Winthrop Engages

Photos and Stories By Marianne Salza

After reading a book about loving one’s community, Mary Lou Osborne, assistant director of the Winthrop Public Library, had an idea to encourage residents to become more involved in their neighborhood.

Police Chief Terry Delehanty, Francesca Capone, Sgt. Mary Crisafi, and Stella Carson during the Winthrop Engages Resource Fair on May 15.

The May 15 Winthrop Engages (WE) resource fair at the Cummings School cafetorium provided information about the workings of the town government and how to join local committees, boards, and commissions.

“When you become involved and meet people, you start to love your community. I like including people and letting them know they matter. It’s a positive way for people to explore the Winthrop community,” explained Osborne, who settled in Winthrop 35 years ago when she got married. “I fell in love with the community right away.”

Winthrop Engages began as a Winthrop Public Library initiative in memory of trustee, Jim Matarazzo, a Winthrop High School graduate, Class of 1959. Matarazzo served as a dean and professor at Simmons College, where he taught at the School of Library and Information Science. The Winthrop resident was an accomplished author, and WE reflects Matarazzo’s values of hard work and family.

“He was highly regarded in his field and invaluable for generations of future librarians,” said Ron Bergman, chairman, Board of Trustees, Winthrop Public Library. “His guidance and knowledge were invaluable in making the board of the library the effective team they are today.”

During the gathering, attendees registered to vote, and spoke with town leaders who inspired them to participate in programs, such as Veterans’ Services, the Winthrop Cultural Council, and CASA (Community Action for Safe Alternatives).

“Oftentimes, people don’t realize how important they are. One person can make a difference in many ways,” said Library Director Diane Wallace, who photographed residents posing with a puzzle piece-shaped frame. “This is a way to bring people together.”

Winthrop Engages hopes that newcomers, and lifelong residents who find themselves with time to volunteer, will use their particular skills to help serve the community.


01.    Linda and Rob Vecchia, Town Council President

02.    Mary Lou Osborne, Library Assistant Director, and Mary Kate Schulte, Children’s/Young Adult Librarian

03.    George Rainville learning about the U.S. Census Bureau, with Melody Adams, Partnership Specialist, New York Regional Census Center

04.    Ron Bergman, Chairman, Board of Trustees, and Diane Wallace, Library Director

05.    Stacey, Geno, and Nico DeAngelis

06.    Town Manager Austin Faison encouraged residents to participate in the community through committees and boards

07.    Residents gathering for the Winthrop Engages resource fair on May 15, at the Cummings School

08.    Winthrop Public Library staff and trustees

09.    Lydia, Celine, and Elyas Louali

10.    Fifth grade volunteers: Elaina Freeman, Liam Natareno, and Carol Costantino

11.    Police Chief Terry Delehanty, Francesca Capone, Sgt. Mary Crisafi, and Stella Carson

Stephen Ruggiero, CASA, Michael Mahoney, WCAT, and Councilor Pete Christopher

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