Police Blotter 06-15-2017

Monday, June 5

Essex Regional called regarding shoplifting on Shirley Street. Officer was flagged down by owner of the Quick Mart where that male party took off on foot. They have a male party in custody under arrest for unarmed robbery, threat to commit a crime and larceny of property $250 or less.

Caller stated that the lights are out on Main Street at the intersection near the Mobile gas station. Cars are almost getting into accidents. K9 was sent to this call per headquarters and reports he drove up to Harvard Street to check the lights and they are working.

Party on Veterans Road reports that her brother was taken by ambulance on Friday to MGH and he has also been discharged. She has not been able to reach him and would like a uint to do a well being check. Unit reports the door was unlocked and they announced themselves. Made entry and checked the whole residence and no one is home.

Report of a two year old child choking on Grovers Avenue. Fire and Cataldo was dispatched. Unit was dispatched and when the unit arrived, the child was conscious and alert.

Report of banging on Shirley Street. People are being loud upstairs Unit stated he spoke to the party and advised them to speak to the landlord. Also spoke with the other party.

Tuesday, June 6

Assisted Wakefield detective on Trident Avenue. Clear, no one answered the door.

General disturbance on Shirley Street. Party was on the phone screaming. Spoke to both parties. Landlord/tenant dispute over laundry. Advised both parties to stay away from each other.

Report of a deceased skunk by the sidewalk on Sewall Avenue. ACO contacted and will respond.

Motor vehicle accident at Winthrop and Centre Street. Caller stated she did not want medical. It was a minor accident. Officer assisted with paper exchange. All parties were advised of their rights.

Motor vehicle accident on Highland Avenue. Motorcycle involved. WFD and EMS responding. Officer states operator crashed his bike and did not strike another vehicle. No tow needed. Operator of the motorcycle putting the bike on the back of his friend’s truck and taking it home.


Wednesday, June 7

Property manager came to the station to report giving notice to police that subject has been served a no trespass notice of the property and it has been posted on the property as well.

Possible abandoned motor vehicle at Shore Drive and Irwin Street. Also car alarm going off. Officer stated it was a rental commercial vehicle. State Police were notified.

Officer was flagged down by citizen on Shore Drive that a man was down sleeping on the beach drunk. Nothing showing in the area.

Owner on Revere Street stated that a vehicle was parked in front of his shop for a couple of hours. Officer will tag the vehicle for 15 minutes.

Report of a dead raccoon in the middle of the road on Sewall Avenue 91 stated raccoon is located on the curb. DPW was notified to see if they could pick it up. If not, called ACO when he arrives later to see if he could pick it up. They were both notified.

Report of construction company doing bizarre work on Shore Drive. Officer spoke to the lead person and they will be shutting it down and move the equipment off the sidewalk. They will bag everything up.

Officer dropped off two red boxes of hypodermic needles at the fire station on Pauline Street.

Walk-in from Coral Avenue to report a past A&B. EBDC sent him to the station to file charges. We attempted to solve the situation. Will be setting up a hearing in East Boston Court.

Assisted Off. 941 with a fight that he broke up on Shirley Street. One male party fled, other party with the officer. Officer stated it was a neighbor dispute from Coral Avenue to Shirley Street. Spoke to one of the parties and did not want to press charges, just would like to be left alone. Officer 93 spoke to the sister of the male party and stated he could be in the area of Forrest Street. No other information given as to where on Forrest Street. Shore Drive at Forrest Street, looking for vehicle that was left unoccupied. Off. Jaworski will be keeping a close eye on vehicle.

Officer off on Sargent Street for a dispute. Not requesting any other units to respond. Clear, minor dispute between both parties and they were advised to stay away from each other.

Party on Moore Street states there is a Dent Wizard van parked half way on the sidewalk and it has been there for two days. Officer reports that the vehicle has moved.

On Revere Street by Upland Road, there is a small blue and yellow car with flat tires which appears to be abandoned. Vehicle has no plates and the VIN number was run and does not come back to anything. G&J will respond. Vehicle was previously registered out of Florida. It is unregistered and appears to be abandoned.

There is a 15 minute parking on Revere Street and there is a blue Honda that has been parked there for hours and he does it every day. Officer observed three vehicles parked in the 15 minute zone. Will time and tag if needed Officer cited the blue Honda in question.

Fire lieutenant stated there is a car, no description parked on Cutler and Shirley Street at the corner. The engine cannot make the turn. Owner lives on Cutler Street. Officer will attempt to make contact and have the vehicle moved. Vehicle was moved and officer issued a parking citation.

