Hines Group Launches Alternative Scholarship

The realtors at the Hines Group at Robert Paul Properties are preparing for the future and they are helping a few ambitious students in the process. Principal Sales Agent, Stephen Hines, has spearheaded an annual Tradespersons Scholarship, designed to benefit students who are launching careers in a trades program, enlisting in the active duty military, or enrolling in an expedited computer programming institution. 

Recognizing the need for these fields, Hines drew the interest of his colleagues, and the $1000 alternative scholarship will be funded by realtors and awarded to one student at the end of June every year. While unregulated, the suggested use of the funds are for living expenses, groceries, books, courses, tuition, or anything else that will help the student succeed on their chosen path.

“For decades, the traditional path for most of our students was to attend a four-year university,” said Hines. “With a global pandemic raging, a national housing shortage, and an even larger shortage of skilled labor, we need more of our young adults to pursue a career in the trades. To help meet this challenge, we have established the Hines Group Tradespersons Scholarship. Each June we will award one deserving student an unregulated $1,000 to help them along their chosen vocational path. This is our first go at setting up a scholarship for Winthrop graduates, so we are so excited to see how this evolves.”

Hines confirmed that factors such as housing, immigration, or economic status will not impact the team’s recipient selection.

Interested applicants must:

Be a current resident of Winthrop, Massachusetts

Have graduated or will graduate from a public / private / homeschooled high school program or equivalent credential such as the G.E.D  in the year the scholarship is granted.

Be accepted, enrolled, or hired as an apprentice in a trades program (electrical, plumbing, carpentry, police academy, fire academy, etc.), enlisted as an active military service member, or accepted or enrolled in an expedited computer programming institution. ​

Application Documents:

A 500-word essay telling your story. We want to know why you chose to not attend a four-year university, and why you have decided to pursue a career in a trade, the military, the police force, or the fire prevention field. Spelling and grammar do not impact our decision, but genuineness, passion, and inspiration do. 

A completed application. The application for the scholarship can be downloaded here:

https://www.hgscholarship.com/requirements-application If access to a printer or computer is an issue, please call us at 978-394-9030 or contact the Winthrop Public Library for assistance. 

Proof of graduation/achievement. A document from one of the abovementioned institutions or achievement of an equivalent credential such as the G.E.D. A letter from an employer, a high school diploma, or equivalent proof is acceptable. 

Proof of residence. Can be in the form of a Massachusetts state I.D., a letter from a parent or teacher, or really anything else that tells us you live right here in Winthrop. 

All applications should be submitted by June 15 via email to: [email protected]

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