CVS Purchases Brown’s

The Ofilos family has been the owner of Brown’s Pharmacy, 214 Winthrop St., for the last 35 years, filling prescriptions and serving frappes from behind the counter.

The family has announced that today, June 13, is Brown Pharmacy’s last day of business. On June 14 all prescription records will be transferred to CVS Pharmacy, 3 Woodside Ave.

In the top photo, Thomas Navaro and Glen Calla sit at the counter in Brown’s. In the bottom photo, Brown’s Rexall Drugs at 214 Winthrop St.

“After much thought and deliberation, and with a heavy heart, we are announcing that we have decided to close Brown’s Pharmacy,” said the Ofilos family spokesperson.

The late Harry Ofilos purchased Brown’s in 1984. The drugstore, a symbol of Main Street, America,  was already becoming an anachronism, due to the sprouting of the large-chain pharmacies that have been taking over in communities both large and small. When Harry passed, his wife Jeannine took over the business.

The passing of Harry Ofilos, who for 35 years owned and operated Brown’s Pharmacy on Winthrop St., marked the end of an era in Winthrop as it was the last independently-owned pharmacy in the town.

There will be no more chocolate frappes, fountain sodas, penny candies, Kane’s Donuts or good old-fashioned milk shakes.

“Rest assured that your prescription needs will continue uninterrupted,” Jeannine Ofilos said.

 “Our family has had the privilege to serve the town of Winthrop and the surrounding areas for more than 35 years. Harry began working as a pharmacist as a young man and eventually fulfilled his dream of owning his own store. As a husband and a father of three children, our lives were filled with many wonderful memories shared with our customers and families,” the family wrote.

“After Harry’s passing on May 5, 2017, it was important to our family to continue on as he wanted, and serve our wonderful customer base,” the family wrote. “Harry made a commitment to the community to provide exceptional, personalized service, act as a trusted medical advisor and foster a deep sense of friendship with his customer.”

The community seemed surprised by the news of the sale.

“CVS Pharmacy and Brown’s Pharmacy are working together to ensure that the transition will be seamless for customers and that their access to pharmacy care is not interrupted. CVS Health is working to retain all existing employees if they would like to be considered for positions at local CVS Pharmacy locations,” said Stephanie Cunha, CVS spokesperson.

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