Boston contacted us over BAPERN. Three juvenile males about 15 years old, with knives, wearing baggy pants on Deer Island walk. Unknown which area. Called in by passerby to Boston. Units responded and State notified. Updated information that the parties are on the ocean side. WPD officers and MSP checked the area and could not locate the juveniles.


Thursday, June 8

Motor vehicle stop on Shore Drive and Wave Way Avenue. Unit issued citation for speeding. The operator was advised.

Caller on Washington Avenue states that on the east side of the parking lot by the fence there are several hypodermic needles. Officer stated that he walked the whole length of both parking lots and nothing showing. Reporting party states that the syringes are on the high tide side of the parking lot, close to the Elks building. Two Sharps have been recovered and put in appropriate containers and taken back to the station.

Caller on Upland Road states as he was putting his trash out he found a bike that appeared to be dumped there. Officer reports that the bike was not duped that it belonged to a person in the building.

Officer off with a party who flagged him down for a hit and run on Crest Avenue. Minor damage to the rear break lights. He spoke to the driver and was advised to prepare proper paperwork.

Caller on Main Street states that a store manager told someone to call police. No further information. 70 year old male going to the hospital with cut on his leg from plastic bin in the hardware store.

Follow-up investigation at Winthrop High School.

Caller on Sea Foam Avenue reports a motor vehicle blocking the hydrant. Officer reports that the vehicle is to completely obstructing the hydrant but will be putting a sticker on it.

Parking complaint on Shirley Street. People putting up orange cones for parking spots. Officer will be removing the cones. A resident was advised that there is no reserving spots on public streets.

Reporting party on Cliff Avenue states that a car is illegally parked on the street. The vehicle is parked in the wrong direction. Owner is coming out to move the car and officer will wait until vehicle is moved and then clear. Owner was not located and the vehicle was ticketed.

Assisted fire with traffic while investigating an alarm on Woodside Avenue.

Calling party is an insurance agent. He was on the phone with an individual that lives on Charles Street. While talking with her she was threatening another woman in the background. He would like a well being check. Everyone was fine.

Report of a car blocking driveway on Lincoln Street. Caller cannot get out of her driveway. Owner is moving his vehicle.

Caller on Bartlett Road states that a light brown and white dog off his leash. Owner does not appear to begin the vicinity. Dog does have tags. The owner came out and found her dog.


Friday, June 9

Motor vehicle stop on Shirley Street. Citation given for stop sign and speeding.

Party on South Main Street reporting that his neighbor is using leaf blower for last 20 minutes. Officer spoke to the subject ad he will stop using leaf blower this early.

Party states that there are two are parked at Court and Circuit Road and making it hard for traffic to get by. Vehicles moved prior to officer’s arrival.

Caller on Crest Avenue states there is a woman who is disheveled and shuffling as if she is struggling to walk. She is approximately 50 years old. 93 states he checked the area and subject not found.

93 reports he was flagged down by a citizen at Revere and Crest Avenue for a disabled motor vehicle. Driver is attempting to get it started. G&J Tow is enrollee for a truck tow. G&J was cancelled on scene as the owner is going to make his own arrangements to get the car moved off the street.

Report that three cars are parked facing the wrong way at Coughlin Park. Unit reports the cars were moved prior to his arrival.

Detail officer pulled over a car for marked lane violation on Bartlett Road. He issued a citation.

High School kids are hanging out on neighbor’s lawn on Franklin Street. Unit spoke to some of the kids and they are on their way.

Caller on Veterans Road states an unwanted person who may be intoxicated. She stated that the police were there before for the same individual. Second call, the woman reports he left but stated he was banging on the door. May be still in the vicinity and is extremely drunk. Unit reports one in custody and given a trespass notice.

Two dogs on the loose in the vicinity of Paine Street. Both not violent. Dogs were reunited with the owner.

Group of four to five males on the upper level of the garage on Pond Street. They do not belong there. K9 is talking with the group of five who were just talking and looking at the ocean.

Five kids messing around on top of dugouts at Winthrop High School. Unit said he spoke with the calling party who stated that the youths took off when he tried to talk to them. Units are searching the area. When speaking with the custodian, who spoke with the youths also, said that they took off in the direction of Shirley Street. Area search negative.

Female came in from Shirley Street to report that someone keyed her motor vehicle that was parked in front of her home.

Vehicles moved out of Hanford Park and units are going to walk into the park.

Calling party states that there is a male party passed out on the driver side of a vehicle at Putnam Place. Unit reports he was cleared by medical and leaving the area.

Officer off with suspicious motor vehicle on Kennedy Road.


