a form of meditation. It brings you to another level of consciousness. It’s like a dream for healing.”

The mind is a powerful thing. If you focus on negativity, your energy centers will get injured, and everything will manifest in your physical body. The Crystal Bed treats pain, arthritis, depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders. It increases concentration, reduces stress, enhances energy, and boosts the immune system.  Learn more about the Crystal Bed at, contact Michelle Cataldo-Favaloro at (617) 224-2024, or visit her at Epidermis: the Winthrop Healing Center, at 260 Revere Street, Winthrop.

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