Police Blotter 04-25-2019

Monday, April 15

Citizens at house on Shore Drive found a child running around without parents in sight. Unit requested medical.  Unit is also going to a possible address. 93 is off on Seafoam Avenue and units are entering the apartment door which is open to do a well being check. Television was left on but no one appears to be home. Charlie 1 was able to contact parent. She is on her way back. Mother arrived on the scene and was reunited with the child. Report to follow.

Report of a dog running around towards the high school on Cross Street. Unit searched the area and nothing showing.

Caller reports that there is a loose friendly Pit Bull on Revere Street near the Dunkin’  (Donuts). 91 located the owner of the dog and the dog was returned.

Party on Sunnyside Avenue states that there is two dogs running around. Unit checked both areas of Winthrop Street and Metcalfe Square and no signs of dogs at this time.

Neighbor is banging on the ceiling causing a disturbance at Governors Park. All parties were all advised once again about this ongoing issue. Officers will be speaking to a supervisor about future action if they have to return again.

Follow-up investigation on Veterans Road. Unable to make service. Sierra 5 left two voice mails for the party.

Tuesday, April 16

Unit off with parking complaint on Revere Street. Landscaping company was advised to move their vehicle off the sidewalk and legally park it.

Caller on Hawthorn Avenue states there is moving trucks on the street preventing traffic coming through. Bob’s Furniture is making a delivery. They are packing up the boxes now and will leave momentarily. Traffic can get through.

Motor vehicle stop on Revere Street. Citation issued for red light violation.

Report of a fight in progress by an off-duty officer at Ingleside Park. Officer reports parties left prior to officers’ arrival. Parties who remained are not saying much. Area is calm now. All parties were advised.

Caller who called for a well-being check last Friday wants to speak to Sgt. Gregorian to explain the situation that led up to her call. Message delivered to the sergeant.

An off-duty officer left his phone in the post office and they won’t let him in there to retrieve it because they’re closed. Officer reports that they were able to obtain the phone.

Motor vehicle stop on Shirley and Tewksbury Street. Verbal for illegally passing. Officer will be following party home so she can park her vehicle on private property. Party will be updating her expired registration as soon as she gets access to a computer.

Motor vehicle stop at Revere and Governors Drive. Citation issued for equipment violation.

Wednesday, April 17

Caller on Locust Street states that her daughter’s vehicle was vandalized. Also eggs were thrown on it. 93 start there were in fact eggs thrown at the vehicle. Officer also wants to note that this happened on Saturday but did not get reported right away.

911 hangup from female who stated she needed help on Upland Road. 93 reports that they are trying to gather some more information, but it seems to be some kind of neighbor dispute. Its report that all parties have been spoken to and advised. All parties pay rent and legally live at the address. Parties were advised to separate but if another issue arises then to call the police again.

Party on Court and Circuit Road states there is a big red truck with Rhode Island plates with no sticker. Charlie 1 stated that parking is only enforced between midnight and 5:30 p.m. No action will be required. Tried to call party back twice to inform them, and they did not answer.

Party brought in a wallet she found on the sidewalk on Trident Avenue. Wallet contained $50 in cash, loose change, bank cards and a MA driver’s license belonging to a Winthrop resident. Units will attempt to make contact with the party to return the items. 93 reports no one home at this time and will attempt later.

Motor vehicle stop for speeding at Crest Avenue and Shirley Street.

This was called in by third party (Acima Credit) who received a threat that party is going to go to Bds Furniture with a gun. Call came in from Acima Credit located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Party made the verbal threat to a service rep over the phone. Furniture store is Bob’s Furniture in Saugus. Call taker notified Saugus. 92 responding with 91 and 93 to party on Crest Avenue. No weapons registered to that party. 92 states he spoke to the party. It was a misunderstanding. 92 spoke to the wife. No threats were made. No threats were made with firearms. Party has no LTC/FTD card. This is an ongoing issue concerning payments. Unit called Saugus back to advise the officers.

Party came to the station to report a stolen Amazon delivery.

