Speaker DeLeo Delivers Once Again: Meeting with New Logan Chief Tom Glynn Was Productive

Sometimes the best way to accomplish your goal is the most direct way and that’s what Speaker of the House Robert A. DeLeo did to realize his goal of opening up a dialogue between the communities he represents and new Massport Executive Director Thomas Glynn by sponsoring a luncheon Tuesday at the Robert A. DeLeo Senior Center.

DeLeo brought together town officials, including Town Manager James and Council President Peter Gill; our public safety leaders, Police Chief Terence Delehanty and Fire Chief Paul Flanagan; members of the Winthrop Airport Hazards Committee; and others to meet in person the new leader of one of the nation’s busiest airports.

The event proceeded just as DeLeo and his staff had hoped. Mr. Glynn delivered his remarks and then opened to the floor to questions from the audience. Our town manager asked about a very important health study that is being done to determine the environmental impact the airport might have on the health of residents of Winthrop. It was DeLeo who answered that query and said the health study — which we’re sure will be of great interest to Winthrop residents — will be completed soon.

Mr. Glynn also had members of his staff at the luncheon available to answer questions. And it was great to see long-time Airport Hazards Committee members like Attorney Jerome Falbo and Robert Driscoll in attendance, as well as current committee chairman, Anthony Majahad.

Dick Bangs, who has been involved in public and community service for many years, noted that relations have not always been great with past executive directors and accessibiliy to them has been an issue. But through the leadership of our Speaker, the doors of dialogue have sprung open early in Mr. Glynn’s tenure. Glynn said he will continue to reach out to Winthrop residents in the future and keep them informed about all developments at the airport and issues relating to Winthrop.

Senator Anthony Petruccelli joined the Speaker at the podium table. The senator too, has been an advocate for our town in all matters relating to the Massport Authority.

The Speaker and his staff are to be commended for organizing such a productive and informative event, the nature of which may have been unprecedented in the long history of relations between Winthrop and Massport. We’re sure the many people who attended the luncheon came away feeling very good about Mr. Glynn’s leadership, professionalism, and knowledge.

The event was not without some lightheartedness as Speaker DeLeo displayed his usual keen sense of humor and timing by introducing Winthrop resident Patrick Lally an aide to “Senator” Edward Markey’s Office, alluding to, without mentioning, that our outstanding congressman has announced his candidacy for the United States Senate.

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