The Trident Avenue Friends Define True Friendship over Time

Robert Capezza and Bobby Graziano were lost to the Winthrop Community over the past twelve years. They were part of a group of Winthrop friends in the neighborhood, that has become to be known as the Trident Ave Friends. This particular group of friends keeps in close contact with each other during the year, but twice a year, June and Thanksgiving they get together at the Winthrop Golf Club and honor their friend’s memory. The June dinner has evolved into a trophy presentation, to one of the group, for his outstanding help with the group throughout the year, whatever that may be, from arranging the dinner, scholarship selection or helping out in a community event.

Paul Reczek was the recipient last June. Paul was a longtime Winthrop resident from Elmwood Ave, graduate WHS in 1967 and a proud member of the Winthrop Police Department. Paul moved to Kingston New Hampshire and founded the Xcaliber Security LTD. Specializing in contract security and private investigations. Despite his somewhat distant location, Paul remains in close contact with his friends and for his dedication to the group, was award the trophy in 2018.

It’s not just about dinner and past memories, the Trident Ave Friends look to the future, this group of dedicated WHS graduates also provides a $1000.00 dollar scholarship to a Winthrop High School graduate ensuring Winthrop’s legacy of scholars that will give back to their beloved community.

It’s easy to make friends, but to keep them through the many years is truly a blessing. To be remembered in this way, Robert Capezza and Bobby Graziano, were pretty special people and have very loyal friends. Congratulations to the 2019 Trident Ave trophy recipient, Buzzy Rouillard. Buzzy’s dedication to the Winthrop Community and his friends is an example we all should follow.

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