Nominations Finalized for Nov 7 Ballot

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

Town Clerk Carla Vitale has finalized the nominations for the Nov. 7 ballot. The following candidates are running for office.

Running for council president are Richard N. Boyajian, Jeffrey Rosario Turco and Ronald V. Vecchia.

For councilor-at-large: Michael P. Lucerto and Robert A. DeMarco are running.

For councilor in Precinct 1, Michael McDuffee will run unopposed, as will Nick LoConte who will run unopposed in Precinct 3.

There is a race for councilor in Precinct 5 between Peter Christopher and Steve Koutalakis.

Running for Housing Authority are Frederick Silck III, Peter Gill, Maria Matarazzo, Peter Burke Jr. and Vincent Wisniewski Jr.

Candidates for School Committee are James Fabiano, Jennifer Powell, John Lyons and Brian Perrin.

Running for library trustee are Virginia Wallace, Gillian Teixeira and Betty Peabody.

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