The Boncore Demand on Health Study

Councilor-at-Large and Attorney Philip Boncore has much experience in law and town government, as well as a wealth of local knowledge. So when Phil is not pleased with the actions of public officials, he lets it be known. The long-time public official changed just one word in his motion seeking the release of the long-awaited state Department of Public Health (DPH) study on the health impacts of Logan Airport on the town of Winthrop. Boncore’s motion was to “demand” — not simply ask or request — that the DPH release the study itself or the data it has accumulated for its study.

Philip Boncore wants the study released and he wants it released now so the town can move forward and act on the results of the study.

Phil Boncore is all about bringing an experienced and knowledgeable viewpoint to the Council and his love of every aspect of Winthrop life is unmistakable in his actions and words at council meetings.

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