Candlelight Vigil Set for This Evening

Winthrop police chief and interim town manager Terence Delehanty has announced that there will be a candlelight vigil this evening (Thursday, July 1) at 7 p.m. on the Winthrop Town Hall lawn in Metcalf Square to honor and recognize David Green and Ramona Cooper, the victims, of Saturday’s tragic shooting, 

The vigil is being hosted by the Winthrop Commission for Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement. Residents are advised that there will be some road closures and detours around the Metcalf Square area.

Residents have created a memorial of flowers and messages of love along the fence erected at the site of the demolished home at the intersection of Cross and Shirley streets.

Representatives from a multitude of support services, including the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, the Winthrop Public Health Crisis Intervention Team, the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center, and the Boston Public Health Commission will be present to assist residents who may be experiencing emotional responses, as well as provide support and resources for dealing with trauma. School adjustment counselors and other school representatives also will be present at the vigil.

“We know that this horrific and hateful incident has affected many of our community members and everyone will process this grief and trauma in a different way and at a different pace,” Delehanty said. “Processing and healing following this tragedy will take time and the Town of Winthrop is committed to making available services and resources to support community members of all ages in the coming days and weeks.”

The vigil is among the many trauma-informed services that are being provided to community members following Saturday’s critical incident under the direction of Delehanty, Winthrop Public Schools Superintendent Lisa Howard, and Public Health Director Meredith Hurley.

On Tuesday the Winthrop Public Health Department’s Crisis Intervention Team, which includes a licensed clinical social worker and a Winthrop police outreach officer, undertook a canvassing of the neighborhood where Saturday’s incident occurred to check in and talk with residents. The team provided flyers and cards to community members that include information about available community and online resources.

The School Department also started its own outreach services on Tuesday, contacting any impacted families and staff to offer support and make them aware of the resources that are available to them. 

The Public Health Department held a Neighborhood Drop-In meeting at the Winthrop Senior Center last night (Wednesday evening) which also was attended by representatives from the School Department, at which behavioral health support resources were made available to residents, including smaller youth groups sessions as needed.

Town officials also are planning to hold a community-wide meeting next week to discuss dealing with trauma and various stressors that may trigger emotional responses, and what to look for in friends and family who may need additional support following a tragedy. Details regarding this meeting will be released as they become available.

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