Council Approves Bike Lane Feasibility Study

The Town Council approved a feasibility study last week for painting a bike lane on Veterans Road.

Supporters say that installing a bike lane along Veterans Road connects a huge portion of the town, and also connects Lewis Lake, the center of the town and the beach. There is a huge safety increase when you use bike lanes, supporters contend.

“This is about making Winthrop a great place to get around,” said Julia Wallerce, chair of the Transportation Adivsory Committee. “It’s not about turning Winthrop into Somerville or Cambridge. It’s about pulling together past studies and moving forward.”

Chris Aiello, urged support of the study and said it’s a safety issue and quality of life.

As for covering the cost of striping the bike lane, Wallerce said there are grants and kickstarters that can be used. “There are people in the community that really want to so this go forward. To make Winthrop a better version of what it already is.”

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