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Dear Editor:

I could not be there this evening because I am out of the state. However, it was of the upmost importance for me first to convey my opinion as well as the recommendation of Town Manager review committee of which I chaired in Tom Reilly’s  absence in a public meeting on Feb. 7.

As most of you know I have had the opportunity to work with Terry Delehanty, not only as a department head but as the interim town manager. Terry has shown me in both positions the leadership and skills that he brings to the table. But at this juncture let me discus the town manager position.

Terry came into this interim position as the former town manager Jim Mckenna was transitioning from that position and weeks later, former Council President Bob Driscoll left his position. The quote at that time from Terry to me was “I’ll do whatever I need to do for the town” and has delivered that promise.

Since then the Town Manager Review Committee had gone through a number of resumes as well as multiple interviews. As those interviews progressed a good sense of strength and leadership was realized. It became more apparent to me, as well as “the committee” that the right person was sitting in the position right now.

That person is Terry Delehanty. He has not only proven his leadership skills to me but also has demonstrated those skills to town department heads, employees and especially to the public in which he would serve. In a short time, Terry has expanded that confidence and trust at every turn.

Again, having the skills to be a town manager and having the experience and knowledge of the town was very apparent to me and the committee. It is with great confidence that I ask you to support your council president’s recommendation to negotiate and make Terrence Delehanty our next town manager.

Sincerely and respectfully submitted, Russ Sanford

Former Council president.

Town Manager Review Committee member.

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