Town Moves Forward with Traffic Work in Center

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

The Town Council made the next step in the Winthrop Center Revitalization Project. If all goes as planned, from Sept. 1 to Nov. 1 police, DPW and engineers will be working with traffic patterns and volume in the center district.

“This is the ideal time because there won’t be any construction,” said DPW Director Steve Calla, adding that this project will cause big disruptions.”

The council voted to send the plan to the Council’s DPW and will make a decision at the Aug. 15 council meeting.

The town will be reaching out to residents and business owners to educate them about the project and work on any issues.

“The plan is made to shake out the details,” said Police Chief Terence Delehanty. “Deliveries will have to be wheeled in from Pauline Street.”

As part of the project, Hagman Road will become a pedestrian way. Road closures will be tested and the direction of Adams Street will be tested.

The council approved the master plan for the center district in April.

Crews have already been working on infrastructure replacing gas and water and mains. This will allow for further development, which is expected to include housing and retail space. Plans also call for an increase green space.

Two weeks ago, Gov. Charlie Baker presented a $2.38 million MassWorks grant to town officials for the center business district infrastructure work. Town Manager James McKenna said the total project will be $8.5 million and will take two years. There will also be borrowed an additional $500,000 to be able to bury the electrical lines on Woodside Road.

“So far we have secured $5 million in funds,” said Town Manager James McKenna.

The project will be paid for through the MassWorks grant, zero percent loans from the MWRA, and Chapter 90 funds.

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