Suspicious activity going on in Ingleside Park. Male following a woman around. Unit checked the area. 92 checked the other areas that people frequent. Initial area check shows nothing.

Unit was flagged down by a party at Massa Playground who stated there was a suspicious person at the playground. Party moving towards Shirley Street. Party made comments about having a knife on him. Party has been advised to stay out of the park.

Motor vehicle stop at Shirley and Ocean Avenue. Unlicensed operator. Tow requested. Driver was advised he cannot drive without a license. G&J has the vehicle. Operator was cited and summoned for unlicensed operation of vehicle.

Motor vehicle stop at Highland and Atkinson Circle. Citation issued for a red-light-violation.

Thursday, April 18

Off with a cyclist at Highland and Cliff Avenue. Individual was wearing all black riding his bike. Officers advised him to go home and to get proper lights.

Caller at Governors Park states she would like to speak to an officer about her neighbor blocking her phone. Caller stated she spoke with the property manager who advised her to call us. Officers let subject vent and advised her he would note in the log about her phone issues.

Party on Winthrop Street stats there is a drunk female knocking on her door and attempting to break it down. Officer states individual took of in a white Volvo. Units will be conducting an area search. 91 states he found the female party who just arrived at her house. She is now calm. Party was advised to stay away from the residence.

Caller on Brookfield Road states she would like to report a crime. Report to follow.

Report of noise coming from apartment at Governors Park. This is an ongoing issue. Officer spoke to both parties. This began to escalate. Report to follow.

Caller at Dolphin Avenue and Shore Drive states an older man seems disoriented. Believes he was asking for help but strong language barrier. He is walking towards Pearl. State Police were notified. Unable to locate the subject after checking the area.

Party on Dolphin Avenue states there is a man, very distressed, walking in the middle of the street. Checked Dolphin but no answer. Checked Coral Avenue next. Unit headed toward the market to see if he was there earlier and maybe they can help find out where he lives. Party was in the market a few days ago with two children and was here two hours ago. Party most likely is from around the area. Units were able to speak to parties family who is visiting form Columbia and they provided the correct address. Units also spoke to the party and he is okay.

Caller on Perkins Street states that his neighbor has stolen parts of his fence and other parts from his property. He has all instances recorded. 91 watched the footage of the neighbor stealing parts of a fence. Homeowner does not want to take this to court, but would like an officer to speak to the neighbor. Party left prior to officer’s arrival and will be back later on.

Follow-up investigation on River Road. 91 spoke to the party and will be heading back to Perkins Street to speak to the caller and resolve this issue. Issue will be resolved once the neighbor returns the fence cap in which he stole from the caller.

Calling party on Governors Park states that when she was working today and her mother was babysitting, someone through a rock at her sliding door and shattered it. Maintenance came by and loaded it up. She would like to speak to an officer. Report to follow.

W92 reports two female parties flagged them down and stated parties in a blue Cadillac showed them firearms on Winthrop Street. Units clear, all parties were spoken to, including the parents. Units were satisfied there were no firearms. This is an ongoing issue with a group of girls.

Friday, April 19

Off with vehicle at Pleasant and Ingleside Avenue. Officer was checking the well-being of operator who seemed to be swerving. He stated he was just trying to avoid the potholes.

Caller on Golden Drive states that her downstairs neighbor is playing loud music. Spoke with the party who had a loud television on. They will be turning it down.

Caller on George Street states there is a house under construction and he hear people trying to break in. The lights are turned on. 91 confirms that lights are on in the house. 91 would like to note that he spoke with the calling party who stated that the house has been vacant since it caught fire last year. 93 states a vehicle is parked in the driveway of the house. Officer states that the vehicle belongs to party who used to live at the house. Party was able to get in touch with mother who can verify his story. He will be leaving for the night and was advised of further action.

Party found a Webster First Credit Unit debit card. Owner’s parent was contacted and will have her daughter pick it up.

Motor vehicle accident at Cumberland Farms. It was minor with no injuries.

Caller on Wave Way Avenue states that his car was keyed. Both vehicles have minor scratches. Report to follow.

