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Supports commission

Dear Editor:

When we look around our town, we can see that things are changing. Over the past two decades, Winthrop has welcomed communities of different colors and faiths: among our friends, family and neighbors, as well as our customers, colleagues and classmates.  All across America, these same changes are happening: sadly, not all communities are adapting and we are seeing a worrying uptick in acts of bigotry.  So we find ourselves at a crossroads: what kind of town does Winthrop want to be?  Will we accept and embrace these demographic changes, showing both residents and outsiders that Winthrop welcomes diversity, that we see our strengths in our differences, and that we are committed to fostering a genuinely inclusive environment?

It’s with these challenges in mind that One Winthrop fully supports the establishment of a Human Rights or Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility Commission. Most towns in Massachusetts already have such commissions, whose missions vary according to need. One Winthrop believes our commission could improve hiring and human resource practices, encourage communities of color, women, and other marginalized groups to participate more fully, assist residents and employees with resources and advice in suspected cases of discrimination, and provide educational and training opportunities.

One Winthrop is ready to commit to this important development. Join us in making our seaside town even more welcoming and inclusive.

Sincerely yours,

Sylvia Whiting

Stephanie Recchia

Julia Prange-Wallarce

Leonora Foley-Shah

One Winthrop

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