Police Blotter 09-12-2019

Monday, Aug. 26

Report of a breaking and entering into a motor vehicle on River Road. Surveillance camera shows this crime. Nobody home at this time. 92 will notify detectives and report to follow.

911 hangup accidental by male on Faun Bar Avenue. Party does not need medical or EMS.

98 canvassing area on Enfield Road looking for cameras for multiple breaking and entering into motor vehicles.

Follow-up investigation on Washington Avenue. Unable to locate the subject.

Party on Harvard Street state that she told female to leave yesterday. She came back today for some of her belongings. They are threatening her and if she does not take them all, they will throw it all out. She would like to speak to an officer. Female gathered some of her belongings.

Report that a husky attacked party’s dog while walking on Forrest Street. Dog bit another dog, no human attack. Dog is being taken to emergency vet in Charlestown. 91 off with male party. Unit met up with owner and dog is friendly. This was a normal dog fight. ACO will follow-up.

Motor vehicle stop at Belle Isle Seafood. One in custody for WMS. Female party has active license and will be taking over operation of motor vehicle. 91 enroute to statin with male party for operating vehicle with suspended license.

Tuesday, Aug. 27

Calling party on Lincoln Street stated he heard a vehicle hit his parked vehicle and took off. No plate make or model given. Officer reports heavy damage to vehicle. Father of female who fled the scene states she is home. Her vehicle has heavy damage. Units will be responding. Parties denied medical attention on the phone. Officer spoke with the driver and daughter. No one was injured. W92 will be responding back to Lincoln Street to give vehicle owner the information of who hit their vehicle.

Caller on Wilshire Street states that a neighbors started construction 10 minutes ago and woke him up. Individuals were advised.

Reporting party states there is a white ale walking down Bayview and Grandview looking at houses. Party is from Bowling, Ky., and just staying with a friend and he is leaving tomorrow.

Caller reports a needle on the sidewalk on Revere Street. 91 secured the needle.

Report of a breaking and entering to motor vehicle on Faun Bar Avenue. Unit cleared party is at work and just wanted the incident noted. Party who committed the break was a white male with a gray North Face sweatshirt, baggy blue jeans and bright blue sneakers.

Report that behind the rink near baseball field, caller states there are multiple parties playing football and two dogs running loose going up to other parties walking through the park. Parties have gotten in a verbal argument with passerby’s. Unit clear, all dogs are leashed and other parties have left the are. No other action is needed.

Caller on Wave Way Avenue states that a party was in her yard. She does not know this party. Units advised the caller to call back if the party returns as when they went to find party, there was no answer at the door.

Report of a verbal argument on Trident Avenue. No weapons. Caller states a male tenant shoved her and this has happened in the past. Units clear, spoke to both parties. Both were advised. Nothing physical occurred today. Court date is scheduled for September and male will be spending the night elsewhere.

W92 assisted a family of ducks and ducklings cross the street on Washington Avenue.

Report of a loud party with people outside, as well using a disturbance on Myrtle Avenue. This was called in by neighbor. No loud music or anyone in and out of the house. Three male parties outside speaking and having a few drinks. All parties were cooperative.

Report of a couple of males playing basketball at Coughlin Park. Both parties were cooperative and were advised if any calls were made they would have to stop playing basketball.

Wednesday, Aug. 28

Report of elderly male with a walker crossing Lincoln Street. The caller was concerned. Unit checked the area and the party was already gone.

Party on Trident Avenue states that his landlord changed his locks and he cannot enter his apartment. This is an ongoing situation between landlord and tenant. 91 spoke with the tenant and will also contact the landlord.

A well-being check on female on Golden Drive requested by friends in Quincy who are concerned about her well being. Units clear as there was no answer at the door.

Caller at Dunkin’ (Donuts) states there is a male dressed in a military outfit with possible altered mental. He is driving a Nissan Altima going up Revere Street. He was last seen heading toward East Boston. 94 checked area of bridge and hardware and the caller was advised to call back if he returns.

Report of a larceny from a bank account. Report to follow.

Caller on Trident Avenue stated that a resident is calling her niece repeatedly. The sergeant would like a well-being check on the resident for possible altered mental status. Unable to make contact with the subject. No cars in the area were registered to the female party and no mail at he address has her name on it. Units will be clear and Hudson PD will be notified.

Thursday, Aug. 29

Party from Hermon Street came in to report a past assault.

Elderly male on Bellevue Avenue states that he is front of his house and wants to speak to an officer regarding a ticket that was given to him prior to street sweeper coming around. Caller was once again advised on the process of appealing a ticket.

Assist fire with traffic on Bartlett Road. 92 reports a truck is fully involved. 92 has the road blocked at Orlando. All units clear.

Caller onCourt Road states there is a traffic jam due to a furniture truck in the road. This is causing a five car backup. 92 spoke to the driver and he is moving the truck further up for motorists. Note, per 92, the truck was not blocking or impeding traffic.

