John Munson Announces Candidacy for Pre. 2 Councilor

John Munson, owner of Beacon Photo and Frame, is the father of two children attending Winthrop Schools. He and his wife Angie live with their children in the Maze neighborhood in Precinct 2. His parents live in town, and a sister lives with her family in Precinct 2.

“Winthrop is a great place to live and raise kids, and I want to keep it that way,” Munson said. “The town is at a crossroads where several tough decisions will need to be made, and I want to be on the Town Council to help Winthrop maintain its wonderful small-town feel while remaining financially solvent.”

Over the past 12 years of running Beacon Photo and Frame, Munson has hosted countless events benefiting a wide variety of charitable causes including local homeless shelters, Parent Teacher Organizations, the Viking Pride Foundation, Make-A-Wish, and local victims of fires. In 2008, Munson helped found, a non-profit helping families fight cancer. Recently, he organized several blood drives in honor of local residents fighting cancer. Munson is also a perennial youth sports coach, having coached football, soccer and basketball over the last 10 years, helping win several championships. 

“With so much of my family and professional life here in this town, I’m all-in on Winthrop,” said Munson.

Munson said his key objectives are to:

• Keep Winthrop safe and beautiful by supporting the fire, police and CASA to help fight opioid and drug abuse, and by keeping beaches and parks clean.

• Keep Winthrop financially solvent by increasing revenue through responsible development, specifically in the town center and the old Middle School. Munson hopes to also decrease expenses by reviewing all contracts, such as water and waste. He hopes to avoid unnecessary tax or water rate increases to maintain affordability for all ages.

• Keep Winthrop’s high quality of life by helping to improve education, adding to Winthrop’s strong sense of community, and reducing traffic by supporting the use of public transportation and carpooling.

“I believe I can effectively bring people together to help move Winthrop forward,” Munson said.

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