Police Blotter 05-17-2018

Monday, May 7

EBDC faxed over a warrant for service upon individual on Shore Drive. 987, 100 and State PD off. All available units responding, suspect has knife. D4, Alpha enroute. 91 requesting medical. 91 following ambulance to MGH. 93 and all unit cleared. Report to follow.

Party on Brewster Avenue reports an Amazon package containing seat cushions worth approximately $300 were stolen from his front porch sometime last week.

Party came in to the station to report that she had received a correspondence from Proactiv skin care indicating that an order under her name had been shipped to an address in Illinois. Party states that she has not been charged for this transaction to date, but would like the incident noted in the event there are any further charges to any of her accounts.

Caller on Shore Drive wishes to speak with a police officer regarding construction on the beach and damaged property, including his yard, his house and his sidewalk. Apparently, the construction company did not have any signs or any work-related warnings out front and wishes to file a report. He was also referred to the state police for problems with the road. It was wet cement in front of his address and goes to Pearl Avenue. Officer placed some cones out and caller all speak to the foreman of the job tomorrow.

An elderly female found a credit card near the administrative building on Overlook Drive. She does not drive and would like an officer to retrieve it. Credit card was picked up and brought to the station so that we can try to locate the owner. Officers were able to locate the owner of the credit card and return it to her.


Tuesday, May 8

Fax came in to repo a motor vehicle on Bayview Avenue.

Fax came in to repo another motor vehicle on Woodside Avenue.

A front loader was seen on Shirley Street going towards Beacon hauling enormous piece of metal. Caller states possible danger to vehicles on the road. Officer states there is a detail assisting with the front loader. It is a local construction company moving a piece of metal to another area.

Party on Charles Street stating that the landlord it threatening him on the property. Officer reports no threat made. The landlord an tenant had a disagreement. Parties are now separating and units clear.

Report of a black station wagon parked in the two-hour space since 9 a.m. on Bartlett Road. Caller states that this is a daily occurrence and believes the owner of the vehicle works at the convenient store. Officer spoke to owner of the vehicle who works at the convenient store. He will move the vehicle when the next employee comes into work as he cannot currently leave the store. Officer advised the male party to park int he municipal lot in the future.

Mother requesting a well being check on her son on Washington Avenue who has mental health issues. Crisis intervention Team enroute. Well being check conducted on the individual. All units clear.

Well being check requested for party on Overlook Drive who  left message the the office saying he was extremely upset because he could not a ride to an appointment. The party then said he would go hang himself. Officers responded to given address and the party was not there. She provided officers with his phone number and the officers are going to attempt to contact with the party. Message was left with the party and he was advised to cll back dispatch. Officer made contact with the party via phone and he stated he was late for an appointment and the office would not take him to his visit which made him upset. Party says the statement he made was just a figure of speech.

Hit and run reported on Shirley Street with no injuries. 91 located vehicle unoccupied in apartment complex parking lot near Jewish Temple. All units clear.

Caller on Pearl Avenue stated that there is a black sedan with no handicap sticker in her spot. She states that it has been there since 11 a.m. and would like an officer to look at it. 91 states the vehicle has moved.

Caller called to report that he calling on behalf of his daughter living on Shore Drive. Staes that a neighbor is banging on her door and yelling. The neighbor lives in unit above daughter.  Officers spoke to both parties and the upstairs party said he will quiet down. Both parties were advised of their rights.

Caller on Waldemar Avenue states about six youths filming a child being beaten. No weapons. 91 requesting medical to area of basketball courts. 91 states all parties advised of their rights. One male party picked up by his parents.

In the vicinity of Somerset Avenue,a man is going around asking people for scrap metal and being overall suspicious. Officer made contact with the subject stating he is doing work in the area helping someone remove a boiler. No suspicious activity noticed.

94 was flagged down by civilian stating a red Jeep occupied with three males driving at a high rate of speed down Shore Drive. No sign of the vehicle at this time but will keep an eye out for the vehicle.

Caller at Governors Park states a neighbor below her is hitting her ceiling. Officers spoke to all involved parties. This is an ongoing issue between the tenants. Both tenants expressed interest in mediation through counselors. 91 will speak to S5 about getting that set up. All parties were advised of their rights.


