Letters to the Editor

Friday, February 2, 2018
By Transcript Staff


Dear Editor:

I would like to commend and thank the Winthrop Fire Department for their outstanding work during the recent storm that caused severe flooding in Winthrop.

I had clients from Winthrop in my office that had severe flooding in their home. I called the Fire Department for assistance on their behalf. The Fire Department responded on three occasions to pump out the water and secure the building for my clients.

Under terrible conditions and pressing matters all over the town, the Fire Department operated in an exemplary way. The residents of Winthrop should be very proud of them.

Very truly yours,

Robert A. Indresano


Thank you Winthrop Chamber and the Winthrop Community

Dear Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to again thank the Winthrop Chamber of Commerce and the Winthrop Community for the “Past Distinguished Service Award.

This is so special to me because it comes from the town where I work and live.

On a special note I would like to say “thank you” to my son Chris who left the Winthrop School System as a guidance counselor five years ago to join the Winthrop Marketplace.

Chris is an integral part of our team in bringing in new items and helps with the operation of every department.

Chris, thank you for all you do, and now you have become the teacher and I the student.

Thank You

Marc Wallerce

Winthrop Marketplace



Dear Editor:

Hello again! My name is Stephen C. Hines and I am the sales manager at a real estate office in Back Bay. More important than my professional role, I am the proud grandson of Linda & Peter Daniels and Shirley & Stanley Hines, lifelong and dedicated Winthrop residents. My grandparents played a uniquely important role in my upbringing and I have had a front-row seat in understanding the specific issues facing our aging community members here in town.

This week I attended an energetic and fun (call me crazy) neighborhood meeting for Precinct 5, The Center. This meeting was organized by our Precinct Councilor, Peter Christopher and featured a fantastic presentation by Acting Town Manager Delehanty. Residents of 5 had an opportunity to air their frustration with the lack of transparency and communication in our residential development process, as well as a brief moment of common understanding among folks with very different points of view.

During the meeting, I was able to speak up and share some poignant facts on behalf of our older residents. My professional role in residential real estate, coupled with my strong relationships with my grandparents have given me a strong understanding of the difficult housing situation our treasured parents and grandparents are facing.

Many of these folks are still living in their family homes, long after their ability to maintain them, or utilize them to their full potential. Through my work, I have met residents unable to access the second or third floors of their homes. Many of them have actually moved bedrooms and bathrooms into common living spaces like living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens. The heartbreaking truth is that Winthrop lacks a particular diversity in housing options. Health issues and physical mobility restrictions create a dire need for condominium options with elevators or no stairs and handicapped accessible features.

I have met many of our older residents who feel trapped in their homes. Unwilling to leave Winthrop for more-accessible housing options elsewhere, and unable to sell because there is nowhere to go here in town. If for no other reason at all, I plead with my younger neighbors: Please support responsible and transparent residential development. This is one the most important issues facing Winthrop, and I speak for each and every concerned grandson here in town when I say we’re counting on you.


Stephen Hines, Precinct 6

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