Beatriz Holzbach Receives Prestigious Billy Mitchell Award

In July, 17-year-old home-schooled rising senior, Beatriz “Bea” Maria Holz-bach rose up the ranks of the Boston Civil Air Patrol, when she earned the Billy Mitchell Award, taking her from First Sergeant (lead cadet staff position) to Cadet Deputy Commander (Cadet Second Lieutenant). The prestigious award comes with additional responsibilities and she will lead the squadron year round in weekly meetings focused on leadership, character, and aeronautical educational training. 

“The program has taught me much about leadership and professionalism,” said Holzbach, who had to complete a series of leadership, aerospace, character development, drill, and physical fitness requirements, over the past three years since she joined the Civil Air Patrol in January 2018. “My squadron prepared me well to be able to achieve this award.”

The Gen. Billy Mitchell Award has existed since 1964 and is earned after a cadet completes the first eight achievements of the program. In addition, the cadet must pass an arduous 100-question examination testing leadership theory and aerospace topics. Since its inception over 30 years ago, more than 42,000 cadets have earned this honor and less than 15% of candidates nationwide have satisfied the requirements to claim the rank of Cadet Second Lieutenant. This award honors the late Brigadier General Billy Mitchell, aviation pioneer, advocate, and staunch supporter of an independent Air Force for America.

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