Changes to the Winthrop Arms are Here

Friday, March 2, 2018
By Kate Anslinger

Operations Manager of the Winthrop Arms Hotel and Restaurant, Casey Goll, knows exactly how to make his customers happy, which is why he is on a mission to expand the clientele while also continuing to cater to the current, faithful customers.

As of March 1, the restaurant will no longer be serving lunch, and instead there will be more of a focus on the dinner options. The menu, which will undergo a bit of a face-lift, will now offer 12 items, instead of the 65 that have been available for the last several years. Along with the new focus of the menu, the available items will be specially plated: however, Goll will continue to take pride in the meals by purchasing only the highest-quality ingredients.

“We’ve been buying the best quality food for years, and now the menu is going to match that,” said Goll, who would like to see the atmosphere become more vivacious.

For those who have been loyal to the historical restaurant for years, there is no reason to fret, as Goll plans on keeping some of the staples on the menu, and there will be a continuous rotation of specials available based on the time of year, keeping the options fresh.

“Doc’s Pot Pies,” have become quite the go-to dish and they will rightfully continue to stand by their reputation and be readily available. The pies have been favored by customers for 30 years, and due to popular demand they are a daily offering on the menu, expanding beyond the original availability of only Tuesdays and Thursdays. Other dishes such as Chicken Amanda, the blackened salmon and the famous pork chops will continue to make appearances on the list of available options.

The enhanced menu will also include appetizers that customers can’t part with, including the baked stuffed mushrooms, coconut shrimp topped with honey ginger sauce, and the clams casino. Two salads and two burgers will be a constant on the list as well.

Goll said he is very aware of the favorites of his regular customers, and will continue to strive to make them happy.

“Linda and I love going to the Arms,” said Town Council President  Ron Vecchia, who is a dedicated regular. “The staff treats you like family. We usually hang in the pub, order the clam appetizers, which are the best anywhere. They have one of the best American burgers around. The Arms is like being home.”

Goll is constantly thinking ahead about the restaurant.

“Years down the road, I want to see this restaurant as a reason for people to come into Winthrop,” said Goll who believes there is a certain historical element that makes it unique.”

The Winthrop Arms Restaurant and Hotel was purchased on Oct. 1, 1978, by Dave Goll, also known as  “The Doctor,” who is responsible for building and cultivating the establishment that it has today. Most commonly referred to as a “hidden gem with historical flare,” the Winthrop Arms dinner hours will remain the same, and the dining room and bar will be open 4 p.m.-10 p.m. seven days a week, with brunch on Sundays, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Takeout orders can be placed through Grubhub and Uber Eats.

“While our menu is changing and the presentation will be different, the quality will remain the same or be even better,” said Goll, who is hoping to see some new faces walk through the door. “We stand by all the products we serve, and we want to make sure customers are satisfied like they have been for the last 40 years.”

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