Winthrop Republican Town Committee Holds Meet Your Congressional Candidate Night

(Ed. Note: The following press release was submitted by the Winthrop Republican Town Committee. The Sun-Transcript neither edited it nor verified the information contained in the release.)

The Winthrop Republican Town Committee’s (WRTC) held a “Meet Your Congressional Candidates” evening on Wednesday, September 14. The reason the WRTC presents these nonpartisan events is to educate the public on the policies and initiatives their political leaders will promote. As quoted by WRTC Chair Paul Caruccio at the event. “An educated voter means better leadership and a better America.”

Congressional Candidate Caroline Colarusso was eager to meet and address the residents of the community and the district. Unfortunately, after multiple communications and contacts, Congressional Candidate Clark neglected to commit to the event and the community. Candidate Clark has now refused to address the public on eight separate opportunities by eight different organizations. However, as planned the event continued with WBZ chief investigative reporter Cheryl Fiandaca moderating the events and peppering Congressional Candidate Colarusso with eight questions about how to improve the dilemma the state and country now finds itself in. After asking the eight questions, the audience also had an opportunity to ask questions. The 8 questions posed:

Americans have seen soaring gasoline and home energy prices severely hurting working families. As our congresswoman what would you do about soaring energy prices?

Most people are shocked about what is happening at our borders. What is your position on our border situation and what would you propose?

Over the last two years it has been common to hear calls to release the incarcerated, defund the police and not prosecute some crimes. What is your philosophy on this topic?

Inflation is at a 40 year high. Can you comment on inflation, it’s causes and possible solutions from Congress?

Please comment on the Supreme Court and on the logic if any on expansion of the number of Justices.

What do you see as the biggest foreign policy issues facing the US?

Recent elections have been mired in controversy leaving many wondering about integrity and honesty of our elections. What is the solution to resolving concerns some have that our elections are secure in the future.

Many are concerned about our massive spending and our national debt and the resulting tax increases. Can you comment on your position on spending if you are elected in November?

From the audience Town Councilor Rob DeMarco questioned Candidate Colarusso about school issues and responsiveness to students individual needs. Resident Doreen Bonacorso asked Colarusso about her position on tuition forgiveness. For a full video of the event and responses go to the Facebook site Winthrop Republican Town Committee.

Membership to the WRTC is open to any community Republican. Associate participation is available to unenrolled community members. If interested message the WRTC Facebook site or email [email protected]. (WBZ and Ms. Fiandaca do not necessarily reflect the views stated herein.)

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