Police Blotter 10-06-2010

September 27

2:07 p.m. — A caller from Wave Way Avenue reports a dispute with his neighbor concerning barking dogs. Caller is advised to contact the ACO.

2:15 p.m. — A caller reports that a car is “driving all over” Veterans Road. Officers respond but do not find the vehicle in question, a silver pick-up truck.

6:50 p.m. — WPD investigates a Level 3 sex offender living on Moore Street who allegedly did not notify authorities of a change in address.

7:04 p.m. — A driver is issued a citation at Shirley and Cutler streets for driving with a suspended license. The passenger is instructed to drive the car.

7:58 p.m. — A Faun Bar Avenue resident calls about a problem with her neighbor, which is reportedly part of an ongoing situation. The situation is resolved for the evening.

9:13 p.m. — A resident reports that her ex-husband took her children without her knowledge. WPD discovers that the children were taken at the behest of the DCF, and the mother is instructed to contact her case worker.

9:19 p.m. — Units respond to Trident Avenue, where a 17-year-old is reportedly yelling and breaking things. Officers mediate the situation, and all parties were advised of their rights.

9:51 p.m. — A caller reports that there is a parked car with an expired resident permit on Sagamore Avenue.

11:45 p.m. — Officers respond to the Executive Apartments on Veterans Road, where siblings are shouting at each other. One party leaves for the night.

September 28

12:51 a.m. — Rulver Yoni Hernandez, 38, of East Boston, is arrested for disorderly conduct and possession of a Class B substance after a traffic stop at Main and Walden streets.

4:32 a.m. — A caller reports a car hit a bus stop sign on Washington Avenue.

7:35 a.m. — A red-light citation is issued in Revere Street.

10:15 a.m. — A truck driver is issued a citation on Tafts Avenue for being off the truck route.

1:19 p.m. — A woman called alleging a man harassed her near the beach. Officers took a report, but could not locate the man, who described as being 6-foot, 4-inches tall with dar hear and a heavy build.

2:31 p.m. — Officers direct traffic on Pauline Street and Woodside Avenue, where a disabled Paul Revere bus is broken down on the side of the road.

3:09 p.m. — A woman called to report a verbal argument with her ex-boyfriend. Both parties hail from East Boston, and the incident occurred in East Boston. The matter was referred to the Boston Police.

3:56 p.m. — An officer saw a child a locked in a commercial vehicle on Shore Drive and Beach Road. The father was located shortly thereafter.

9:15 p.m. — A teenager was arrested on domestic assault and battery charges after WPD responded to a dispute on Sea Foam Avenue.

September 29

12:40 p.m. — Officers ask residents of a unit in the Executive Apartments on Veterans Road to turn off their music for the night.

7 a.m. — WPD receives a report that there are beer bottles in the Pond Street Playground, and the kids might be drinking there at night.

7:14 a.m. — A speeding ticket is issued on Short Drive.

7:26 a.m. — A driver is cited for a stop sign violation on Revere Street.

7:35 a.m. — A driver is cited for a red light violation on Revere Street.

9:39 a.m. — WPD receives a report of a bullying case from Winthrop High School.

10:57 a.m. — A caller reports that a driver is operative is MV with an open container of alcohol, but the call proves unfounded.

11:07 p.m. — Authorities will check on the well being of a resident of the Fort Heath Apartments who has mistakenly called 911 for directory assistance on several occasions.

2:04 p.m. — A man came into the Police Station to report he is being threatened by someone over his cellphone.

4:02 p.m. — A caller reports a female appears to be confused while walking near Pauline and Pleasant streets. Officers report she is fine.

7:03 p.m. — Louis Brandt, 27, of Winthrop, is arrested on an outstanding warrant.

8:31 p.m. — Officers respond to report of an assault and battery in progress on Malleys Salon. When units respond, the owner is on the scene.

9:34 p.m. — A man calls to report his friend is being abused by his wife. WPD investigates and finds everything is OK at the friend’s house.

September 30

10:44 a.m. — Two motorists were cited for failing to stop at a red light on Revere Street.

12:37 p.m. — The DPW is notified about some downed wires and a tree limb at Wilshire and Kay streets.

1:42 p.m. — The Boston Police Department asks WPD to BOLO for a resident who was allegedly involved in a robbery at a jewelry store.

4 p.m. — A woman called to report that, while passing a man and a woman on a bench on Tafts Avenue, the man quickly stood up while holding a pocket knife in his hand. The matter was referred to the State Police.

