Police Blotter 01-26-2017

Monday, January 16

Party on Lincoln Street states a couple is refusing to move their car from her spot in the parking lot. Unit stated it was a landlord/tenant dispute over parking. The landlord was advised that this was a civil matter ad the tenants could not be towed or forced to move by WFD. The landlord also wanted a RO placed. WFD advised we could not do that either. The landlord was also advised to contact an attorney or court. Unit stated that the tenants came to the police station to also make a report after the unit left the parking lot. Unit stated that tenants believe that the landlord may have done something to their headlight on their vehicle as it is no longer working. Unit advised them of their rights as well as advising them to contact the court.

A party came to the station with syringe(s). Unit properly disposed of the items.

A motor vehicle stop on Main Street. A verbal given for speeding.

Tuesday, January 17

Party came to the station to report that after using his East Boston Savings Bank debit card at the Cumberland Farms, he received a fraud alert from EBSB indicating an attempt to use the card to purchase $845 at Target as well as three other attempted charges. The card was cancelled and another card issued.

Immediate threat suspension to be served on subject on Court Road per request of the RMV. No service made as nobody was home.

RMV faxed over immediate threat suspension for subject at Governors Park.

Party at Seal Harbor states there is a blue Caddy with its alarm sounding on the hour for the past three days. Officer spoke to the front desk who will pass along the information to the owner of the vehicle.

Large group of young kids apparently getting ready to start a fight over a girl on Shirley Street. It was verbal in nature. The parties were dispersed.

Officer with motor vehicle with three occupants at Hanford Park.

Motor vehicle stop at Pauline and Putnam Street. Citation issued for failure to stop.

Wednesday, January 18

Motor vehicle stop on Pauline Street. Warning issued and driver was advised that his license expires in four days. Driver was also advised to keep his license on his person while operating a motor vehicle.

Assisted WFD with fire in basement on Woodside Avenue.

Black Escalade with Washington plates with two young white males going door to door holding clipboards in the Cottage Park area. Company is known to officers.

Party stated a white male with a clipboard. She does not know if he was on foot or in a vehicle. He came to her door trying to get her information so he could officer her discounts for her energy bill. Party stated she called National Grid and they stated he is not an employee of National Grid. She does not want a police officer to come to her home. She just wanted a police log.

Unit stated male party was served a 209A in hand at the station. Language line was used to review the RO in its entirety.

Caller on Lincoln Street states there is a male party going door to door stating that he works for National Grid. Caller states that the party said he was going in the direction of the park. Unit stated that this has been checked out and is a legit company going door to door. Unit will check out the area to c confirm it is the same company.

Party stated that there is a vehicle that parks on the corner of Vine and Winthrop Street and blasts the car stereo. They left a while we were on the phone. She did not want a unit to come to the house as the party did leave. Unknown plate number. She was advised to call back if they were to return.

Motor vehicle stop on Main Street. Unit stated a citation given for red light violation.

Motor vehicle stop on Pleasant Street. Unit stated that the driver of vehicle was unlicensed. Passenger had an active license and was able to drive the vehicle. Unit advised owner of allowing unlicensed person to drive his vehicle.

Thursday, January 19

Motor vehicle stop on Main Street. Unit gave citation for speeding.

Caller at Governors Park stated that his neighbor is making a lot of noise. Unit stated they spoke to the party and advised to keep it down for the night.

Case manager from Mystic Valley Elder Services is concerned about patient’s well being on Overlook Drive. She only speaks French. Units on the scene speaking with the party. They will try to contact the case worker via phone. 92 reports speaking with the party’s daughter and are attempting to sort the matter out. Units report everything appears to be okay.

A beer truck is parked in the street with the back ramp down and unable to pass on Woodside Avenue. 93 reports traffic can get through. Will stand and assist with traffic flow while the worker finishes his delivery. Officer reports the delivery is complete and the traffic is back to normal.

Officer will be off on a follow-up on Shore Drive. Could not locate the subject.

Man down on Crest Avenue. Assisted with WFD. 93 placed party in a cab and sent him to his parent’s home.

Black electrical box on the Woodside Avenue side of the building is covered in graffiti. Winthrop Engine 1 reports it is a police matter.

Suspicious male going door to door on Read Street asking for paper work and previous bills from individuals. Headquarters called over the air and they are aware of these individuals and will make them aware of this issue.

Party at Cumberland Farms states that a vehicle hit him with his vehicle.

Off with suspicious parties/activities on Read Street. Clear, spoke with the party, he and his company will be less aggressive.

Fire requested police for assistance with an unruly female on Pauline Street. Unit stated party was having a panic attack and needs to refill inhaler. Party is now at the CVS doing so.

Motor vehicle stop at Hanford Park. Four occupants. Verbal, advised not to be in the park at this time, sent on their way.

Friday, January 20

Winthrop 99 is out of town assisting another agency.

Dog running loose on George Street. Owner found her dog.

Party turned in a hotel room key and two Discover cards and expired Red Sox ticket from 2012 which were found inside a donated book to the library.

Syringe found on the ground on Pauline Street. Sharp item removed.

A mail truck is parked in the handicap spot at the Cummings School. Unit stated he spoke with the driver of the vehicle and had the party move the car.

