Center Business District Project Updates and Schedule

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From May 31 through June 4 the following is schedule of work for the Center Business District.

Continue constructing the new sewer main on Woodside Ave. and begin construction of the new sewer main on Somerset Ave. Construction will occur on Woodside Ave between Somerset Ave. and Bartlett Rd. and from the intersection of Woodside Ave. and Somerset Ave. approximately 50 feet onto Somerset Ave. Ave. Work is planned to be done at night to reduce the impacts to traffic.  See the notice regarding night work for additional information. The construction on Woodside Ave. will require Woodside Ave to be closed to vehicle traffic from Pauline St. to Bartlett Rd. during work hours.  The construction on Somerset Ave. will require closing Somerset Ave between Cottage Park Rd. and Woodside Ave. during work hours. Sidewalks will remain open during construction to allow pedestrian access to the properties and businesses. Vehicle access to Woodside Ave. will be restored at the end of each workday. Detours and police details will be in place to assist with directing traffic.


Night Work:  Construction hours will transition to night work starting June 1st.  Approximately 125 linear feet of sewer construction on Woodside Ave. between Somerset Ave. and Bartlett Rd., approximately 50 linear feet of sewer construction on Somerset Ave. starting at Woodside Ave. and working in the direction of Cottage Park Rd.,  and approximately 100 linear feet on Bartlett Rd. starting at Woodside Ave. and working toward Adams St. is planned as night construction to reduce the impact to traffic. Work hours are currently scheduled for 8 PM to 4 AM, Sunday night through Thursday night. Work is not planned for Friday nights or Saturday nights. It is anticipated this work will take approximately 3 weeks to complete and the work is scheduled to end the morning of Friday, June 19th. Temporary parking restrictions will be posted, traffic will be detoured around the work zone and residents can use the temporary parking lot at French Sq. for overnight parking during this period. Normal work hours (7 AM to 3:30 PM) will resume on Friday June 12th.  Traffic will only be able to access French Sq. from Putnam St. via Jefferson St. and exit French Sq. by Hagman Rd. between 8 PM and 4 AM when night construction is performed.

 Residents and businesses with temporary water service connections (blue hoses) are requested not to move these hoses or shut off the outside faucet the hoses are connected to.  The hoses provide your property with water service during construction. If the outside faucet is closed, it will interrupt your water service.  If the hose is moved it can create a trip hazard where the temporary water service crosses the sidewalk.  Please do not move these hoses to perform yard work. If you have landscaping services at your property, please inform your landscaper not to move these hoses or shut off the outside faucet.  Running over these hoses with a lawn mower cut the hoses and interrupt water service until the hose can be replaced.  If you see a trip hazard, please contact Frank Fruci (P. Gioioso & Sons, Inc.) at (617) 592-3784 immediately to report the hazard.

Occasionally, residents and businesses may experience discolored tap water because of construction activities. Construction may disrupt sediment in water pipes and cause it to become suspended in the water.  Discolored water is not a health threat and is the result of low levels of naturally occurring iron in water. If you are experiencing water discoloration, flush your water from a faucet that does not have a screen (like the bathtub or outside spigot) until you get clear water.  If your water is still discolored after several minutes of flushing, you may need to wait a few hours for the sediment to settle and the water in the main to clear. 

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