Student Highlight: Elizabeth Nolan Leads Viking Longship Project

When Elizabeth Nolen enrolled in the Viking Longship class, she was unsure about what independent skill she wanted to learn, but she soon discovered that she had a knack for leadership.

From the moment that Nolen entered the class, she showcased her natural ability to organize, promote, and keep tabs on all aspects of the course. Her pride in the projects was evident amongst her classmates, and teacher George Skane, assigned her the role of class leader.

In addition to her organizational skills, Nolen handles all class finances, allowing students to get the supplies that they need. The two-year member of both the National Honor Society and the International Thespians Society is also involved in drama and yearbook and she is a recipient of the President’s Award for Academic Excellence. When she is not on school grounds, Nolen teaches swim lessons at the Garfield School in Revere.

How did you get so involved in the Viking Longship class and what do you love about it?

I’ve been very involved since I joined and I always knew what was going on in all fields. If the students need to buy anything for their projects, I make sure that a financial request form is put in place so they can have what they need and be successful. I love that the Viking Longship class pushes students to reach their full potential and allows them to discover more about themselves and their interests through their work. Being a four-year member of the project, I have learned to work through difficult situations, and have become more confident in my own abilities, and I know that many of my peers have similar experiences.

Do you have any plans for college or a future career?

Though I do not know where I will be attending school for the 2019-2020 academic year yet, I plan to major in technical theater with a concentration in sound design. I’ve been involved in theater since I was in sixth grade, and began sound designing for productions my sophomore year. I hope to continue to pursue my passion for theatre throughout college and in my future career.

Who is your role model?

I’ve always looked up to my mom. She supports me in everything I do,  and she always knows how to help me; whether it is to provide advice, keep me level headed, or just being there for me.

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