Miller Field Will be Ready for Thanksgiving Day Game

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

You can almost hear the roar of the Vikings crowd roll down the new Miller Field because it will be ready for Thanksgiving Day football.

Councilor and field committee member James Letterie said the press box, pre-assembled, has arrive and was placed atop the home bleachers.

“They continue to work on the home and visitor bleachers,” he said.

The asphalt installation for the track has begun, and will be put down in two phases and will take a couple of weeks. After the installation there is a 21-day curing period.

“After that they will be able to put down the final traffic surface,” Letterie explained.

But the most exciting news for the project is the installation of the turf, which Letterie said should begin going in on Oct. 10. When the turf installation begins it will start at the 50-yard line.

“The plan is to get two work crews to make it go a little bit faster,” Letterie said. “They can both start at the 50-yard line and work to the end zones.”

As far as the big day, Lettterie said it was absolutely doable to have the Thanksgiving Day game against Revere. The only parts of the project that won’t be complete is the concession stand and the field house.

The committee plans to go to the Oct. 16 School Committee meeting, and give an updated presentation on the Miller Field project. The $9.8 million project is funded from a debt-exclusion override and also addressed flooding issues at Lewis Lake, Veterans Road and the Winthrop Golf Course.

Miller’s Field is named in honor of the first World War I soldier from Winthrop. His name was William Miller, 1890-1918 and lived at 210 Pauline St.

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