Saturday, June 10

Calling party at Governors Park state that a bunch of kids next to the tennis courts playing football and being loud. Unit stated that the individuals were leaving the area.

Motor vehicle stop on Shirley Street. Citation issued for headlight violation. Female party got out of the car and was hiding behind a vehicle.

911 hangup from Lincoln Street. 90 year old female with difficulty in breathing. Units report fire and Action on scene and patient will be transferred to Boston Medical Center.

Caller states that there is an injured duck at the bottom of the stairs at Yirrell Beach. She believes his wing may be broken. ACO has injured duck and he is enrollee to Animal Rescue League to have it evaluated.

Report of a past assault/bullying. Report to follow.

Bike units called in regarding smoke showing from house on Maryland Avenue. Fire notified.

Neighbor on Cliff Avenue threatening to kill her dog. 93 spoke to all parties and peace was restored.

Caller on Cutler Street states that party is making threats and stating that she will get her father to “beat him up.” It was an argument over buying shoes at the mall. Party was advised to cease contact with each other.

Complaint of dogs off leash at Ingleside Park.

Party at Sargent and Johnson Avenue called complaining of the one way sign missing. He was advised due to the construction the officers had to send traffic up that way at times. DPW was contacted and reported that the sign was just knocked down on Friday but that it would be replaced this week ASAP.

Party walked in and stated that he has viewed a commercial vehicle on the end of Townsend he does not recognize and it looks suspicious. 92 searched the area and the motor vehicle has moved.

Caller states that a bus has flashing lights that say “call police” and emergency sign on . First caller stated it was on Washington and Pleasant. Second caller said in front of the police station. Unit behind bus on Hermon Street and the bus did stop and pick up passengers by the Cummings School. Spoke with the bus operator and it was an accidental trip.

Five cars parked on both sides of Linden Street making it hard to get up and down the street. There is no signage stating no parking on both sides of the street but it is impassable at this time. Will try to have some of the vehicles moved. The vehicles are being moved.

Assisted WFD with a dog they rescued from the water on Shirley Street. ACO also on the scene.

Calling party stated there is a female pushing a baby carriage and possible 94C activity headed towards Coughlin Park. K9 reports there are several females with carriages and they all seem okay.

Party on Main Street reports very loud music coming from in back of the car wash. Party stated that it has been going on for over an hour. Area quiet, parties have left.

Party on Shirley Street states there are two male kids lighting off fireworks in her driveway. Kids had left upon unit’s arrival.

Calling party on Shirley Street states that two men walked into the bar and ordered two drinks and then walked out with the beers. Unit stated that the party did pay for the two beers and then hopped into a car.

Possibly injured white car in the middle of the intersection of Pleasant and Cottage Park Road. ACO is enroute. Unit reports that the cat turned out to b e a possum. ACO has custody of the possum.

Motor vehicle stop for headlight violation on Veterans Road. Verbal was given.


Sunday, June 11

Motor vehicle stop on Revere Street. Unit gave citation for marked lanes violation. Vehicle tried to pass car in front of him several times.

Unit off with 10 people near the beach on Somerset Avenue.  Backup is on the way. Units cleared the group of parties.

92 off with a car parked in Winthrop Elks and the car has lights on. Called Elks to see if anything was going on and there is no one picking up the phone.

Party on Walden Street reports there are two to three kids shooting basketballs. unit stated the party left prior to his arrival.

Minor motor vehicle accident at the Public Landing. No hit and run. Party left vehicle information for parked car that was struck.

Caller states that in the vicinity of Main Street there was a small dog with a ribbon that was possibly hit by a motor vehicle. No action required. No ACO available.

Female party at CVS stated that a Ford pickup was driving erratic and almost hit her.

Mother of subject on Beal Street came to the station to report that son went out early this morning around 3 a.m. to the 7 Eleven and never came home.

Calling party at Otis and Whittier Street states there is a motor vehicle parked under a no parking sign and making it hard for emergency vehicles to get down. Party called back stating that the vehicle had moved.

Silver pickup truck parked at the end of Pebble Avenue. Units are cleared and sent two parties on their way.

Motor vehicle stop at Pauline and Hermon Street. Verbal warning for rolling slightly through a stop sign.

Female party from Johnson Avenue came in to report that a former tenant that was evicted came back to return some items to the owner of the home. The owner of the home also came in to report being notified as to what happened and stated that the items that were returned were junk. She would like this logged.

Unit reports group of 7-9 youths in Hanford Park. Unit dispersed the group of youths.

Caller at Governors Park wants to remain anonymous but state there are cars in the back to the building with multiple youths playing music and being loud. Units clear and peace was restored. Youths were sent on their way.

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