Police Blotter 12-20-2012

Monday, December 10

Caller reports an alarm sound somewhere in the area near Amelia Avenue. Officers report finding alarm on Pleasant Park Road. Person on first floor states people do live in upper floors. We can’t gain access to the other apartments. WFD notified to assist. Officers report they found a faulty smoke detector on the second floor foyer. WFD had to gain entry through a door and window.

Party on Faun Bar Avenue reports that on Friday at approximately 2:14 p.m., a package was delivered by FedEx that was stolen.

Principal of Winthrop High School requests an officer respond for a possible civil right violation.

Party on Mermaid Avenue reports a large raccoon is wandering around the middle of the street. ACO notified and will respond. Raccoon was last observed at Bolster’s Mini Mall. ACO was updated on the new location.

Party on Jefferson Street reports speaking with two 12-year-olds about the vandalism to the cement in front of his residence last Friday that he believes are suspects or have information about who the suspects may be.

Caller reports that he just arrived home on Pleasant Street and found his door unlocked. Off. McCarthy responded and reports some items taken and he will submit a report.

Party on Trident Avenue reports someone smashed his grandmother’s rear window on her car. 91 reports brick through the rear window. Vehicle parked in the driveway.

Tuesday, December 11

Lt. Scarpa reports there may be individuals following the UPS and/or the FedEx delivery trucks to take packages that are left unattended.

Party on Summit Avenue requesting EMS for her brother. WFD notified.

92 will attempt to serve a summons for party on Shirley Street for a jury trial at Malden District Court scheduled for January 2013. 92 reports speaking with the current resident who stated the party no longer resides there. Return will be mailed back to Middlesex DA informing them that service was unable to be completed.

911 transferred to fire. Man called to request medical aid for his friend on Shore Drive who may have “shot up” in the bathroom and is now unresponsive. Fire, Action, units report one to the Whidden. No sign of paraphernalia. All clear.

Wednesday, December 12

Caller reports bus driver arguing with a pedestrian.

Caller on Sea Foam Avenue reports his girlfriend just fainted.

Party on Hutchinson Street reports that someone has fraudulently used his Bank of America account to obtain merchandise from Walmart.com. The packages were delivered to Ohio. He has reported this to Walmart and BOA.

On or about October 17, party on Lincoln Street noticed some missing items from the Cardillo Construction site. 20 gate box tops and covers, 6 6-inch gate valves, 2 8-inch solid sleeves, 1 10/8 tee, 1 8×8 tee. Approximate value of these items are $8,000.

Detail officer Vitale requests a unit for an irate motorist at Dunkin Donuts on Main Street.

Party on Governors Drive reports porch is being egged by someone and this has occurred two times now. W92 reports mess cleaned up and security office advised.

Male on Wadsworth Avenue came to the station to report that someone had gained access to his Bank of America ATM/check card and made numerous fraudulent charges on this account. He reports that the bank has been notified and is conducting an investigation.

Caller on Birch Road reports DPW workers on her property without permission and cutting down trees. W93 reports misunderstanding. Aspland tree workers left the scene.

Caller on Shore Drive requests help getting her disabled son back into bed.

Female on Franklin Street reports that she fell and needs help getting up. Fire notified and will respond.

Mother reports that her daughter’s I-phone was taken from the girls’ locker room this afternoon at the high school. Caller reports that her daughter set the telephone down for just a minute before track practice and went to pick it up and it was gone. The only others present were several girls’ basketball players. The victim reported it to her coach.

Male from Somerset Avenue came to the station to report that his checking account drawn on Metropolitan Credit Union in Chelsea was used for an on-line purchase from a company located in Egypt in the amount of $800.11. This transaction occurred on Saturday, Dec. 8. His account with Metropolitan has been closed.

Thursday, December 13

Report of a male in Revere who is on monitoring and his whereabouts are now known. He has victims located in Winthrop. Parole Officer reports that he could be in New Hampshire but he can’t confirm it at this time. He will fax a warrant to our department in the event that he comes to Winthrop. East Boston and Revere PD have also been notified.

Call that someone fell at Cardiology Associates of Greater Boston on Crest Avenue. Fire notified.

Male caller on Grandview Avenue reports something floating in the water out in front of his house. Fire notified.

Two 1212 calls of a man lying in a doorway on Revere Street. Officer reports subject as checked out and is okay.

Officer Carter reports a small child from the Middle School is all alone in front of the rink. He stayed with the child until a parent came. A few parents did not know of the early release.

Caller on Shore Drive reports his neighbor has damaged the siding on his house. W91 reports he will make out a report for vandalism.

Caller reports a group giving people a hard time at the bus stop at Governors Drive. Officer reports moving them out of the area.

Female on Grovers Avenue called to report she believes someone stole her puppy pit bull. Officer reports after checking the yard, it appears the puppy got out. Puppy’s name is Bruno, white with brown tummy and left eye has a brown patch. Picture of Bruno is at radio desk.

Owner of Bruno the puppy called to report a friend called her and said he was in a yard on Locust Street. W91 and W92 report puppy was found.

Caller on Revere Street reports a disturbance with a possible motor vehicle accident. Units report having a female under arrest. Charges: driving under the influence and having an open container of alcohol in vehicle.

Female came in to report she found $45 in an envelope on Grandview Avenue.

