Police Blotter 01-10-2019

Monday, Dec. 3

Calling party on Pleasant Street states she has not heard from her daughter in a few days. She is sick on dialysis and she is concerned. Officer spoke to subject who stated her phone has been dead and that she will borrow someone’s phone to call her mother.

Caller asked to have a unit go by vicinity of Loring Road and see if there is a small oil spill on the road called in by DPW. It was on their voice mail from over the weekend. Officer drove the length of Loring Road and there was nothing showing.

Party needs to pick up her belongings on Myrtle Avenue. She is requesting an officer to be present. She rented from Air BnB and they cleared it with the property owner. The female party was able to retrieve her belongings from the residence.

MBTA bus had “call police” on it and was headed toward the center. Officer is in the area and looking for the bus. Only one call received so far. 92 states there is no bus in the area, but will be heading in the direction of the Heights to see if there is a Winthrop bus down there with their lights on.

Party on Townsend Street reports receiving harassing message from former tenant. He was advised of his rights to seek an harassment order.

Party on Somerset Avenue came in to report an issue with noise at various hours coming from the first floor. She was advised of her rights and will call when the noise is occurring.

91 flagged down about a pan handler in the vicinity of Revere Street. Unit is familiar with subject in question. Units clear, unable to locate the subject.

Two-car motor vehicle accident on Shirley Street.

A third-party caller. Sister called calling party saying she heard someone enter the home on Perkins Street. Sister is in the bathroom. Calling party is on her way to the home and was advised to make herself known to police. 92 reports occupants of the downstairs apartment just came home from London today, possibly could have been the noise the concerned occupant was hearing. Homeowner was on the phone with the sister who will be coming to the door momentarily. Units cleared home, everything is fine and no one found in the home.

Caller on Bowdoin Street states there is loud music with people yelling and running in and out of the apartment. It is either first floor or basement. Call is unsure which. Units clear, no noise coming from the apartment.

Party on Grovers Avenue states there is a group of young kids running into people’s yards. They are ringing doorbells and banging on doors. No description of any of the kids other than it was a group of younger teenagers. Unable to locate kids at this time.

Caller states that his wife left her phone on counter on Shirley Street while paying and when she went back in the clerk was gone. Owner is there with parties. They requested an officer. Unit reports standing by for the employee and to have a talk with him. Unit reports he spoke to all parties and it is accusations now. Employee is going to check the cameras and see if an employee took the phone. If so, they will call back. Reporting party called back on Jan. 1 and stated that the phone was returned in his mailbox.

Tuesday, Jan. 1

Report of people throwing things on the ground and running up and down the stairs on Atlantic Street. Units reports it was people who were over for a new year’s party and they were leaving and going to bed for the night.

Caller on Buchanan Street states there was a man parked in front of her house and it appeared he had a syringe in his hand. BOLO given to units and 93 checked the area for syringes on the ground. Nothing showing.

Party on Golden Drive states that a resident is pushing/yelling at her home care nurse. No weapons. Neighbor is stating resident is refusing to take her medication or accept help from home aid. This was called in by a neighbor. EMS on the scene. S4 on the scene also. Female party transported to the Whidden on Section 12 for statements made in front of officers.

Unit off with motor vehicle running with two parties inside on Grandview Avenue. Unit stated everything checked out and the parties have been sent on their way.

Unit off with vehicle with the lights on unattended at the Landing. Individual has been notified and fixed the issue.

Wednesday, Jan. 2

Unit stated a vehicle matched description of an ongoing investigation on Upland Road.

Unit off doing a well-being check on a party in a parked vehicle at Shore and Perkins Street. Unit stated it was an Uber driver that lives in the area. All checks out.

Calling party on Shirley Street states that his Honda Civic was broken into last night and his subwoofer was stolen. It was behind the fire station. The front driver window was smashed in and a subwoofer was stolen worth $1,500. Report to follow.

Party on Terrace Avenue reports motor vehicles parked on left side of the street making it difficult for fire trucks to get down. The vehicle was moved.

Fire station on Shirley Street called the station asking for a cruiser to go next door. A male party is operating an excavator. Worker is aware of the bylaw and will cease in five minutes.