Party on Highland Avenue came to the station to report that his vehicle was  broken into during the early hours of this morning.

Caller at Governors Park reports the neighbor is again banging on the ceiling.

Party from Shirley Street came into the station to report a past assault and battery with the assistance of her landlord.

Unit attempted to serve warrant to subject on Shirley Street. party is on the roof of the home. Police requesting fire to assist with a ladder. Police canceled and one in custody for warrant arrest.

Caller on Crest and Hutchinson Street states that his wife was walking his dog and there was a male party completely naked in a vehicle. Party checks out and is fully clothed.

Friday, Aug. 30

Chelsea Police located a stolen motor vehicle out of our department. G&J will tow to headquarters.

Party on Cutler Street states a construction company is doing work on his property. This is a civil matter and caller does not want anyone on his property. He is not on the scene as he is in New Hampshire. The brother is on the scene. Officer spoke to the brother and parties were notified that this is a civil matter. Brother is allowing construction work to continue work on the property.

Caller at Washington and Elmwood Avenue is reporting a landscaping equipment is on the sidewalk causing people to have to go onto the street. Officer spoke to homeowner and they are clearing out brush outside of the house. They were advised they can’t block the sidewalk. Officer will go back in 10 minutes to make sure they are picking everything up.

Caller from Fort Heath Apartments states that she was in the CVS where someone accused her of hitting their car and demanding she pay with cash. She states that she took pictures of no damage and now wants an officer to respond because she has never been in an accident before and she is feeling threatened. Officer spoke to the accuser and she is going through her insurance.

Todisco Towing came to headquarters to state they are picking up vehicle for tow from Governors Park.

Caller states female is sitting on the curb with her belongings, no description, other than white female wearing a hat. She believes she is acting strangely. Female was spoken to and she is a known party. Female was locked out of her apartment and was waiting for her roommate to return. Unit cleared.

Unit received a complaint of 94c in the rear of the parking lot at Crest Avenue. Unit spoke with the parties on the scene and they stated they did see a white van engaging in 94c but that the van has left since.

Party on Belcher Street came into the station to report continuing harassment by one of her neighbors. She submitted a victim/witness statement describing many of the incidents in the month of August. She wanted to document this and reserves the right to proceed with court action if it continues.

Caller on Quincy Avenue states there is a party next door being very loud and she is trying to put her kids to sleep. The parties at the address have been sent on their way. Units clear.

94 cleared out a group of about 20 teenagers from the Landing. Parties started blaring the horns of their cars.

Caller on Washington Avenue state that she is being harassed by her neighbors. The male party is back in his apartment. Female party will meet the officers outside the building. Units spoke to the female party and it does know both parties. They were advised of their rights.

Saturday, August 31

Caller on Walden Street stated there is two male parties in the parking lot taking tires off of a vehicle. Unit reports parties were just finishing up.

Report that the traffic lights at Pauline and Pleasant streets are blinking yellow. DPW notified and they will look into it.

Caller on Marshall Street states that his neighbor is putting siding on his home and he suspects that he does to have a permit.

Headquarters received a call from Cambridge Police stating that they have a wallet that belongs to party in Winthrop. Party was contacted and he can pick up the wallet in Cambridge this weekend or otherwise it will be at headquarters on Monday. Party will pick it up in Cambridge.

Report that manhole cover is off at Halford Beach. Unit put the manhole cover back on.

Report of fireworks in the area of Otis Street. Parties cooperated and dispersed for the night.

Report of group of kids playing basketball on Walden Street in the courts. 91 clear, states parties were leaving upon his arrival. 91 also stated that the parties were not loud at all just shooting balls around.

Caller on Tewksbury Street states there is a loud party outside. 91 states family gathering and parties are clearing.

Sunday, Sept. 1

Report of two men with a pipe at Governors Park near the pool area. One male has a black Honda. This was called in by boyfriend who is in New Hampshire. Unfounded, not in pool area. Apparently it was next to black Honda in parking lot, nothing showing. Witness stated male ran back into apartment building. Units will respond to Revere Street. Units on the scene on Revere Street looking for male party. 92 requesting medical aid evaluation of male party. 92 reports the victim was assaulted with a baton. Peace was restored. Units clear. Patient refusal.

Calling party states there is a woman at Ingleside Park with a dog and his daughter is too scared to play. Caller would like the woman to leave. Unfounded. ACO spoke to both parties and both are going their own way.

Female party on Bayview Avenue has been screaming profanities at people in the park. Appears to be an altered mental. Caller states that the female party is now throwing pillows and continues to scream out profanities. K9 spoke to the female and party staying with her. He will take her for a ride as she has an issue with her brother. Peace was restored.

Report that a Chevy was parked in the handicap spot on Pleasant Court. Vehicle was tagged for parking in handicap spot.

Report that a woman was walking around Quincy and Upland Road with a flashlight possibly looking into cars. The woman was out looking for her cat and not into cars.

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