Wednesday, May 9

911 hangup on Charles Street. Tried to call back but went to voice mail. When called back, spoke to female party who stated she is there visiting resident because of his mental health but the resident is not home and is at work. She feels he is missing. Officers spoke to all parties on the scene. Tenant/tenant issue over a missing cat.

Fire requesting police on Bartlett Road. Elderly male fell and has injuries. It is outside the bank. One transported to Whidden.

Calling party on Charles Street requests another party be removed from house. Caller stated he had an altercation with unwanted yesterday. The calling party was not home and unit had the unwanted party and his girlfriend leave. The peace was restored.

Caller states she is not able to get in touch with her boyfriend on Veterans Road which is unusual. She is at work in Quincy and she states the boyfriend uses drugs. She also stated that he may not be at the apartment. He sometimes works in Boston. Female party advised not contact the male party any more.

Caller on Upland Road states that he needs a permit to park and can’t because his neighbor is having a party and there are guests there taking up the whole street. These guests do not have any passes and he wants an officer. Units clear, 92 reports no parking violations.

Owner on Grover Avenue called in and wants a male party removed. The male party is in the lobby. units clear, will be giving male party a ride to the station where North Suffolk Mental Health will be picking him up.

Female was escorted to the station by a friend to seek advice. She stated to K9 that she had a verbal dispute with her boyfriend outside of CVS. She further states that her therapist keeps telling her that she is in a domestic violence relationship. She further states that the abuse has been physical in the past. Female lives in Arlington and the boyfriend lives in Chelsea. She was advised to apply for a restraining order. She wants to think about it and if she decides to get one, she will report it to the Arlington PD.

Report of a party sleeping in a vehicle on Winthrop Street. Unit found the party asleep in his vehicle. The party lives across the street and has gone into his home.


Thursday, May 10

Fax was sent over to repo a vehicle from Governors Park.

Report of young man on his own on Grovers Avenue. 91 checking on his well being. Unit did a search of the area. No ale with the description in the area.

Caller on Shirley Street called to report that a dog from two houses down had walked over to his property and attacked his two dogs. Caller wants to talk to an officer. 92 responded  and talked to both parties at the scene. 92 requested a second unit The units were able to alleviate the issue for now and file a report for ACO to follow up.

Male party walked in to the station to report that his wallet had been stolen from his vehicle on May 1 from either the 7-Eleven or Shore Drive. There was no money it it, but did have his personal papers.

Headquarters received a fax from Quincy District Court to serve a summons to subject on Main Street.

A tan cocker spaniel was picked up by ACO in the area of Thornton and Washington Avenue. Owner of the dog called dispatch stating that she lost her dog. We were able to give the information to ACO and the dog has been reunited with his owner.

Serving suspension of LTC to subject on Court Road. Male party is not home. He will be coming to the station to pick up the paperwork.

Officer was flagged down by party on Revere Street. Officer reports the party that was flagging her down is the son and reporting party of the elderly female lost. A BOLO was put out for the female. Son is returning home to get a picture of his mother to bring to the station. Officer will continue to search the area. Officer believes a party in Honey Dew believes that they saw that female party heading to the senior center. Officer received a photo of the missing female and showed it to the employee of Honey Dew, Dunkin Donuts and surrounding areas as well as the senior center. Officer will be keeping an eye out for the female. 92 was able to locate the female on Summit and Grovers. Charlie 1 will be calling the female’s son. Officer gave the female party a ride to meet her son on Revere Street at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Calling party states a hit and run on Summit Avenue. Caller states he is a police officer and stated he has the offending vehicle on scene. While on the phone, the officer asked the parties who were struck by the vehicle if they were okay and they stated they were okay. Now medical aid is requested. Unit 92 reported they were unable to locate the driver of the rental car. The operator of the rental car is unaware of the accident at this point. One was transported to the Whidden.

Assisting fire on Pond Street.

Caller at Governors Park reports there is a loud stereo playing above him. Sierra 6 reports this is an ongoing issue. S6 reports there is no noise coming from either apartment.

party on Revere Street stated there is a 18 wheeler truck parked on the whole sidewalk and people can not walk on it. Truck was making a delivery. Unit spoke to the driver and the manager of the store about having the truck park closer to the marketplace while making deliveries to avoid blocking the sidewalk.