Several 911 calls from Revere Street stating their autistic son is hitting his father and they need police assistance. Fire Department also notified. Units report male party restrained and patient sent to Whidden.

Caller reports drug activity at a home on Hermon Street. Caller does not want to be involved and just wants information told to police. E-mail will be sent to detectives.

Friday, December 14

Officer will check the area of Governors Park as parents report kids throwing things around. He reports area is clear.

Caller on Edgehill Road reports his wife had just passed out.

Report of an intoxicated guest at the Winthrop Arms that has fallen and may have injured himself. Transported to Whidden for observation.

Call from East Boston Neighborhood Health to report a client of theirs needs an ambulance at their home in Chelsea. 911 transferred to Chelsea 911 center.

Female on Pleasant Street came in to report being harassed.

Female on Locust Street called to report that a few weeks ago a package delivered by the U.S. mail was stolen from her house and the other day a package was stolen that was delivered by FedEx. She placed a claim with each agency and just wanted us to be aware of this.

East Boston Court faxed us a copy of a 209A that was issued to a male with no address on record.  Both parties were before the Court so the male is aware of the active restraining order. Copy was placed in our 209A book.

Officer Curran reports being flagged down by a female who is very upset as she was followed by someone from East Boston in a blue van. Area search negative. No plate obtained.

Officer reports a female has fallen in the street on Pauline and Woodside. Fire was notified and they report patient refused treatment.

Caller on Quincy Avenue called to report receiving several calls from an agency identified as Global Management Group who were asking questions regarding other third parties that do not live at her address. Also the caller stated that they were serving paper work to her address and also insisted that she had received mailing from them. She reports that the caller was trying to solicit personal information from her and seemed to know information about her. She was advised not to give out information to anyone and not take any calls from this company. Also to call if there are any more issues.

Father called from Swampscott to report that his son’s I-phone was missing from the Swampscott boy’s locker room and he believes it was taken by a Winthrop player while the team was using the locker room during the 9th grade game. Caller reports that the bus left the high school and is now returning to Winthrop. He was informed that the incident should be reported to Swampscott and they would contact us if there was missing property or a crime was committed and it involved our town. In the interim, W92 Off. Curran responded to the high school and met the bus. Off. Curran spoke to the team along with the coach who was present. Officer reports he was told that Winthrop shared the locker room with Swampscott players.

Mother on Somerset Avenue called to report that her son was having an allergic reaction to pistachio nuts that he just ate.

Hysterical female on Pearl Avenue called and we were able to determine it was medical. Reports of blood everywhere. Transferred to EMS. Fire dispatched and W91 and W93 units report 16-year-old to Whidden.

Saturday, December 15

Revere PD called to have a well being check on a possible Q5 subject in Winthrop who made calls to Marblehead PD and may be heading towards the Tobin Bridge. Unit report no sign of motor vehicle at the address on Siren Street. Revere called back to cancel as subject’s boss will have him contact Marblehead PD.

At 2 p.m. Officer reports a vehicle with a handicapped placard is parked in a No Parking Area near St. John’s, Winthrop Street. He checked with the church and waited until 3:05 p.m. to tag it.

Employees at the Winthrop Market Place on Revere Street have a shoplifter detained. Winthrop 92 reports the male party was sent on his way and given a “No Trespass Order” for the establishment.

W92 requests a warrant check on male on Harvard Street. An active WMS warrant was in hand. W92 reports one in custody.

Party on Walden Street called to report that the FedEx package delivered to day to him is missing. Delivery was supposed to be made and left behind the locked area of the building. Package was an I-pod ordered from the Apple Store. Value $150.

Female called to report a motor vehicle accident. At first she was unfamiliar with the location. It happed at Pleasant and Pauline Street. Reports there are injuries. Fire notified. Officer requests additional units. G&J requested for two vehicles. One arrested for driving under the influence and possession of Class B drug.

Male on Ocean View Street called to report that there is an unwanted guest at his resident. W92 Curran reports party left prior to the officer’s arrival.

Caller on Court road reports a three year old child is on the porch and the mother is inside the home. Unit reports three year old male reunited with his mother and a possible 209A violation.

Caller from Cliff Avenue reports her friend is involved in a domestic. Units report only a verbal argument.

Female reports kids hanging by her building in Governors Park in a large group and she is afraid to get out of her car. W91 and W98 responded and sent the group out of the area. They were told not to return. Subjects told if they return we have a nice place for them to stay.

Sunday, December 16

Caller on Emerson Road reports he lost is I-phone in a Viking Taxi. His GPS is getting a reading in Peabody. Caller was informed to contact Peabody Police.

Party came to the station reporting that the mother of his child on Linden Street is not home and is not complying with temporary visitation order. He was advised of his rights and that this is a civil matter. Party has an upcoming court date with family, probate court.

Party on Revere Street would like to see an officer regarding a past larceny of money. Report of this has already been filed.

Caller reports duck with an injury on Yirrell Beach six houses in from Deer Island.

Unnamed caller reports she is observing two young white males smoking what appears to be a marijuana cigarette in the alley on Buckthorn Terrace. Officer reports no evidence of narcotics violation. Dispersed the group.

Officers will be conducting a follow-up investigation on a past breaking and entering on Pleasant Street.

Several calls of a man passed out in the door way at Magees Corner, wearing a cast boot.

Monday, December 17

Party on Somerset Avenue reports a large raccoon is on her back porch acting strangely. ACO notified and will respond.

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