Familiar Faces – Turner and Dimes speak up

There were some good exchanges at the financial forum Tuesday night, but we enjoyed the moments when former Selectwoman and Town Clerk (among other offices) Marie Turner and former Selectman and current Planning Board Chairman Dick Dimes approached the microphone to address the council and the audience.

To see these two stalwarts of town government, who have been involved in trying to make Winthrop a better place to live throughout their lives (together they have about 100 years of experience in town government) and to hear them speak so endearingly about Winthrop, just made you feel good about this town.

In fact, Dimes delivered some of the most upbeat news of the meeting when he said the town should be seeing some additional revenues from the Winthrop Hospital condominium, Dalrymple School, Atlantis Marina, and other developments in the next five to eight years.

Mrs. Turner and Mr. Dimes have been a part of the fabric of Winthrop for decades. It was great to see they still care so much about their beloved town and will fight for what they believe in.

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