Units off with a male party passed out in a vehicle in the Deer Island parking lot. 92 stated the male party is homeless for about a week. They offered to get him into a shelter. Unit will be advising the security guard who the male party is and he will be taking a nap in his car.

Thursday, Jan. 3

Unit is off on Grovers Avenue with a motor vehicle that has their interior lights on. 92 will be doing a walk around. Unit looked into the vehicle and nothing seems to be tampered with.

Unit off with a parked vehicle on Beacon Street with their interior lights on. 92 did a walk around this car and it was secured but there was paper sticking out of the glove box.

Report of a trespass tow from Governors Park.

Caller on Revere Street reports he came in for a haircut and the doors are wide open with no one inside. He has been there for about 15-20 minutes. Lights are not fully on. Door was left ajar and no sign of any break. No one is inside. Officers locked the door.

Party came into the station to report misplacing her handicap placard.

Officer talked with male subject regarding safety issues operating a bike on Revere Street.

Calling party owns the D&T Market on Shirley Street and states there is a car that is parked in his 15 minute parking zone for an hour. The store owner was explained about the process and the vehicle owner arrived and left the area.

Unit off with motor vehicle parked with expired registration on Main Street. G&J enroute. They towed the vehicle.

Report of male party sleeping in vehicle on Shirley Street. Party checks out. Lives across the street and he is going in for the night.

Friday, Jan. 4

Reporting party on Shirley Street states a syringe in the middle of the street. Unit retrieved the item.

Report of a vehicle parked in the handicap spot without a placard. Owner/operator came out and said, “You got me.” A $300 parking ticket was issued.

Party came in with a wallet he found yesterday near the Daw Playground end of Shirley Street. Message left with school of which ID for student was inside. Party may come after school is out to pick up the wallet.

Calling party on Pauline Street states that two males tried to break into her car in the driveway. She states they ran through the ally way behind CVS to Somerset Avenue. Unsuccessful attempt to access the vehicle. 91 spoke to a group of kids that have been sitting around and have not seen anything. 92 spoke to a male party who did not see anyone matching the description. 91 will head in to work and 92 will continue to search the area.

Saturday, Jan. 5

A well-being check for a male party in his vehicle. Unit stated the party checks out. He lives in the area and will be heading home shortly.

92 off with male party walking around Locust and Cross streets. Unit stated the male party was smoking outside and has been advise to go inside. He lives on Locust Street.

Party states that he lives at a sober home on Shore Drive. He went out drinking last night and did not stay at the house. When he came back this morning the landlord told him he could no longer live there and had to leave within the hour. Caller would like an officer to help him with the situation. 91 spoke to all parties involved. When reviewing the contract, officer told the party that he did break the rules and told him to gather his belongings and leave.

Report of male party on Veterans Road yelling inside apartment. He was also arguing. He does not live there. Party was served in hand a trespass notice. 92 states the female party left.

Report of a car alarm going off in the area of Trident Avenue. It has been going off for several hours. Unit clear, owner came out on arrival and will disconnect the battery and get the issue checked out.

Possible drunk driver driving all over the road. Lsat seen approaching the Governor’s Drive area. All units will been the lookout.

A syringe was seen on Tileston Road. Unit found no syringe in the area.

Reporting party came into the station to report that her daughter is being harassed. Several text messages and Snapchat video viewed.

Sunday, Jan. 6

Caller states a vehicle drove into her parked car. The driver of the other vehicle appeared to be intoxicated. All parties still on the scene. Unit on scene advised that Shore Drive is covered in black ice. G&J has the vehicles.

Off-duty officer reports an abandoned bicycle on Almont Street.

Well-being check on Palmyra Street requested. Unit spoke to the party. She is sober and is doing okay. Everything checks out.

Party on Palmyra Street reports he has had the DPW come to his home several times and each time they flushed the blocked sewer lines hie home was left with a strong odor of sewer gas. Party was asked if he would like WFD to respond. He just wanted his complaint recorded as he will be taking up the issue with the town manager and the DPW director in the morning. Per Charlie 1, unit 91 will be heading over to assist the caller with further complaints and monitor DPW working on the sewer system.  Unit spoke to the party. DPW has finished working on the house.

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