Report of nails in the area of Wave Way Avenue. Party states this is an ongoing issue with construction site. Unit checked the street and the sidewalk. No nails showing.

Unit off with DPW on Winthrop Street. Safety officer now on the scene.

Party came in to the station to turn in money he found left in the ATM located inside Belle Isle Seafood. Statement filled out by reporting party and a receipt issued for $40. Belle Isle Seafood contacted to inform them that the money was turned in and if anybody injuries they an be referred to police.

Report of a party that pulled a knife out on a subject. Car is now going into East Boston. Report that the party is in the vehicle parked in the CVS parking lot in East Boston. This incident happened at Saratoga Street in East Boston. Boston PD is taking over.

Party came in to the station to report that he was hanging out with a party he knows at basketball courts on Walden Street. After speaking to the other party’s ex-girlfriend he wanted to fight him. No sign of other party in the area. The reporting party just wanted it on record.

Calling party states there is loud music coming from Black Straps. Nothing showing. No loud music or crowd in the area. Possibly just a group walking by loudly.

Report of dog barking on Beacon Street. Units stated they did not hear any barking dog. This is an ongoing issue between neighbors.

Another report of people outside Blackstrap BBQ making noise. It stated it is the band inside when people open the door to leave. You cannot hear it outside. It is not causing a disturbance.

Saturday, April 20

Motor vehicle stop at Main and Walden Street. A written warning for red light violation.

Third party called Chelsea PD. They received a call from a 5-year-old stating they were locked in a room watching “Peter Pan.” Chelsea pinged number and it came back exactly on Main Street. Spoke to mother and child and they all checked out. Child was trying to call a family member.

Assisted fire with shingle dangling off roof on Pleasant Street.

Calling party on Washington Avenue states a male party has set up a table in the street by the curb and is selling flowers to people driving by. Parties were in the process of packing up.

Caller on Beach Road reports a fender landscape truck is parked in front of her house in a no parking area. Party wishes to remain anonymous. Has had issues with owner of vehicle in the past. Clear, party was doing work. The vehicle has moved to a legal spot.

Well-being check on individual  on Nahant Avenue. Mother called and stated she cannot reach her son and would like a well-being check on him. Clear, no one at the residence. Message was left on party’s cell phone.

Received call from party’s aunt on Banks Street. Party cannot reach her and she is worried. Clear, made contact with the party. She will call the family member.

Caller on Cliff Avenue stated that lights are flashing. He believes it is an alarm. No sound. 93 requests fire for a forced entry. The lights are flashing. 93 now cancelled fire. Spoke to resident. This is an ongoing issue electrical issue. The resident is trying to rectify it.

Report of five males, possible 94 activity, in Coughlin Park. Units clear, no 94C, males sent on their way.

Sunday, April 21

Call came in from Boston. 911 hangup pinged to Veterans Road.  Boston called a few times and they kept hanging up on them. Units spoke to the residents at the address. Everyone checks out. Called T-mobile for subscriber information. Units spoke to the girlfriend. The calling party is sleeping. Everything checks out.

Calling party on Buchanan and Fremont streets states a gold plated veteran placard fell off a pole and is on the ground. 91 retrieving the item. DPW notified. 91 recovered item and notified American Legion. 91 stating placard was pulled off. It was not possible for it to have fallen off. 91 interviewed a few people in the area.

Report that on Lincoln Street, workers working on the house making loud noises with hammers and saws. 93 spoke to homeowner. His window blew out and porch collapsed due to recent weather. This was an emergency repair. Workers are stabilizing the structure. Homeowner stated he will be as quiet as possible.

Report of gray car blocking handicap spot on Pearl Avenue. Caller states she does not see a handicap sticker on the vehicle. 91 states vehicle is not coming back to anyone in the area. 91 issued ticket. If resident calls back, 91 will get tow ordered.

Party requested a well-being check on subject on Golden Drive. Party states he was just talking to the party on the phone when the line went silent. Unable to get the party back on the phone. Reporting party reports getting in touch with the female party. All is well. No need for response.

Motor vehicle accident at Twist and Shake. No injuries. Minor motor vehicle accident units assisted in paper exchange.

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