Boyajian Wants on the Airport Hazards Committee

That was an interest request made by new Councilor-at-Large Rick Boyajian, who asked to be appointed to the Winthrop Airport Hazards Committee.  Council President Peter Gill, who holds the power of appointments, was set to appoint Boyajian to the committee. But the appointment was delayed as the Council will review the Town Charter to see if a town councilor can serve on such a committee. It’s an interesting situation and no one was quite sure whether this was an unprecedented request in the history of the Town Council.

We commend Councilor Boyajian for wanting to devote his time to such an important committee. Now the Council must determine if a) if it is permitted in the Town Charter and b) what type of precedent it would set for a committee other than a Town Councilor sub-committee.

Town Manager James McKenna said he would look into the matter and we know a lot of people,  especially Councilor Boyajian,  will be waiting for the outcome.

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