Friday, May 11

Suspicious activity noticed at the Fort Banks Playground. Officer spoke with staff at the school and they’ll be doing an area search for a white female, wearing a peach shirt with odd behavior while the children are playing. Female could not be located.

Warrant arrest made on subject on Atlantic Street.

Two car motor vehicle accident on Highland Avenue. Unknown injury. One car motor vehicle struck the stairs of a house. Involved vehicle was accidentally left in neutral as the operator left to pick up debris on the ground. Vehicle rolled hitting another car and then continued until it struck the staircase of a house. One party transported to the hospital.

Party called to report there are several warrants on a party and that he is located in Winthrop. Party said that he owns a gun but not a LTC. A check of the party revealed there are five warrants. Officers will attempt to locate subject. Calling party stated that she was the sister of the suspect and witnessed him involved in a domestic several days earlier. Caller was asked why she did not call the police at the time of the previous incident which occurred in another jurisdiction. She then became irate and stated that she did not have to justify herself to me and then hung up. A call back to the caller for more information went unanswered. Units responded to the reported location and the party was not located.

94 called in for a possibility of teens drinking in the area of Terrace Avenue. Units were able to locate the involved parties. Police request medical.

Caller on Shirley Street states there was a few people on his property. They cause damage to his property. They are now running towards the yacht club. Parties matching the description located at the corner of Shirley and Beacon street. Unit went back to the reported area of the incident. There was no proof at this time that the parties had caused any damage to the property. Caller stated that one may have been urinating but no proof of that found. Unfounded at this time.

Party on Putnam Street stated that the bar is playing loud music with all the windows open. Units believe they have an entertainer license but units are going down there to make sure it is active. Spoke to the manager and told them to turn the music down.


Saturday, May 12

Caller on Atlantic Street stated he saw three male parties on foot looking into vehicles. Units clear, no car breaks on the street. Services rendered.

Party on Putnam Street reports a male party tried to break into the business after it was closed. Units met with the owner of the business who is showing 95 where the party went. Units clear, search of the home came up negative. Units may do a follow-up to seek video evidence.

Caller on Vine Avenue reports a male party is acting aggressively beeping his horn and yelling for over 10 minutes. Units clear, peace restored. Party will sit on his porch.

Motor vehicle accident at Shirley and Irwin Streets. Vehicle struck multiple parked cars and a fence. Property on Shirley Street has damage to a fence. Utility pole at Sturgis and Shirley was also struck. Street sign on Sturgis was also taken down. Vehicle towed. National Grid on the scene. Deemed pole safe and will have a supervisor on scene Monday.

Caller on Bellevue Avenue states an incident of larceny. Caller stated the home was left unlocked. Caller also knows a person of interest. Tried numerous call backs with no answer and unit is unable to get into the building.

Party on Golden Drive states that two teenage boys are acting weird and running around the complex. Unit drove around the entire complex with nothing showing.

Caller on Irwin Street states an older woman is acting weird and the caller is worried for her well being. Possibly under the influence. Units spoke to the party involved and she is okay and had no issues.

Report of loud party going on on Prospect Avenue. Units report no music coming from the houses near the address.


Sunday, May 13

Caller on Beal Street states the house behind her is playing loud music and having a large party. Unit reports they spoke with the female party and she rents at this location. Units have been there several times. She was advised to turn down the music and keep it down for the night and she said she will. Units clear.

Party on Court Road states a female party is acting strange and would like a unit to check the area. Unit reports the party in question is possibly on the beach. Unit reports they spoke to the female party and she was just walking her cat on the beach.

Party came to the station with his table to show two suspicious female suspects that were outside his house on two occasions. No crime has been committed but the reporting party fears that they will break into his house and rob his valuables. When I attempted to get the reporting party’s information for this entry, he walked out. Apparently not that concerned.

Party came in to report finding some 94C twists near the marsh at the end of Fairview Avenue.

Caller on Pebble Avenue reports a loud stereo coming from her next door neighbor’s house. Homeowner turned the music down. Peace was restored in the neighborhood.

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