Highest Paid Municipal Employees:Police Lt David Lessard Tops Salary List

Once again Winthrop Police Lt. David Lessard tops the town’s salary list for calendar year 2017. He made a total of $195,464 with $32,863 from overtime pay and $60,515 in police detail pay.

Following him is Police Chief and Town Manager Terrance Delehanty, who wore both hats during 2017 and earned $172,474.

Former Town Manager James McKenna came in third on the list with earnings of $152,659. K-9 officer David Brown came in with a paycheck totaling $146,723 with 21,864 in overtime and $49,973. Coming in fifth position is police sergeant Nancy Dalrymple with $143,723 with $28,807 coming from overtime and $27,283 from detail work. Fire Chief Paul Flanagan earned $138,505. Lt. Paul DeLeo earned $132,015 with $10,649 from overtime and $26,376 from police details.

Department of Public Works head Steve Calla earned $128,832. Firefighter Edwin MacDonald Jr. earned $126,108 with $37,673 coming from overtime and $1,303 came from details and $4,734 from other. Police Officer Ignacio Oyola earned $126,007 with $16,840 from overtime and $33,604 detail work.

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