Kate’s Corner: Residents Team up for Film

Erin McCarthy and Matt Murphy met when they were in preschool at the EB Newton School. The two became fast friends, and, over the years, grew an equal love for horror movies. In junior high, Matt developed a dream of producing and directing his own horror movie, and with Erin by his side, that dream recently came true.

When Matt’s lifelong dream was brought to the attention of the Department of Developmental Services (DDS), the organization provided encouragement and committed to funding the movie.

“Without DDS encouraging us to proceed, we wouldn’t have been able to do it,” said Karla Murphy, Matt’s mom.

Erin and Matt’s first step in the movie-making process was to hire someone with experience in film and editing. After posting an add on Indeed, the duo received a lot of applications from all over the country, but one stood out among the rest. When Emerson graduate and Winthrop resident, Desmond Mahoney’s application came through, they knew that it was meant to be, and the movie had a team committed to take it to fruition.

With the team in place, they spent eight months filming, editing and acting. The end result is a noteworthy 12-minute horror flick called “Evil Follows.” The film, complete with a cast of six actors, transforms some of Winthrop’s hot spots into eerie black-and-white settings and follows town locals on their quest to find out what happened to a missing girl. The flawless transition between scenes takes the viewer on a rather frightening journey as the questionable “Hookman,” comes into play. Town legend says that the Hookman, an old ship captain, comes back every 100 years to get revenge. As the cast solves the puzzle of the legend, the viewer is taken on a ride through town staples such as the five sisters, Junk Drawer Vintage Store, and water tower hill.

As Erin and Matt gear up for their next film, they are basking in the success of Evil Follows, which has over 1,000 views on YouTube and noteworthy positive praise.

To find out what happens with “The Hookman,” check out:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTv7PrCmDoo&t=384s. Cast members include: Rachel Strangie, Erin Murphy, Amy Chamness, Drew Gorman, Nick Murphy, and Elie Brellis. Music by John Carpenter. Directed by “Matt the Master of Horror” Murphy. Edited by Desmond Mahoney.

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