Letters to the Editor

What happened to Winthrop?

Dear Editor:

I don’t usually speak up in the town but I feel obligated to comment on the bad behavior of earlier this week. I have admired the efforts and accomplishments of Dawn Sullivan since she stepped up to serve our town and was very surprised and disappointed to learn of her posting about the selection of the Interim School Superintendent. Haven’t we learned yet not to post or email at 3:00 in the morning when we are in an emotional state? And the subsequent drilling a nail in Bob Driscoll’s tire was completely unacceptable behavior. I realize that if this perpetrator thought at all he expected to cause Bob inconvenience and the cost of a tire, but nonetheless he endangered the life, not only of Bob but his family members. If we want the best for our children, and ourselves, start with our own example. Let’s get some perspective here folks!

Barbara T. Flockhart

Winthrop Precinct Four


Mothers Out Front forum

Dear Editor:

Sometimes a special person passes through our town unnoticed.  In March a forum of panelists from Mothers (and Others) Out Front was invited by Suzanne Hitchcock-Bryan to speak in Winthrop about environmental climate change.  Barbara Bishop produced this important show on WCAT.

All of the women who spoke were exceptional in their fields concerning the “challenges of climate change.”  One woman stood out:  Mariama White-Hammond, a minister at Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Jamaica Plain.  Her deliverance about our responsibilities to the environment was both spiritual and practical.  Her gift of words was spellbinding.  Recently (May 14) the Boston Globe article “A Calling for Change” featured Mariama White-Hammond and her mother, a visiting scholar at Harvard Divinity School.   As ministers, both women fight for their communities.  Mariama focuses on social injustice and environmental issues, especially climate change, and is often sought out to speak at events that include the Women’s March in January and the Earth Day Rally on Boston Common.

I believe that Mariama White-Hammond will become a future leader for our country and the world in initiating global climate changes to save the environment for the future of our children.

If you are interested in information about Mothers (and Others) Out Front, please contact me at [email protected]

Maryalice Sharkey

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