Police Blotter 04-12-2018

Monday, April 2

Caller from the Cummings School reports that there is a motor vehicle blocking access to the buses and is unoccupied. The owner moved the vehicle.

Party reports that there are vehicles parked on both sides of Cross Street, making traffic difficult. Clear, no illegally parked vehicles. Traffic and emergency vehicles can get by.

Motor vehicle trespass tow from Governors Park.

Attempt made to serve license revocation to subject on Shirley Street. Clear, no service made, party no longer lives at this address.


Tuesday, April 3

Party came to the station to report that his license plate was stolen. The gentleman just realized that the plate was missing when he started receiving notices from EZ pass.

Caller on Shore Drive states that she left a message for ACO and has not received a call back. She states a neighbor’s dog has been barking for approximately three hours. She also states that this happens continuously. The party called back as the dog has stopped barking. No need for a unit.

Resident on Locust Street states a large, yellow front-loader truck has been idling in the street for a while. It is blocking traffic, and no one is attending to it. Yard work is being done. There is a back hoe on scene and they were advised to park it in the driveway. The street is now opened.

Officer with a defendant on Edward Street to retrieve some of his belongings from the home. All parties agreed it was okay to have a vehicle towed from this property.

Citation issued for no parking anytime on Main Street.

Citation issued for parking on the crosswalk at Jefferson Street and Woodside Avenue. This was blocking the intersection as well as a handicap.


Wednesday, April 4

Officer off with MBTA that has the call police sign on. It was accidental. Driver of the bus is unaware of how to shut off the sign.

Caller on Sturgis Street reports she found a hypodermic needle and would like an officer to retrieve it. Syringe was picked up and disposed of.

Report that a car is blocking driveway on Shirley Street. Motor vehicle towed to G&J.

Officer attempted to serve warrant to subject on Pauline Street. Unable to locate subject at this time.

Caller states that in the vicinity of Chester Avenue, a red pickup truck has been parked for several hours with a male party inside. No violations at this time.

Caller on Marshall Street reports there is a pocketbook on the lawn with its contents scattered all over the lawn and a broken porch light. Caller states it looks suspicious. No ID in the bag. Officer will be taking it back to the station.

Female in a black jacket is wandering in the area of Elliot and Shirley Streets. She looks very confused.

Officers will be going off assisting with a custody exchange and living arrangements on Wave Way Avenue. Officers have spoke to all the family members and all parties he been advised of their rights. Parties know the rules. There is a court order and peace has been restored at this point.

Party came to the station to report continued harassment with the second-floor resident. Party is concerned as she has been made to be afraid in her own home. Party was advised of her rights and wants this on the record for now.


Thursday, April 5

Caller on Revere Street stated that her landlord is harassing her concerning her children making noises. She states they are on 94C. This is an ongoing issue. 92 and S4 report they spoke to the calling party, and this is a landlord/tenant dispute.

Party from Replica Services needs vehicle moved on Bowdoin Street in order to drop a dumpster to a resident. Company was able to place the dumpster.

Check parking conditions at Irwin and Shirley Street. Clear, no illegally parked vehicles at this time.

Attempt to serve warrant service to individual on Pauline Street.

Manhole cover is off on Winthrop Street. 92 confirms manhole cover is off and DPW has been notified.

Caller on Hale Avenue reports that there are two cars illegally parked on the street. Officer did tag one vehicle for parking on a private way.

Caller on Grovers Avenue is requesting police for a suspicious package containing a cell phone. Caller believes if may be part of a scam/larceny. He already opened the package. Clear, report to follow.

Repo tow at Governors Park.


Friday, April 6

Gas tanker truck is stuck on Terrace Avenue and cannot make the turn onto Shirley Street. The truck is blocking the whole street. The vehicle cannot back up or he will hit two vehicles that are parked there. Unit was able to have the truck get down the street and talked to the driver about which route to take.

Hit and run on Main Street. Party left before exchanging papers. Caller will come to the station or call when she gets home from work to make a report.

Minor motor vehicle accident on Crest Avenue. Party screaming at people in the street. Papers were exchanged.

Well-being check on individual on Kennedy Road. Party has bed at Lighthouse in Revere. Granddaughter is on her way. Everything is fine and she will contact Lighthouse.


Saturday, April 7

Report of a motor vehicle accident at Shirley and Cross Streets. Unit reports it was not an accident. The vehicle was missing a wheel. The owner has contacted a private tow and waiting for the tow company.

Two motor vehicles were issued citations for parking in a no-park zone on Jefferson Street.

Caller is requesting a well being check on 73-year-old female to confirm she is okay. She does not drive a car but she does do some walking. Police and fire made entry. Party was not home. She was found walking home. East Boston Health Center has been updated.

WFD requesting police for victim of past assault. Officer off at Irwin Street with involved party. Victim did not stay on scene at the fire station. No ID able to be made. Officer will check the area and try to locate. One party identified and attached. The victim could not be identified and left prior to officer’s arrival. All units clear.

Officer was flagged down by bus driver for unruly passenger at Pauline and Pleasant Street. One in custody for PC. Male party from earlier call. May be providing a false name. Officers will investigate further during booking. Unable to book as prisoner us uncooperative. He was placed in cell in handcuffs.

Report of a silver car running in front of Massa Playground for the last 15 minutes with no one inside. Vehicle comes back to a nearby address. The owner had just changed the fluids in the vehicle and was letting it run.

Caller reports a group of kids just climbed under the fence and may be tampering with the containers at Miller Field. Units checked both sides of Miller Field and nothing showing.

Vehicle issued a citation for no parking any time on Pleasant Street.


Sunday, April 8

Caller on Shirley Street state a minivan with livery plates blocking her driveway. Parking ticket issued for blocked driveway. Owner can still drive in and out of her driveway.

Caller is a longtime friend of the party in question on Bowdoin Street and she is unable to make contact with her and is concerned for her well-being. She is 90 years old and lives alone. She does not want a forced entry but would like to see if she is home and if so, have her call. Caller stated that some time she does go for brunch so that is why forced entry is not wanted. Officer made contact with the party in question. She states she was busy, and will call the reporting party back.

Party reports a hit and run on Beal Street. Would like to speak to an officer. Reporter states that his son-in-law witnessed the accident. Report to follow.

Report of a needle in the grass area between the front bushes and public sidewalk on Golden Drive. Needle was found and disposed of properly. No sign of other needles in the area.

Calling party reports that his girlfriend is outside the police station at the bus stop. She is waiting for a bus to go home. Female party lives across the street, possibly intoxicated. Medical notified. Female refused medical. She had too much alcohol to drink. Her boyfriend came and took her home.

Report of a two-car accident with no injuries at the bridge on Main Street. Boston also notified. Unit on scene and the accident happened in Boston. Unit staying on the scene momentarily while Boston responds. Boston arrived and took over the accident.

Calling party on Buchanan Street reports a white male sitting on someone’s front steps bleeding. Units found a staircase with a little blood on them. Units investigated the area and questioned people in the area and nothing was showing.

Caller called in to report that there was a motor vehicle hit and run on Woodside Avenue. Both parties were found and exchanged paperwork. Services were rendered.

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