WHS Drama Society Heads to State Finals Again

For the second year in a row, the Winthrop High School Drama Society has been selected for the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild state finals. Competing against 13 other schools from across the Commonwealth, the drama society will perform their original adaptation of Christopher Marlowe’s Elizabethan tragedy, “Faustus.”

The cast includes a total of 17 students and a handful of crew members, who have dedicated the past six weeks to writing the script and designing the set and costumes. Stephen Tracy and Jackson Tolliver created an original composition for the live music piece, and Izzy Regis took the lead on costume design.

Adding his own unique twist to the character Dr. Faustus, Ian Page will play the lead role, along with the seven deadly sins, played by Jay Dolan, Josh Boudrow, Samantha Long, Olivia Festa, Micaela Grimes, Fiona MacPhail, and Maria Tracy. Ensemble cast includes: Max Correia, Gianna Doherty, Molly Girard, Rhiannon Moline, Jared Owen, Zara Powell, and Kiera Turner.

In a colorful spin to the story, Lucifer will be played by Allison Earl. Maxwell Stimpson will play the role of Mephistophilis.

“From a costume standpoint, this is the most fun I’ve had,” said Costume Designer, Izzy Regis, who is headed to Boston University in the fall to pursue costume design.

Broken up into several sessions over a period of three days, the students will have an opportunity to mingle with fellow drama society members from other high schools.

“There is more to look at with this show,” said Stage Manager Cat Grimes, who thrives behind the scenes, when she is queuing the performers.  “It’s a grander set.”

Last year, the WHS drama society came in first place for their unique adaptation and performance of Antigone, which has been described as more of a family drama. And just a couple of weeks ago, they competed against 112 other schools in the semi-finals round, landing their spot amongst the top 14.

“This show is more visually dramatic,” said Page, who struggled with finding a balance between the traits that he shared with Dr. Faustus and the ones that he didn’t. “The audience gets to watch the journey unfold.”

Making sure they stayed within the guidelines of the competition, the cast and crew had to make sure that the performance stayed under 40 minutes, which was no easy task, however; having control over the script has allowed them to keep up with the required pace.

“I’m really proud of the group,” said Drama teacher, Karen Calinda. “I think with this performance, there is excellence across so many levels. The acting, lighting, stage managing, and costume design require different skills, but all the students have worked together to execute it with greatness.”

On Saturday, March 24, at 3 p.m., the WHS drama society will take the stage at the Back Bay Events Center once again.

For more information on tickets, please go to: www.metg.org.

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