Winthrop High School Science Wing Dedicated to Dr Richard Tacelli

By Kate Anslinger

Tacelli family members gather around Mrs. Patricia Bruen Tacelli, center seated, for the dedication of the science wing at the Winthrop High School.

Forty-five years after Dr. Richard Tacelli stopped teaching high school science, he was honored in an emotional dedication ceremony at the new Winthrop High School. His passion for educating students about nature can now be shared everyday in the science wing that holds six state-of-the-art classrooms.

Not only was Tacelli committed to preserving the natural world and sharing that love with his students, but he also left his mark on many people along the way, due to his exceptional knack for listening and understanding his student’s strengths.

Tacelli had a natural tendency to be fair with everyone he encountered in life and he believed in a hands-on approach in the classroom. Several of these accounts were shared by family members, including a grape-eating monkey that resided in his classroom and the countless beehives that his students could actively monitor.

“It’s so emotional to see everyone here,” said Dr. Tacelli’s wife, Patricia Bruen Tacelli, as she thanked the many guests at the dedication ceremony.

Today, Tacelli’s legacy will live on and serve as an inspiration for students who seek the same passion for nature and science. In Dr. Tacelli’s words…”We helped a lot of people. We did a lot of good in this Town.”

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