4:59 p.m. — A caller reports a woman wearing blue slacks and a pink shirt is going in and out of back yards on Lincoln Street. Units are unable to locate the subject.

6:45 p.m. — A female comes into the Police Station to report having a “suspicious computer chat” with a man. An officer spent time on a computer with the woman and compiled a report.

11:29 p.m. — Officers quiet down a group of people at Shore Drive house party.

October 1

5:45 a.m. — A resident complains about dogs barking in the area of Sunnyside Avenue. Officers talk to the owner of the dogs, who brings them inside. The ACO is notified about this ongoing situation.

8:21 p.m. — A taxi cab that was ticketed for being illegally parked overnight on Washington Avenue is still parked there. An officer will wait one hour before tagging the vehicle again.

9:50 a.m. — A man reports that his credit union card was used at a wireless store in Wakefield to make a purchase of $800.

10:20 a.m. — A man came into the Police Station to report that his bicycle was stolen from the common basement area of his building on Shore Drive. The bike was not secured, nor is the common area.

12:01 p.m. — A driver is cited for speeding on Veterans Road.

3:44 p.m. — A caller reports a possible drug deal is taking place on Pleasant Park Road, at Morton Street, but officers find no illegal activity when they respond.

11:09 p.m. — A group is dispersed from the White Hen Pantry on Revere Street.

October 2

12:46 a.m. — Officers respond to an Almont Street residence, where a woman intentionally triggered an alarm when she saw two suspicious males in a vehicle upon arrive home.

2:09 a.m. — A caller reports that her car was broken into on Highland Avenue. A mobile cell phone and bottle wine were stolen. Witnesses report seeing two males rummaging through cars in the area before leaving in the opposition direction.

9:54 a.m. — A resident found a capped syringe while taking part in the town-wide cleanup. WPD disposed of the needle.

10:12 a.m. — Officers respond to the Winthrop Middle School, were an open door triggered the alarm. The building was secured.

1:21 p.m. — Officers speak to a man and a woman who were having a heated argument as they made their past the Beach Fire Station. They were found on Wave Way Avenue and sent on their separate ways.

6:56 p.m. — A caller reports that he was just threatened by a “person with a bat.”

October 3

8:06 a.m. — A Court Road resident reports someone dumped blue paint over his vehicle.

8:40 a.m. — The ACO is dispatched to Lincoln Street to check on a skunk that appears to be sick.

11:17 a.m. — A man reports a missing Blackberry Curve phone.

12:34 p.m. — WPD asks a power washing company to shut down a job on Shirley Street until Monday.

1 p.m. — A party reports an incidence of vandalism on Winthrop Street.

2:21 p.m. — A caller is concerned about a dog that is loose in the area of Marshall and Lincoln streets. The caller tried to look at the dog’s tags, but it growled at her. The matter is referred to the ACO.

2:48 p.m. — WPD issue an Emergency Restraining Order after a woman called from her car to report she was being followed by her ex-boyfriend. She was instructed to drive straight to the Police Station, where officers began the process of receiving the ERO.

8:51 p.m. — Officers are dispatched to Shirley Street, where two men and a woman are swearing and arguing. According to reports, the dispute was over how to best remove a television from the trash.

10:52 p.m. — Officers respond to a verbal domestic dispute on Shore Drive. All parties are given their rights, and the man left for the night.

October 4

1:19 a.m. — A brother reports that he hasn’t heard from his sister for the past six hours, which is unlike her. She returned home a short time later.

8:24 a.m. — Paul Carnazzo, 18, of Winthrop, was arrested on domestic assault and battery, assault and battery and kidnapping charges. The victim, who was badly beaten according to reports, refused any and all medical attention.

Legend for police blotter: 51A = a report by a state mandated reporter of child abuse or neglect; 209A order = domestic abuse prevention restraining order; A&B = assault & battery; ACO = Animal Control Officer; B&E = breaking & entering; BOLO = be on the lookout; CMVI = civil motor vehicle infraction; DSS = Department of Social Services; D/W = dangerous weapon; MGH=Mass. General Hospital; MV = motor vehicle; MVA = motor vehicle accident; OUI=Operating a MV while under the influence; RMV=Registry of Motor Vehicles; SRO=School Resource Officer; tagging = graffiti; WFD=Winthrop Fire Department; WMS=Warrant Management Service.

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