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Annual Horribles Parade Set for Sunday, July 4

With the removal of the pandemic restrictions, the annual Pt. Shirley Fourth of July Horribles Parade, a long-time tradition for local residents, will take place on Sunday, July 4, at 9:00 a.m. starting at the Public Landing.

More details will be forthcoming in the days ahead.

Winthrop Ferry Service Has Resumed

The Winthrop Ferry is currently operating Monday through Friday on a weekday schedule providing regional transportation service between Winthrop, Quincy and Boston.  Enjoy the harbor views and get to your  destination in comfort.  Ferry locations in Boston are conveniently located next to the New England Aquarium and in the Seaport district behind the Institute of Contemporary Art.

Passengers can purchase tickets onboard.  Online advance ticketinxg is currently unavailable and only cash transactions are accepted at this time.

Now Hiring Winthrop Ferry Captains

The Town of Winthrop is seeking two qualified Ferry captains to operate the Winthrop Ferry on weekends.

All interested applicants need to submit an application to Stacy Calla HR Director via email to [email protected] When submitting your application, please be sure to put ‘Ferry Crew Captain’ in the subject line.

Officials Announce Delivery of New Trash Bins

Interim Town Manager Terence Delehanty and Department of Public Works Director Steven Calla announce that new trash barrels are being delivered to residences throughout town this week.

Each new bin will hold 64 gallons of trash. Bins will be distributed as follows:

• A single-family house will receive one bin.

• A two-family house will receive two bins.

• A three-family house will receive three bins.

• Condo complexes of three units or less will receive one bin per unit.

Each bin will have an individual serial number and tracking chip specific to that address.

“We strongly urge residents to stencil their new bin with their address and unit,” Manager Delehanty said. “Each bin will be billed to the owner of record for each dwelling and stenciling will eliminate any confusion.”

The new bins are identical to residential recycling bins in use for many years but have blue lids rather than yellow. This will allow the town’s waste hauler to distinguish between trash and recycling.

The Town is drafting new trash regulations, and will update the public when those have been finalized. The Zero Waste Committee is preparing a guide of best practices for solid waste, recycling and composting that will be distributed to members of the community in the coming weeks.

“Our trash hauler will continue to pick up additional trash that is neatly placed beside the bin in an appropriate covered barrel,” Director Calla said. “However, eventually this excess trash will have an additional cost. We ask residents to be mindful about recycling and to make every attempt to put out only enough trash to fit their bin each week.”

All bins should be delivered by the middle of next week. Anyone who has received an additional bin in error or did not receive the correct number of bins per unit is asked to call the Winthrop Department of Public Works at 617-846-1341.

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