Walk-in from Crest Avenue to report that her neighbor attempted to steal her mail. Unit unable to speak to the party. Unit stated it is a common area and misunderstanding between the parties.

Party came to the station to report her version of what transpired in an altercation in March of 2016.

Caller on Read Street reports a group of kids with a possible BB gun. 92 and 93 responding and off with a group. BB gun has been confiscated from 15 year old. The father will have pick up the teenager at the police station.

Party on Highland and Crest Avenue stated two large pot holes in the middle of the road. DPW notified regarding potholes.

Caller on Belcher Street reports older black Lab reported lost. Message was left for ACO. They are closed on Fridays. Dog’s name is Jake and has tags with owner’s name on them. Dog and owner were reunited.

Social Worker from the Neighborhood Health Center called to report a dementia patient was taken out by her daughter a week ago and now the mother does not want to return. The daughter reports that the mother is now going to live with her. Caller reports that the mother is able to express her wants. However, the caller is concerned that the mother is not getting her medication. There is no address for mother or daughter. The caller will talk the matter over with his staff and may come in to file a missing person report.

Male party needs medical on Palmyra Street. Medical enroute. Party is being sectioned to Beth Israel Hospital.

Motor vehicle accident at Governors and Harvard Street. No injuries. Parties refusing to exchange paperwork. Off-duty officer states altercation at the accident. Aggressor went into the Cumberland Farms store. Both female, mid 30s, one wearing uniform. Unit reports minor damage to the vehicles. Papers have ben exchanged.

Caller on Winthrop Street reports there is a dog that has been dropped off in her back yard. Unsure of who the dog belongs to. This dog was the dog missing from earlier. Owner and dog united.

Caller on Shirley Street states that the neighbors are being loud. Kids screaming and the dog won’t stop barking. Unit stated he spoke with party and they will keep it down for the night.

Saturday, January 21

Motor vehicle stop at Hanford Park. Unit stated both vehicles have left and were advised about the trespass in Hannaford Park.

Caller at Johnson and Somerset Avenue stated that a male is flashing a flashlight at people’s houses. Unit stated they saw one party leaving in a Jeep, but nothing suspicious.

Directed patrol on Woodside Avenue. Unit sated there was a large group at an establishment because the bar is closing. Unit stayed in the area until the bar is clear.

Party came to the station to report that his wallet is missing or lost. Reports that he put it into his drawer last night and he now can not find it today. Party will go back and search his room and call back if he can not locate it. He also stated that he may have lost it on the train last night. He contacted the T police and the lost and found division for the Blue Line. Nothing has been located as yet. The party called back to report that his wallet was found on one of the buses. It has been returned.

Motor vehicle accident with a pedestrian hit on Winthrop Street near Brown’s Drug. Officers making a report ran from the station to assist. It was a minor accident without injuries reported.

DPW called in reporting owner not picking up after his dog at Beacon and Hillside Avenue. Party left area before officer’s arrival.

93 off at Shore Drive for barking dog in the area. Unfounded at this time.

Male and female locked themselves inside bathroom, possible OD. Clear, parties were not in the bathroom.

Report on Sagamore Avenue of dog outside barking for hours. Spoke with next door neighbor and stated that the dog is never outside longer than 5-10 minutes just while the dog uses the bathroom.

Suspicious vehicle called in by auxiliary at Hanford Park. Plate is possible attached to an incorrect vehicle.

Caller on Bates Avenue state that four young kids, early teens, running up and down the street ringing people’s doorbells. They have done it to her house twice in the last 20 minutes. 92 reports he searched the area, to no avail.

Sunday, January 22

Calling party from Dolphin Avenue states a large party and noise keeping him awake. 94 reports family with mostly elderly people, turning down the music for now. Peace restored.

On-site fight in progress on Woodside Avenue. 93 on site. Units off. Blackstrap will be closing early tonight. One party involved. Blackstrap closed for the evening. 92 will patrol the center as the revelers dissipate. All other units clear.

Caller on Golden Drive states a white drunk male, was trying to get into all the buildings. Caller stated he went into Building 4 through the back door. Units report known party, now leaving the are.

Home Health aide on scene at Overlook Drive. Female with dementia not understanding why the health aid is there. 91 requesting EMS for transport. Units advised home health that a friend was assisting. Peace restored for the time being.

Caller on Pleasant Street states that her tire was slashed on Main Street while she was parked. She states that this happened back in September inn the same spot.

Caller on Shirley Street states that there are two male parties outside that are suspicious. Units report one fled in the direction of Veterans. 93 off with known individual at Veterans and was looking for the other. Parties were spoken to. They were waiting for someone else.

Party on Winthrop Street states she was locked in the basement by the resident on the first floor. Units report they spoke with calling party. They investigated the cellar door, seems not to be malicious intent. Spoke with landlord to have the door replaced.

Assisted fire on Golden Drive with female party with alter mental status. Female party will be transported to MGH. Contacted Housing Authority to report darkness inside all the interior hallways. They will notify maintenance.

Party stated that she hit a vehicle due to double parking of another vehicle. She also stated that she tried to speak to the male party whose car she hit, and he took off telling her it is not his problem. She was able to retrieve his license plate n umber. No police needed.

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