Student Highlight: Hubert Uses Sports to Better Himself Mentally and Physically

Billy Hubert has played football and track for his entire high school career, and he has been dedicated to both sports, not just because of the physical benefits, but the mental ones that he has learned to embrace over time. “I play football because I want it to teach me how to be tough mentally and physically and I do track to get stronger and faster,” said Hubert, who has been one of the winter track captains since he was a junior.  In the interview below, the 18-year-old shares his future goals and the love that he has for his family.

What are your college/career goals?

I would like to study history in hopes of becoming a history teacher with a few colleges in mind that I hope to get accepted to so I can pursue this plan of mine.

Who is your role model?

I have a very close family that have always been there for me, I can honestly say that every aunt, uncle and cousin I have, influenced me in every way. Even though he is younger than me, my brother Bobby has shown me determination and how to overcome challenges. My parents are my greatest role models. My father has an incredible work ethic, my mom has a strong and kind heart. I would be very fortunate to inherit these qualities. My family loves me unconditionally and have taught me well and I love them unconditionally as well.

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